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Dexter (2006)

Crime | Mystery 
Rayting:   8.6/10 646660 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

By day, mild mannered Dexter is a blood spatter analyst for the Miami police. But at night, he is a serial killer who only targets other murderers.

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ahmedgorshy 14 November 2020

Thanks to the quarantine, I watched series that I never imagined I would ever see, one of these series Dexter, which I heard had a bad ending, so I decided not to watch it, what a nonsense I missed myself watching one of the best series ever. Dexter has eight seasons and a renewed new season to fix the poor ending and everyone's excited about it. All seasons are excellent, from the first to the seventh, with the exception of the last. You evaluate each season as follows. First 9.7 Second 9.6 Third 8.7 Fourth 9.9 Fifth 9.0 The sixth 8.9 Seventh 9.0 The ex Final season 7.0 Waiting for the new season

amcrawford 30 October 2006

Dexter is the show I have been waiting for my whole television watching life! The complex and damaged characters, the twisted plot line and Dexter's foster dad grooming him, educating him, to make him the perfect avenger,its all so intoxicating! I am breathlessly anticipating the next episode. This show is not only well acted, with each and every main character holding my full attention, but written with such deep intensity that I find it absolutely irresistible! I really find it difficult to wait and see more of how Dex was traumatized as a child, more of Harry's lessons, more of the growing relationship with Rita, more of the ice truck killer, more forensics...More of this great show period. Kudos to all involved...this show will surely be a huge hit!

infiniter-1 1 October 2006

I read Lindsay's excellent books - Darkly Dreaming Dexter and Dearly Devoted Dexter - some time ago, and when I heard that there was to be a series based on the books, I was extremely excited. So much so, in fact, that I feared disappointment merely because my standards were so high.

Thankfully, "Dexter" absolutely delivers. The show maintains the uncomfortable atmosphere of the novels with better fidelity than one could ever have expected, and Dexter (played by Hall) is all there.

The visual elements from the show are stunning, to say the least. Disturbing, certainly, but more than that - fascinating. Watching the show, it's impossible to keep from finding a certain agreement in oneself for Dexter. He's a monster, and yet it's completely possible to identify with him.

10 out of 10. This one has a permanent spot on my DVR.

DiCaprio-HardyFan 13 January 2021

Dexter is absolutely, without a doubt, one of the best shows ever created! It's a thrilling, one of a kind TV show that will keep you at the edge of your seat throughout the entire series. Michael C. Hall is perfect as Dexter and the as rest of the supporting cast is terrific as well! Yes, the ending was terrible but like Game of Thrones, Lost (or any other show with a bad final episode), a few bad episodes at the end doesn't spoil what an overall great show it is and that's what Dexter is...a GREAT show! The great news is Dexter is coming back with a limited series this year and will hopefully give it a ending worthy of the show!

gauravkainth 28 April 2010

This is going to be my first ever review on IMDb, there is not a day when I do not visit IMDb to check the reviews about movies or TV series that I watch, I watch lots of movies and series.

For the first time in my life it happened to me that I could not sleep after watching a series. I have seen prison break, heroes and a lot other. Prison break and heroes first season was awesome. They inspired me so much that I got some tattoo's done on my body. However both these series cut loose as soon they go to the next season. Heroes was big disappointment but DEXTER.. OMG series after series it starts to make me so curious about the next episode.. damn the season 4. I just could not sleep the whole night after watching it. I spent my weekend watching the episodes back to back.

To start with Dexter (Michael C. Hall) his darkness was off the edge he played the role so well that sometimes I wonder if he is the same in his real life but then I found that Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) is his real wife who is playing his sister in this series. Damn Debra is one character who is so confused and mostly been controlled by the people around her, she always end up doing something wrong but always gets credit for the good things too.

I love the part when you get to know what is going on in Dexters mind when he thinks about something or when someone is talking to him also the part when he talks to his dead father Harry. (he just thinks what his dad would say in that situation). All the episodes/characters and all the seasons are written and played so well that you can hardly find any flaw in it.

My favorite characters are Dexter (Quite obvious), Rita and Vince Masuka damn Vince is so funny, he just utter one word in his entire episode and comes out to be damn funny.

I just cant wait for the Season 5 and I am sure whosoever watched dexter feels the same way just like I did.

(Apologizes in case my first review has some mistakes and offends somebody's feelings)

jewelleidlett 14 October 2020

New season 2021 confirmed. They say its limited. Let's pray otherwise. I'm so excited!!!

kundanbbisht 26 October 2020

Despite being so many seasons, no one gonna feel bored or detached. Impressive and outstanding series.

jlt3201 1 October 2006

Absolutely brilliant. True to Jeff Lindsay's books. The visual contrast between the darkness of Dexter's secret life and and the gloss of Miami adds an almost surreal quality. Character development is right on the money, bringing out the background slowly so one can see the development of Dexter's sociopath personality and his confusion of human behavior compared to his own. Dexter is an actor in his own life; his relationships between co-workers and his personal life are well shown in the video media. The fact that he is a blood splatter expert This is a dark work, but set in the bizarre world of life in Miami is almost believable. Developers of this series should also look to Andrew Vachss's books.

shaan-60279 11 December 2020

This is undoubtedly, the best ever TV Series I've watched. So addictive, thrilling and entertaining. No boredom, super-fast and it'll glued you to the screen just from the 1st minutes of the 1st episode.

DiCaprio-HardyFan 26 October 2020

Dexter is a thrilling, one of a kind TV show that will keep you at the edge of your seat throughout the entire series. Michael C. Hall is perfect as Dexter and the rest of the supporting cast is fantastic! Yes, the ending was terrible but like Game of Thrones or Lost (or any other show with a bad final episode), a few bad episodes at the end doesn't spoil what an overall great show it is and that's what Dexter is...a GREAT show!

lootmeg 22 October 2006

Dexter, a forensics expert at day, serial killer with a touch of vigilantism at night. Dexter is creating a believable and very detailed portrait of a, lets say troubled, sociopath. One of the parts about the show I like best is the emotions that normal people exhibit, thus forcing Dexter to mimic them. Good laugh when the emotions Dexter fake get real, and he is scared out of his mind, like in the relationship with his "girlfriend" Rita, mother of two and victim of her abusive ex-boyfriend. Also liked the acting of Jennifer Carpenter as Dexter's sister Debra, adds a nice touch colour to the show, without drifting into clichés.

Thrilling story, many details, and one of the best opening sequences ever.

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