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Disenchantment (2018)

Animation | Adventure 
Rayting:   7.2/10 52K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Princess Tiabeanie, 'Bean', is annoyed at her imminent arranged marriage to Prince Merkimer. Then she meets Luci, a demon, and Elfo, an elf, and things get rather exciting, and dangerous.

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August 17, 2018star8.2 1569 votesS1E9 To Thine Own Elf Be True
August 17, 2018star8.0 1521 votesS1E10 Dreamland Falls
January 15, 2021star7.9 882 votesS2E9 The Madness of King Zog
January 15, 2021star7.9 863 votesS2E10 Bean Falls Down
January 15, 2021star7.8 996 votesS2E2 You're the Bean
August 17, 2018star7.6 1601 votesS1E5 Faster, Princess! Kill! Kill!
August 17, 2018star7.5 1451 votesS1E8 The Limits of Immortality
January 15, 2021star7.4 1051 votesS2E1 Subterranean Homesick Blues
January 15, 2021star7.4 809 votesS2E6 Last Splash
January 15, 2021star7.3 891 votesS2E3 Beanie Get Your Gun
January 15, 2021star7.3 890 votesS2E5 Freak Out!
January 15, 2021star7.3 890 votesS2E4 Steamland Confidential
August 17, 2018star7.2 1742 votesS1E3 The Princess of Darkness
August 17, 2018star7.2 1615 votesS1E4 Castle Party Massacre
January 15, 2021star7.2 841 votesS2E8 Hey, Pig Spender
August 17, 2018star7.1 1450 votesS1E7 Love's Tender Rampage
August 17, 2018star7.0 1470 votesS1E6 Swamp and Circumstance
August 17, 2018star6.9 1927 votesS1E2 For Whom the Pig Oinks
January 15, 2021star6.8 853 votesS2E7 Bad Moon Rising

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User Reviews

sgcampbel 17 August 2018

Season 1 of either Futurama or The Simpsons were never considered their best work. Disenchantment does not meet this high mark just yet. Jokes are funny but they are often rather safe and lacks some cleverness. The main characters are well acted by the young talent but Princess Bean, Luci, and Elfo come off as very one note. The Planet Express crew and The Simpson family are well defined characters but these shows had time. While I enjoy the show as a huge fan of Matt Groening, Disenchantment needs time and some thoughtful writing that made Futurama a fan favorite.

emperos_master-930-79098 20 September 2019

Season 1 began with an episodic construct that was similar to any fraction of Futurama or The Simpsons. At the eleventh hour, it suddenly gained a multi-episode narrative that finished off with a Game of Thrones-esque cliffhanger, and suddenly it became a strange, if not interesting departure from the formulaic sitcom it made itself out to be.

Season 2 picks up right where they left off, and not only kept the narrative, but proved that it also gained a personality somewhere along the way.

Don't get me wrong, I love the first season. The plots are endearing, it's easy to binge, it's nice to look at, and the world is interesting. Is it Game of Thrones? No. Do I want it to be Game of Thrones? Absolutely no. When I see Futurama in medieval times, I want it to be Futurama in medieval times.

Futurama and The Simpsons are meant to be "soup of the day" shows, and people enjoy that. Some people have enjoyed that for 30 years. It's situational antics and shameless social commentary, and that junk is candy for the eyes and ears of your average viewer, myself included. What makes Disenchantment different from Futurama or the Simpsons (apart from only having 20 episodes so far, and a season-long plot, to boot) however, is the fact that both of those programs don't have a main character that lives to make an important statement.

I love Bean and everything she stands for. She's meant to not only be someone who rocks the proverbial boat (especially given the medieval-fantasy setting of the show), but someone who is pained, confused, complex, strong and often has valid points to make; shes a real person. She's a great character. And while I love how Homer Simpson can have a heart sometimes, I really love how Bean has a heart all of the time. She can be mean and she can make mistakes, but she can also learn, care about things deeply, and throw a punch at someone who wrongs her. I think that's someone that a lot of people secretly wish they could be.

The second season has a lot of heart, made me frustrated a lot, probably ended episodes rather abruptly at times but still managed to be really interesting story-wise, and develops the characters nicely to the point where I want season 3 to premier yesterday.

sclafunk 18 August 2018

Stop reviewing a show based on half an episode and acting like u can develop a world in 10 mins! Futurama and even The Simpsons took a good season or two to hit their stride. Having said that, this is its own show and it is going to be fine as long as we allow it to be its own thing and don't limit it by looking at it thru Futurama/Simpsons lenses. Go in with an open mind and don't let it become a self fulfilling prophecy by nitpicking every little thing thru comparing it to Groening's past work. It's not a remake and there is no possible physical way you can know if this show is boring or poorly paced (it's not)if you've only watched 12 mins of it, a trap I see seriously like 48% of the reviews on here falling victim to. Look for the positives, Bc they objectively outweigh any negatives. Anything in the universe u go into looking to compare to something else, you're going to be disappointed in, Bc you're putting it in a box that's impossible for it to break out of and looking for it to match nostalgia, emotions from when you were different person, that evolve as we grow. A lot of people don't understand with shows like this by creators we expect to blow us away, it's not the show they don't like, it's that they can't recapture the feeling They had when watching the older work. It's the way they currently feel they don't like, and look for anyway to deflect having to accept that. Even if they are looking at the show, With that logic, the best it can be is as good as whatever they're using to compare, Bc that's the ceiling its not being allowed to climb above. Personally, I did not like Futurama when it started but now it's one of my fav Cartoons of all time. By the time the tenth ep of Disenchantment hit I was def already into it and loved the over arching story arc. THESE SHOWS TAKE TIME TO DEVELOP! Stop hating, and holding Groening to unrealistic expectations!!! Can't wait for more!!!

With all the garbage on TV today I was more than happy to binge something light and funny that still takes time to build a fantastic world and allows stories to naturally evolve within it. The longer a show like this runs the better it gets, so let's support things like this, rather than allowing our collective need to be edgy and unique on the internet to outweigh well meaning creativity.........here's to hoping for 5-6 seaons!!! Cheers!

Wizard-8 19 August 2018

With this show being from the creator of "The Simpsons" and "Futurama", I was of course curious enough to give it a watch, and I thought it would be as outrageous and hilarious as those earlier shows. While I didn't think the show was terrible, it is to a degree somewhat disappointing.

First, the good stuff in the show. Technically, the show is first rate, with good animation and art design. The premise and the characters are pretty original, making the show not feel like a clone of any past TV shows. The show is certainly not boring, and is somewhat amusing at times.

However, "somewhat amusing" is about as funny as the show gets. The humor of the show lacks significant comic jabs to make it truly laugh-out-loud funny. The show seems to be content to move along with an amiable attitude instead of really trying to be hilarious. There are other problems with the writing as well. The creators of the show seem to be having difficultly moving from a 22 minute episode format to a longer version; you can really feel some blatant padding at times, especially with the first episode of the show. Also, the show is very slow in explaining details of the characters and situation at times. For example, Bean's half-brother is not clearly identified or given a chance to speak until about halfway through the show's first ten episodes.

This is not a bad show, but currently it's not reaching its full potential. It's possible the writers will manage to improve things should the show be renewed. Until then, I would say give the show a chance by watching the first three episodes. If you like what you see there, you'll probably find the rest of the episodes amusing enough. If not, then I would say skip the other episodes.

eladamittai 15 January 2021

This show is not a comedy! It's a story and character driven fantay show with jokes. And I love it! Every time the focus is on the characters or the story and world, it's awesome!!! Don't treat this show as a comedy, and kind of suffer through most of season 1, still enjoyable, but mostly one offs. This show is fun!

Salamalad 18 August 2018

Kept me entertained, pretty mellow but I think it'd get much better with a second season. The Episodes do slowly get better. Note: I actually watched all the episodes, unlike the most of these chums.

deepfrieddodo 16 March 2021

Disenchantment had high expectations from its audience, but the outcome is really disappointing. A cool new setting for Groening's style and a pretty cool cast of characters, but it just lacks in quality, especially when compared to Futurama and the earlier seasons of The Simpsons.

Plaudits for creating a series-long arc with continuation of a story across all episodes, but as it spans anything that might be in a fantasy genre, it doesn't really hit the mark with anything. Watching the seasons, or 'Parts', as they are released is an issue too. Nothing from the story is particularly memorable, and so if a character is brought back from two seasons ago, you've completely forgotten who they are. Maybe it'd all come across better if you binged the entire thing at once.

There are all the same voices from Futurama but none of the quality jokes. You can argue that it's not a comedy, but it's definitely joke-driven, but they're weak, and never cause an actual laugh. Developing emotion across a story is new to Groening, but it doesn't come close to the success of the emotion in Futurama. Maybe harsh to compare, and whilst Disenchantment is an okay series, it does fall flat a lot.

hammannalexander 31 August 2018

Before I begin I highly recommend that you watch the show fully. No matter how you feel about the start of the season (Which could go either way), the ending episodes will make you understand why you should watch all the way through.

Nonetheless I believe that we are witnessing the birth of what could be an amazing serialized show. Future seasons could tell an amazing story that will set out in a world that could be quite expansive and deep and thrilling, while remaining funny and interesting. At least that is what they set up for themselves.

The season starts off sort of slow, which personally I like. It introduces us to the characters and gets us familiar with them while providing good entertainment, showing their strengths and weaknesses, adding detail to the part of the world that we are in, and setting up storylines.

I'm personally glad that they stayed in the kingdom for as long as they did, I feel connected to the Kingdom and will feel for whatever happens to it. The main trio is expanded upon marvelously. Especially Elfo and Beane as we see what makes them, them. They have flaws and character quirks, but they have beauty in them. They feel like what characters should feel like. They are neither perfect, nor are they completely useless. Lucy also gets a surprising amount of development. Even the King gets developed as the season comes to an end, which I enjoyed.

Chekhov's Gun is in full effect which I enjoy, as characters are rarely discarded outright making the kingdom feel alive and interconnected.

Overall I would say don't worry about people saying that it starts out slow, this isn't a movie, this is a series that should stay for a long time. This first season brought us into this world and gave us a shovel. It didn't waste ten episodes by running all around and barely scraping over everywhere. We have places to explore, people to meet, and a home to come back to that will be familiar and loved.

In the end the ball is in the Creators' court. Hopefully the prove me right and use the rest of the show's seasons to expand upon this world they developed, to take chances, and to crack some good jokes.

Damn this is going to be a long year to wait.

jdmcclintic-142-910675 25 January 2021

Those expecting a strong growth curve like Futurama, or strong insider humor like Simpsons are in for a bad time. Unfortunately the main character is a terrible person surrounded by enablers leaving no room for growth and the showrunners are to afraid to teach this Mary Sue any actual lessons. All the best jokes are background characters, as though the writers room is divided by a single writer writing the main character, Bean, and the rest of the writers trying to keep the audience entertained. The storyline suffers from what seems like them not intending to get this far, with every new episode creating more plot holes and throwing past episodes into the trash, and worse yet, as they kill off character after character, they fail to replenish the void left by their absence with new replacement characters. By the last episode of the 3rd season, the cast is literally just the throw away characters trying to carry the episodes. Fun concept out of a great studio, but just falls apart. Looking forward to Covid being a thing in the past so I can have other things to do when season 4 comes out.

lusciousmuffins 13 February 2021

It is difficult to understand how this many talented individuals can come together to produce something so thoroughly unentertaining. Worse than that, this show is downright awful.

Like many shows, I watched this hoping that after the uninspired pilot it would find its feet. Alas, three full seasons have produced virtually no memorable jokes or engaging story lines. Instead of the complexity of Futurama and the cultural commentary of the Simpsons, Disenchantment simply meanders through forgettable stories populated by equally forgettable characters you couldn't care less about.

Sadly, even the familiarity of the animation and voices work against this series, as it is all something we have seen and heard before; only, in previous iterations it was done far better.

Now in season 3 they seem to throwing everything at the wall to see what will stick, but at this point they have moved past the point of redemption. This is an animated show I sincerely wish they could unmake because it detracts from the other more inspired and engaging work its creators have given the world.

If you have yet to watch Disenchantment, do yourself a favor and don't. If you've already begun watching it and are wondering if it will improve, it won't. Basically, wherever you are in its progression, avert your eyes; it is your best option.

vaklavkoca 17 August 2018

It's not bad. But it's not good. I know other people are saying, "well Simpsons and Futurama didn't hit their stride in the first few episodes, it took them a few seasons to really get going." But I just kind of feel the opposite. Like, Simpsons came out in 1989. So they've had almost 30 years to perfect their craft. This show doesn't feel like 30 years in the making. Some of the animation is off, some of the sound design is off. There are scenes where characters are walking and there are no walking sound effects, scenes where someone gets hit with a sword and there are no swinging or clashing sound effects. There is a bar fight scene, where you can only really hear the character's voices, there is barely any background noise at all. The writing feels really bland. All of the jokes are really expected, and most of them fall flat. Overall, this show is not bad, but it certainly isn't Simpsons, nor is it Futurama. Maybe it will hit it's stride later but currently I don't think it's worth watching.

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