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Doom Patrol (2019)

Action | Comedy | Mystery
Rayting:   7.9/10 34363 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

The adventures of an idealistic mad scientist and his field team of superpowered outcasts.

Episode Guide

Season 2

August 6, 2020Episode 9 Wax Patrol
July 30, 2020Episode 8 Dad Patrol
July 23, 2020Episode 7 Dumb Patrol
July 16, 2020Episode 6 Space Patrol
July 2, 2020Episode 4 Sex Patrol
June 25, 2020Episode 3 Pain Patrol
June 25, 2020Episode 2 Tyme Patrol

Season 1

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User Reviews

samratsingraur 27 November 2020

This show has crossed every limit of psychological drama. Im so glad that I ran into this show. It's a weirdly unique show with a deep character development. The plot is so different and extraordinary that it makes a perfect blend of dark comedy genre and a offbeat superhero genre at the same time. The fact that writers did an super excellent job in putting together the storylines of interacting with the past and present, warping reality, time and space, mixing personalities, etc. wihtout any plothole is to be appreciated. To be honest, till now there's not a single superhero show made like Doom Patrol. Hats off to the writers for a thought provoking script and to an amazing cast who did an award winning performance. It definitely deserves a watch.

micglou 9 March 2019

I've seen my fair share of weird and/or bizarre tv shows, Legion for example is a real mind bender... but Doom Patrol is much more weirder and bizarre... and I love it! Great cast, great characters, great story and great scenery. This is truly something different, a show that actually dares to be different and pulls it off. I'm not familiar with the 'Doom Patrol lore' and I feel that's a good thing, until now every episode has me guessing, it's unpredictable. I hope they can keep this up!

Edit: Season has ended now... and man did it hold up until the very last episode! Never a boring episode. In my book the best comic book based TV show ever. It doesn't pull any punches. I wish more creators dare to be different like the creators of this show.

nickrattet 21 October 2020

If this show were on Netflix, hulu, Amazon It would get the recognition it deserves. Its an absolute masterpiece. Something so different, so new to the genre. I was hooked instantly.

mrwijijoko 15 February 2019

Oh My God...this show turned out the be so good, the very first episode hooked me, can't wait for the next episode. Definitely better than Titans.

DiCaprio-HardyFan 30 September 2020

While Doom Patrol is definitely a weird show it's also a really fun show. I didn't really know what to expect at first but thought I'd finally give it a chance and watch it and I have to say I liked it more than I thought I would. It's so much funnier than I thought it would be, especially Brendan Fraser, he absolutely steals every scene he's in!

mreverybody 13 March 2019

All the episodes show flashbacks and a quite fine storytelling. I'd really love to see many crossovers. Hope this series continue for seasons and develop, why not in a movie. Before the X-men rip-off. .. There was the Doom Patrol!

merpman-94402 26 September 2020

Diane Guerrero is both beautiful and brilliant as Jane. Brendan Fraser surprisingly perfect as robotman. The story is a mess and all over the place, leaving holes the size of boulders and contradictions that are really annoying. Some episodes are crazy, yet entertaining, but silly at the same.

Overall entertaining, somewhat whacky, with some excellent moments.

vedvaghela 17 September 2020

Doom Patrol is one of the more unknown groups in the DC Roster. I mean think about it. None of them have respectable powers (except for Cyborg), they are a dysfunctional family and their villains are absurdly silly! But the way this show presents it is simply amazing.

Doom Patrol falls in between shows that are simply sadistic and shows that are silly (teen dramas and stuff). It manages to never cross either line and does it perfectly well. It's good weird. It can make you feel emotions and also make you laugh your ass off. Sometimes while watching, I am just thinking "How can they pull off something so silly, so well?". I mean this show has a queer living street called Danny, a man who can make things happen by flexing his arms, fart demons, sex demons etc.

And the actors too do a tremendous job. Brendan Fraser in particular does an outstanding job as Robotman.

Overall absolutely worth your time. One of the few good comic book show.

NeutralWord 15 March 2019

Came to this show expecting a tv show giving me a feeling id seen it before, just another superhero theme "milker". Yet each episode felt so fresh and new with both entertaimnent and a satisfying feeling of humor. Its more dense then a commom tv show similar to a mini series, per minute satisfaction normal weak point of even good tv is actually high. So far each episode proves its better then the last, up to this point ive seen 1-5. Just 1-5 feels like its given me a similar story as many other shows done with a full 12 season.

rrrudra 16 February 2019

After the huge success of Titans my hopes were high for this show and it has absolutely stood up to my expectations . I'm not going to be political and compare this with certain shows from certain franchise, All i can say is that this deserves a watch over everything that's going on in February 2019.

sgommer 14 May 2019

Dark, disturbing, humorous a combination rarely, if ever, seen. I have enjoyed it & encourage others to check it out.

dubemellis 15 February 2019

Just when i was calling Titans the best DC series, the Doom patrol came along. This is a very good start. I hope they can keep it this way.

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