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Emily in Paris (2020)

Comedy | Romance 
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Rayting:   7.1/10 59K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A young American woman from the Midwest is hired by a marketing firm in Paris to provide them with an American perspective on things.

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October 2, 2020star7.8 942 votesS1E10 Cancel Couture
October 2, 2020star7.7 923 votesS1E8 Family Affair
October 2, 2020star7.6 992 votesS1E4 A Kiss Is Just A Kiss
October 2, 2020star7.5 933 votesS1E5 Faux Amis
October 2, 2020star7.4 1011 votesS1E3 Sexy or Sexist
October 2, 2020star7.4 887 votesS1E7 French Ending
October 2, 2020star7.3 1041 votesS1E2 Masculin Feminin
October 2, 2020star7.3 910 votesS1E6 Ringarde
October 2, 2020star7.3 838 votesS1E9 An American Auction in Paris
October 2, 2020star7.1 1286 votesS1E1 Emily in Paris
December 22, 2021star0.0 0 votesS2E9 Scents & Sensibility
December 22, 2021star0.0 0 votesS2E8 Champagne Problems
December 22, 2021star0.0 0 votesS2E6 Boiling Point
December 22, 2021star0.0 0 votesS2E5 An Englishman in Paris
December 22, 2021star0.0 0 votesS2E4 Jules and Em
December 22, 2021star0.0 0 votesS2E3 Bon Anniversaire!
December 22, 2021star0.0 0 votesS2E2 Do You Know the Way to St. Tropez?
December 22, 2021star0.0 0 votesS2E1 Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi?
December 22, 2021star0.0 0 votesS2E10 French Revolution

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User Reviews

fainatan 6 October 2020

  • Critizing French people for giving 'male gaze' in the ads, while laughing at the age of Brigitte;
  • Every French man thinks about going to the bed with you since you're pretty?
  • Every girl that comes to Paris SHOULD go have sex randomly if they spend time in this most romantic place in the world?
  • French people are conservative, ignorant, insulting foreigners in the face;
  • Finding a Korean actress that does not speak mandarin to perform a Chinese, with bunch of "american chinese girls" as her besties;
  • Emily has not made any improvement in her French, nor in her dressing style, from episode 1 till the end. This sucks.

I'm not French, but that's definitely not the Paris that I'm living in.

daveellis-30897 11 October 2020

Do Americans realise how they come across when they produce patronising twaddle such as this? Shallow and awful.

kathmummybear 1 March 2021

Awlful truly awlful .how did this get nominated at the golden globes ?!

martymillman 5 October 2020

This was advertised as Sex and the City (in Paris), but it is nothing of the sort. Lily Collins is a great actor, but her character is basic white girl caricature. Everyone is a caricature. French people are mean and smoke too much. You will just meet your new best friend on a park bench. Every man is hot and going to hit on you. The show was so cringy I couldn't believe what I was watching. It felt like a CW show with a larger budget, then I found out the show was originally set to premiere on MTV. With the toned down language and idealized view of the world, this show is probably great for tween girls who want to put themselves in Emily shoes. This is no Sex and the City.

adelemusset 5 October 2020

The series was promising with great actors and a nice theme. Unfortunately, the writers clearly never lived in Paris. It's a chain of clichés and stereotypes, each more exaggerated than the next, that makes the series completely absurd and difficult to watch. So sorry to disappoint but:

  • lot of Parisians don't smoke ;
  • they don't arrive at 11 am in the office and they actually work during the day ;
  • all men aren't unfaithful ;
  • all Parisians aren't mean.
The least we can say is that nuance and subtlety are not present in this series.

royabeygi 10 March 2021

Terrible, only the "American way" Is correct and French people are dumb is what the show is trying to say. Just avoid!

dierregi 13 October 2020

Emily is the shallow but cheerful product of the "social media culture" (even if using "social media" and "culture" in the same sentence is a contradiction in terms).

It is difficult to buy her as a marketing executive, but bubbly Emily is shipped to work in Paris to teach those arrogant frogs how to use the new media for the promotion of their luxury products. Unfortunately, Emily speaks no French and the Parisian staff is disdainful and uncooperative.

Targeted to American teenagers who never travelled abroad, the series shows an unreal image of Paris, the postcard perfection that exists only in the US collective imagination.

The sun is always shining and nowhere to be seen are the hordes of sloppy tourists and locals, infesting the centre of town. All the French characters eat croissants, smoke constantly, are thin and stylish and obviously arrogant and rude.

Emily finds them sexist because they use a naked model to advertise a perfume. She is a supporter of #metoo (could it be otherwise?) but she goes to work showing her midriff and wearing micro minis, not exactly appropriate office wear. I know it's all product placement and all her outfits are sponsored, but still...

She is supposed to market the agency's luxury goods, but she just markets incessantly her "perfect" Parisian life. Not to mention that she manages to make female friends just by walking around and they all look like her: sexually provocative and wearing tight-fitting, product-placed outfits. Did I forget to mention that all men hit on Emily?

Finally, having visited Paris many times and speaking both French and English I find some of the dialogues extremely tiring, especially when Emily uses the only two French words widely known by Americans "Bonjour" and "Merci".

PS I am not surprised that Sylvie (the older French female) doesn't like Emily: her frothy, perky attitude would drive me crazy, too.

leftbanker-1 4 October 2020

Yet another American in Paris who doesn't speak the language and has no intention of bothering to learn it, as if French is merely a few vulgar noises she can spit out while talking a bit louder in English so everyone will understand.

Another story about how simply watching TV and movies, and never wandering one step from the script of current popular culture will assure success. She's good at social media? Ugh. Just what the world needs: more brain-dead creeps staring at their phones 24/7. "I read that book at university...well, part of it," she says with no shame to one of her French suitors. She says this in almost the same breath as she admits to having a master's degree in communication. I guess reading wasn't part of her curriculum. Stupid wins!

Yet another Hollywood production about how sexy and glamorous it is to be in marketing. Isn't that just selling crap? Hollywood only has two jobs for slobs who don't actually work in the movies: lawyers and marketing people. As if you can't have a life worth living if you aren't famous and not in one of these two careers. Oh, and of course you have to be rich. Even the nanny in this series is a filthy rich girl slumming in Paris. Being middle class is so icky, and forget about being poor. Sickening class warfare is being waged and most people don't even get it.

This is probably perfect for Generation Like, or Generation Selfie, or whatever they call themselves. How about Generation Whatever? It claims to be about Paris, but it seems more like a theme park variation of the City of Light, or that place on the Las Vegas strip. Why try to construct real Parisian characters when there are so many stereotypes lying around to recycle, yet again? Did they pay someone to write this mess or did they steal if off the laptop of an unpaid intern they sent out for coffee?

breck_oyama 7 October 2020

Terrible acting and writing. It is like pulling teeth watching this. Tired, predictable and obnoxious

syd9907 7 October 2020

Emily à Paris, c'est de la merde. This series is full of cringy worn-out stereotypes about the French people and France. If you've never lived in Paris, never visited Paris and never immersed yourself in Parisian culture, you would believe this drivel. It's simply more yelping by an American that Americans are "exceptional" and the French are "lazy, bad and smoke too much". *YAWN*. And Emily in Paris is a millennial and Gen-Z knock-off of Sex and the City/a fish out of water story, with a demon for a boss. But with all of that said, I have no idea why anyone thinks this is some tour de force series that we've never seen before (The Devil Wears Prada was the best of the best of this genre).

Emily in Paris is excruciatingly boring with an extremely weak storyline, and plot holes big enough to fly a 747 through. Darren Starr wrote Sex and the City and he's trying to catch magic in a bottle again, but this ain't it. Emily in Paris is dated ( I hear the 90s calling), stale and Lily Collins is not funny when she should be, and she's not a good enough actress to be convincingly dramatic in other instances. In one scene where she was yelling at her boyfriend, simply sounded shrewish and looked painfully cartoonish. Then in another scene, she acted as if she discovered croissants, and then eating one was some magical experience ( we know in real life young women like her who are influencers and obsessed with posting to Instagram, would take one bite, then exercise for 3 hours because of it). That was worth 100's of eyerolls.

As for the other cast members, they're just sleepwalking through their dialogue and scenes. The looks on their faces says it all....they know deep down that this is a disaster dressed up in expensive designer clothes, but it's a paycheck. And speaking of the clothes, I love Patricia Field, she's a costuming genius, but so far from the episodes I've watched, there's nothing mouth-watering in Emily in Paris. I saw a couple pieces I liked, but nothing that I would search high and low trying to find.

And much like Sex and the City being set in a major metropolitan city like New York without there even being a Black, Latino or Asian person in sight, Emily in Paris has a similar diversity problem. One Black guy working at the company with Emily, and an Asian woman as her embarrassingly stereotypical wild-child new friend, in a cosmopolitan city like Paris, does not diversity make. I've lived in both cities and you see people of color from all over the globe....everyday. This is 2020 and that's utterly ridiculous to not even see people of color on the streets. I've seen enough of Emily in Paris, and there's no need to go any further with this dull vanilla nothingness of a series.

keenast 10 February 2021

Wow - that bad. Americans (real and fake ones, like our leading girl) really live in a different world full of colorful clichés and product placement. What is not fake there: her Chinese girlfriend is Korean (and for sure looks like it no matter how often she says she's Chinese)! And on and on. Well, have a bottle of Champére - get a bad headache and watch this drivel. C'est la vie.

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