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Evil (2019)

Crime | Horror 
Popularity 82
Rayting:   7.7/10 17K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A skeptical female clinical psychologist joins a priest in training and a blue collar contractor as they investigate supposed miracles, demonic possession, and other extraordinary occurrences to see if there's a scientific explanation or if something truly supernatural is at work.

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August 29, 2021star8.7 353 votesS2E7 S Is for Silence
October 17, 2019star8.3 1019 votesS1E4 Rose390
January 30, 2020star8.3 646 votesS1E13 Book 27
June 20, 2021star8.3 399 votesS2E1 N Is for Night Terrors
November 7, 2019star8.0 749 votesS1E6 Let x = 9
December 12, 2019star8.0 682 votesS1E10 7 Swans a Singin'
June 27, 2021star8.0 323 votesS2E2 A Is for Angel
September 26, 2019star7.9 1232 votesS1E1 Genesis 1
December 5, 2019star7.9 675 votesS1E9 Exorcism Part 2
July 11, 2021star7.9 350 votesS2E4 E Is for Elevator
November 14, 2019star7.8 724 votesS1E7 Vatican III
January 9, 2020star7.8 721 votesS1E11 Room 320
July 4, 2021star7.8 308 votesS2E3 F Is for Fire
September 5, 2021star7.8 198 votesS2E8 B Is for Brain
September 26, 2021star7.8 96 votesS2E11 I Is for IRS
October 24, 2019star7.7 836 votesS1E5 October 31
October 10, 2019star7.6 898 votesS1E3 3 Stars
January 16, 2020star7.6 628 votesS1E12 Justice x 2
November 21, 2019star7.5 718 votesS1E8 2 Fathers
September 12, 2021star7.5 160 votesS2E9 U Is for U.F.O.

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User Reviews

pailoong 27 September 2019

... because this is a fantastic show so far (and fantastic shows get cancelled while trash lasts for seasons and seasons). The characters on this show are well-written and have a great chemistry together, and there's this twisted sense of humor in places that keeps me interested. Really looking forward to future episodes.

Skyblue90125 7 October 2020

I like the show, it's fun and entertaining.


How many times do the writers think they need to remind us that the girls all talk over each other and scream. With few exceptions their lines descend into a cacophony of gibberish. Sure, I know real kids do that but why do we have to be subjected to it repeatedly in every episode?

On the other hand, I think this aspect of the story is a good way to promote birth control.

imdborphan 15 January 2020

I had given up on network television, finally cancelling cable/satellite/live altogether two years ago. This show really intrigued me, so, against my better judgement, I am now paying to watch it. The fresh writing, unique perspective and curious nature of the show had me hooked, and I binged eight episodes at once! It is addictive.

One reason for the success is that the lead actress is simply a star (rare to find someone not just likable but also inherently watchable). She could carry this show on her own, sure shoulders, but her chemistry with her partner is off the charts. The whole team works very well together; the cringe is minimal, storylines solid, humor top notch, and it changes the game where the stodgy procedural is concerned.

Everything I have ever loved on network TV has been cancelled; I still pine for shows ten years' gone. I paid for this, signed up for this IMDb account to write a review, and am sharing this with you in hope that this smart, creepy and fun show is given a chance...by its overlords and potential viewers. Watch two episodes. You'll be hooked!

kskehan-63742 11 October 2019

It is a very interesting show with the supernatural twist on it. It is intelligent and just good. I hope CBS really gives this a chance, they put it in tough time slot against the NFL and great Shows. It just needs time. I look forward to Watching it!

randyunseen 5 October 2020

I love this show... Great story with a lot of scary Scenes... The acting is excellent all the way around. Doesn't get to corny or political. But... Those 4-girls and the All the Screaming is soo annoying! Why does the Director insist on all the screaming over and over. I cringe every time I see these girls. Why? Maybe just one time it might be funny. But every time? Why?

odead82 27 September 2019

So I was skeptical about this show at first but I'm glad I watched it, it was creepy and engrossing and I like the direction it took, In the vain of X-Files and "true crime" style shows, this mixes them together very well with good lead characters. Hopefully a show with so much potential will stick around for awhile.

J-milne-943-278560 23 November 2019

Please, for the love of anything holy, shut the kids up. Do they really need to shriek and scream All. The. Time??

newpapyrus 29 October 2019

After watching five episodes, Evil has turned out to be a surprisingly good show with very interesting principal characters and minor characters-- including the children.

While suspected supernatural occurrences in each episode are usually rationally explained, there are also strong hints of supernatural forces at work. And that makes this show both interesting and rather unnerving.

I really hope Evil gets a second season!

mellissacousins 28 January 2020

Brilliant series! Has you wanting more after each episode. Haven't watch a series this good in a long while and pretty scary too on some episodes. I hope this series continues as I am currently left wanting more!!

PowergirlsMom 10 January 2020

This show is imaginative, in a horror movie kind of way. It is well-acted. But I am worn out on Moriarty-type characters that never get caught. Unbeatable evil that is everywhere and seemingly unstoppable. I don't think I can stand to watch. Nothing is ever really resolved.

jyatesnewyork 12 December 2019

I don't know why I am attracted to programs like this when there is always something during each show which is guaranteed to TERRIFY me. Perhaps it's because I am a child of the 60s and adored staying up late every Friday to watch Twilight Zone. Now, years later, I still willingly subject myself to any TV show which is creepy and smart. Evil fills the bill. Plus, the leads are sexy together and the bad guy is as frightening and smarmy as they come. There are a lot of fascinating plot lines which can be investigated. In other words, I can see a lot of potential in supposedly completed stories coming back to take the leads by surprise, and new stories beginning and ending in single episodes. I only have one complaint: when is the excellent actress, Christine Lahti, going to get her time to really shine? I hope it's soon!

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