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Falling Skies (2011)

Action | Drama 
Rayting:   7.2/10 87K votes
Country: USA | Canada
Language: English

Survivors of an alien attack on earth gather together to fight for their lives and fight back.

Episode Guide

Season 5

August 30, 2015Episode 10 Reborn
August 23, 2015Episode 9 Reunion
August 2, 2015Episode 6 Respite
July 12, 2015Episode 3 Hatchlings

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

Best Falling Skies Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

August 19, 2012star8.4 831 votesS2E10 A More Perfect Union
August 4, 2013star8.3 713 votesS3E10 Brazil
July 22, 2012star8.2 727 votesS2E7 Molon Labe
June 9, 2013star8.1 885 votesS3E1 On Thin Ice
June 17, 2012star8.0 934 votesS2E1 Worlds Apart
June 17, 2012star8.0 765 votesS2E2 Shall We Gather at the River?
July 15, 2012star8.0 714 votesS2E6 Homecoming
August 12, 2012star8.0 697 votesS2E9 The Price of Greatness
August 31, 2014star8.0 596 votesS4E12 Shoot the Moon
August 7, 2011star7.9 808 votesS1E10 Eight Hours
July 31, 2011star7.9 786 votesS1E8 What Hides Beneath
July 8, 2012star7.9 705 votesS2E5 Love and Other Acts of Courage
July 28, 2013star7.9 588 votesS3E9 Journey to Xilbalba
June 9, 2013star7.8 677 votesS3E2 Collateral Damage
June 23, 2013star7.8 622 votesS3E4 At All Costs
July 12, 2015star7.8 499 votesS5E3 Hatchlings
August 16, 2015star7.8 491 votesS5E8 Stalag 14th Virginia
June 24, 2012star7.7 727 votesS2E3 Compass
July 21, 2013star7.7 673 votesS3E8 Strange Brew
June 16, 2013star7.7 622 votesS3E3 Badlands

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User Reviews

DiCaprio-HardyFan 27 March 2020

Watchseries; If you like sci-fi shows about aliens invading earth that has plenty of action, drama, mystery and intensity then Falling Skies is for you. Is it the best sci-fi show ever? No, but it's still pretty good and keeps you engaged throughout its entire series run!

DiCaprio-HardyFan 27 March 2020

If you like sci-fi shows about aliens invading earth that has plenty of action, drama, mystery and intensity then Falling Skies is for you. Is it the best sci-fi show ever? No, but it's still pretty good and keeps you engaged throughout its entire series run!

StoicBlade 10 August 2011

Falling Skies watchseries. I do not understand why so many people are being so harsh regarding this show. Yeah, its basically "The Walking Dead", except with aliens...but I think this is a good thing. Unlike "V", this is a show that focuses on the survivors. Many reviewers have said that the characters are clichés. However, I would simply call them archetypes and I thoroughly enjoy watching most of the characters when they are on screen. It seems that many reviewers have based their opinions on the first 2 episodes. However, with so many characters, it takes time to get to know them. The show definitely starts off at a slow-burn. I think many people are having the same problem with this show as they did with "48 Days Later". Many people wanted to see a zombie horror movie. However, once they realized that the movie was a human drama and the zombies where more of a situation that humanity had to deal with, the reviewers whined that the movie sucked. "Falling Skies" is the same way. The show is not about aliens. The alien invasion is just the situation. The show is about the human drama that is the result of the situation. Watch more than just 2 episodes before you form an opinion. I think that you will enjoy it.

scarhavok 11 September 2011

Having read so many "reviews" which consist of watching 1-5 episodes I would like to comment myself having watched the entire series. This is not one of the best sci-fi series i've ever watched. However it is much better than anything else out there now. I wasn't too sure about the series after the first couple episodes and it had a strong Stargate Universe feel to it. I'm not going to post any spoilers but I can say the story significantly improves in my opinion and so does the care factor for the characters and where its all going by the end. The finale is a blast and had my girlfriend look at me with her mouth wide open after the ending and that we need to wait until next summer for the follow up... She wants to see it right now! As do I. The season ended very well and the show has been massively underrated on here.

If you haven't seen the show or you've seen a few episodes and aren't sure. I encourage you to use your own opinion and give it a chance i'm sure you will like it much more by the end.

yorkmont 16 January 2021

I disagree with the negative comments about the show. This show is about family and the lengths that one man will go to provide and protect his family. It just happens to be set to the backdrop of an alien invasion and global armageddon.

There are a few points in which the writing/editing seems a bit choppy and confusing, specifically at season changes three to four and four to five. In both instances a perceptive viewer will catch up. The show flows much better watching it without commercials and in three hour segments than it did on its original airing on TNT. The commercials and episodic gaps made tough to watch. I recommend rewatching it on HBO without commercials.

In closing, it is a fun show with good baseline values shared by very flawed people whom are facing the everyday challenge of making difficult choices that others are unwilling or unable to make.

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