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Family Guy (1999)

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In a wacky Rhode Island town, a dysfunctional family strive to cope with everyday life as they are thrown from one crazy scenario to another.

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Season 20

March 13, 2022Episode 14 HBO-No
March 6, 2022Episode 13 Lawyer Guy
February 27, 2022Episode 12 The Lois Quagmire
January 9, 2022Episode 11 Mister Act
December 19, 2021Episode 10 Christmas Crime
November 14, 2021Episode 7 Peterschmidt Manor
October 24, 2021Episode 5 Brief Encounter
October 17, 2021Episode 4 80's Guy
October 10, 2021Episode 3 Must Love Dogs
October 3, 2021Episode 2 Rock Hard
September 26, 2021Episode 1 LASIK Instinct

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Best Family Guy Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

September 27, 2009star9.1 3369 votesS8E1 Road to the Multiverse
November 13, 2011star8.8 2364 votesS10E5 Back to the Pilot
September 26, 2010star8.6 2634 votesS9E1 And Then There Were Fewer
November 6, 2005star8.6 2244 votesS4E14 PTV
September 28, 2014star8.4 4436 votesS13E1 The Simpsons Guy
November 4, 2007star8.4 1849 votesS6E4 Stewie Kills Lois (1)
May 20, 2007star8.4 1818 votesS5E18 Meet the Quagmires
November 11, 2007star8.4 1808 votesS6E5 Lois Kills Stewie (2)
November 11, 2012star8.4 1729 votesS11E4 Yug Ylimaf
March 21, 2000star8.3 2058 votesS2E6 Death Is a Bitch
December 12, 2010star8.3 1968 votesS9E7 Road to the North Pole
June 19, 2005star8.3 1917 votesS4E6 Petarded
May 30, 2000star8.3 1880 votesS2E13 Road to Rhode Island
September 23, 2007star8.2 7124 votesS6E1 Blue Harvest
December 26, 1999star8.2 2237 votesS2E3 Da Boom
October 1, 2017star8.2 1871 votesS16E1 Emmy-Winning Episode
July 12, 2000star8.2 1772 votesS2E18 E. Peterbus Unum
November 15, 2001star8.2 1721 votesS3E12 To Love and Die in Dixie
September 10, 2006star8.2 1686 votesS5E1 Stewie Loves Lois
May 10, 2009star8.2 1673 votesS7E15 Three Kings

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User Reviews

DiCaprio-HardyFan 15 June 2021

Family Guy has been a laugh out loud funny show for almost 20 years now! It's easily one of my favorite comedies of all-time! Seth McFarlane is just an absolute genius who has done the impossible and that's make a show remain hilarious for over 2 decades now. There's not much I can say about this incredible show that hasn't already been said so just do yourself a favor and go watch won't regret it!

jammydodgerburton 31 May 2021

Like the Simpsons, I've seen every family guy episode. I've seen the good, bad and poor episodes. Overall it's a great show with a lot of laughs and I would highly recommend.

loismustdie125 28 February 2005

I cannot even begin to discuss how ridiculously smart and outrageously funny is this show. Not only does this program far surpass most of the comedies on television, it has the guts to hit topics that most of the overly sensitive public shies away from. I never understood why it was taken off the air in the first place. Fox can show something as tawdry and humanly degrading as Temptation Island, but Family Guy was too racy? Riiiight.

I absolutely must comment on the incredible voice talent done for this show, most especially the amazing creator himself, Seth MacFarlane. First of all, his versatility is unlike anything I have ever heard. When I discovered how many voices he actually performed, I was floored. I am currently receiving my masters in speech pathology so I find his ability particularly interesting. Not only can he speak in these individual voices, he can sing in them, and very well I might add.

The musical numbers in this cartoon revive a dying art. The "Road" episodes are a hysterical throw back to the Crosby/Hope movies, which is a reference I usually have to explain to my friends though they often must explain a few that I miss. In fact, the scope of the references range from cheesy 80's TV to political commentary to Broadway. This is why everyone will find something funny about this show. Everyone in one form or another can relate to it.

Most of my guy friends think I should be offended by the show because I am a woman and this is a "guy's show." Let me tell you, this is not the case at all. Lois Griffin is a freakin role model. I like to think I have half of her savvy when dealing with my ignorant boyfriends.

Absolutely excellent television. Edgy, funny, intelligent and extremely creative. This show was a breath of fresh air for mundane television and will soon awaken the network again. Seth MacFarlane, you are a genius!!

poopyface-20555 9 May 2021

This show has some of the greatest elements a comedy could have. The cutaway gags are probably the most creative. Overall, If your able to take jokes, and be ready for crazy episodes jumping out of a corner, then this is perfect for you!

briancham1994 20 August 2020

The humour of this cartoon is outrageous in its own unique way. Compared to The Simpsons it is less coherent and compared to South Park it is more juvenile. Family Guy has a very distinct and memorable style that relies on constant cutaways to keep things fresh.

DiCaprio-HardyFan 3 March 2021

Family Guy has been laugh out loud funny for almost 20 years now! It's easily one of my favorite comedies of all-time! Seth McFarlane is an absolute genius who has done the impossible and that's make a show remain hilarious for over 2 decades now. There's not much I can say about this incredible show that hasn't already been said so just go watch it if yourself!

croc-574-202569 27 September 2020

The best seasons was 1- 10 after that there was some good episodes like the Simpson and yea you know what I'm saying

Tonyboy 26 September 2005

While I know that I run the risk of being chased out of town for saying this, I feel that since the beginning of Season 5, the show has lost its edge.

90% of the jokes in "Family Guy" fall into one of 3 categories: 1) Jokes making fun of pop culture (especially old TV shows and celebrities) 2) Gags that run so long that they become absurd 3) Flashbacks, most of the time introduced with "This is more ___ than that time I ___"

I'm sure that a lot of people find this stuff funny, but after 4 seasons with this kind of humour, it just becomes so expected that it ends up being routine. This doesn't do it for me.

I still like this show and I think it has a lot of potential, but it needs some new ideas!

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