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Fargo (2014)

Crime | Thriller 
Rayting:   8.9/10 327969 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Various chronicles of deception, intrigue and murder in and around frozen Minnesota. Yet all of these tales mysteriously lead back one way or another to Fargo, North Dakota.

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Season 4

November 29, 2020Episode 11 Storia Americana
November 22, 2020Episode 10 Happy
November 15, 2020Episode 9 East/West
November 8, 2020Episode 8 The Nadir
November 1, 2020Episode 7 Lay Away
October 25, 2020Episode 6 Camp Elegance
October 11, 2020Episode 4 The Pretend War
October 4, 2020Episode 3 Raddoppiarlo

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gogoschka-1 4 May 2014

You don't have to have seen the original Coen film to enjoy this series, nor does it spoil anything for you if you have seen it: the new TV-show 'Fargo' is entirely its own beast. So far, the only thing the series and the film do have in common is the title and the (fake) premise that both are - allegedly - based on true events that happened somewhere in Minnesota.

The writers (and the actors!) do a great job in creating new characters that are as strange and somewhat over the top as most of the iconic Coen creations we've come to love over the years - and Billy Bob Thornton's 'Lorne Malvo' (from season 01) has the potential to reach cult status. Watching bad situations get worse as bad decisions lead to even worse ones and the lives of ordinary people spiral violently out of control is - I shamefully admit - a lot of fun to watch, and it's told here with such a wicked sense of humor that I've so far enjoyed every minute of it.

The cast so far has been outstanding (this is an anthology series, so each new season will have its own cast and a new storyline) and the production values - especially the cinematography - are fantastic. Now whether 'Fargo' will appeal to a larger audience despite its quirky characters and non-mainstream look the way a show like 'Breaking Bad' did remains to be seen, but I would strongly recommend this to anyone who enjoys black comedies in general as well as pretty much anything the Coens ever did. Great, pitch black entertainment - 9 out of 10 from me.

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chrisdmeads 7 June 2020

Season 1: 10/10 Season 2: 10/10 Season 3: 8/10 Season 4: 7/10 Overall: 9/10

Sudherson-V 26 November 2020

1st season - Good Fargo 2nd season - Best Fargo 3rd season - Good Fargo 4th season - Not Fargo, still watching, but waiting for it to end. Bad screenplay.

dingodad 30 November 2020

You have to stop at season 3. Season 4 Fargone. Gone is the quirkiness. Gone is the storytelling. Gone is the dark humor. I'm going to rewatch the movie to cleanse my memory of this ordeal.

davismfg-75480 4 December 2020

Like others here, I recommend you skip season 4.

Season 1 was excellent.

Season 2 was good.

Season 3 was okay.

Season 4 took a dump in its own bed and we had to watch it.

Deserie212 1 December 2020

With regard to Fargo Season 4: I was SO looking forward to it . . . what a disappointment.

With 3 years (between Seasons 3 & 4) to perfect the script, why was the story line such a horror? If there is going to be a Season 5, the writers have to work harder or get new writers.

Mcduff3601 5 November 2018

Wow, I remember when this show first came out I was very skeptical they could make an interesting show many seasons long based on the movie. It has the same vibe as the movie, takes place in or around Minnesota has similar characters but is it's own thing apart from the movie.

I just finished watching Season 3 and wow it was a doozy. I love this show, it is rare for me to get into a show where I don't notice the episodes flying by. There is some really strong writing with this show. I won't get into the details but will say you end up really caring about the characters, good or bad you want to see what happens to them. In some cases you are rooting for them to win and in others you are rooting for their demise. A lot of times neither plays out.

I don't normally go for religious undertones in shows/movies mostly because it is kind of cliche the ol good vs evil thing. This season does it a bit but does it well. I really enjoy this show and can't recommend it enough!

Slim4Shady2 15 December 2015

Six months ago I finished watching Breaking Bad and I really think that's the best thing I've ever watched and I always felt it is nonpareil in terms of excitement. From then on I couldn't forget it, I missed it. I started watching several shows later, but nothing came close to BB. I went on a search for such exciting crime dramas and then I saw few people on reddit talk about Narcos and Fargo (most of them) to experience something similar. At first, I googled them and decided to watch Narcos as Google knowledge graph mentions Fargo as a comedy series. So, yeah Narcos was enthralling, but didn't really feel 10/10 especially with too much Spanish. Then I decided to give a try on Fargo and boy oh boy! It's simply sensational.

Season 1: The first episode itself left me exuberant. This Martin Freeman guy, right from the day I saw him as Bilbao Baggins, everything he does impresses me and in Fargo there's nothing less. And the others were excellent too, especially Billy Bob Throtton, that man is really one hell of an actor. He is an assassin, every scene of him is jaw dropping with some chills. All in all, Season 1 of Fargo was really the one I was waiting for these whole 6 months and I didn't want to end this beautiful experience, so I immediately decided to watch Season 2.

Season 2: Everyone who watched season 1 will have some idea about how season 2 will go on. It opened off very well and the first episode here too ends dramatically. The next 2 episodes were slow-paced and I thought this might turn out like True Detective Season 2 as it couldn't really recreate the magic of the first season (just my opinion). So, right when I thought it's sinking, it just gets better and better from episode 4. There won't be a moment you could take your eyes off till the last minute of the season finale. I'm glad they renewed it for the next season and I really can't wait for that.

The music utilized over the two seasons is absolutely mind blowing, the way it relates to each and every scenario is just spectacular. Along with this awesome music, the outstanding piece of poetry depicts the ongoing lives of the people in Fargo. The direction part is really masterful and you can clearly see that in the second season". It has few flaws but if you're just looking for some real piece of art then Fargo is a must watch.

Update: Ok, it's sad to say that this amazing show went downhill later. Season 3 for me was 7/10 but at least very Fargoish but Season 4 is pathetic and should be ignored.

woody1950 23 March 2021

This was a great series for the first 3 seasons. Now for season 4: The shark has been jumped. This season is terrible. The storyline is twisted and implausible. The attempts at humor fall flat. The dialog is very strained and awkward. The acting is mixed: Chris Rock and Ben Wishaw are good. The crazy Sicilian brother seems to have stepped in from a remake of the Three Stooges. The crazy nurse is just not funny.

Overall: terrible writing, terrible directing. Really a shame, since this series had so much going for it. Somebody made some very bad decisions this time.

wilcox-145 2 December 2020

Fargo was (WAS) my favorite show. I was bummed when it went missing for a season, worried it had gotten the can, and then so excited to see it was coming back for season 4. Plus, Chris Rock? Cool.

But oh..oh, no. This season of Fargo feels like a completely different show. My husband and I forced ourselves through it, hoping it would get better, that it would start to feel like the rest. We watched half-heartedly until finally we saw the last episode tonight on the DVR.

All I can say is that if they bring back a new season next year, I'll be seriously skeptical of it. I don't know how they managed to blow it so badly.

The ONLY reason I gave it such a high rating is because of the first 3 seasons. Those are totally worth watching. Do yourself a favor and skip season 4 altogether.

0w0 12 November 2020

Season 1, 2 and 3 are all 8/10 seasons, but season for brings the whole series down and is only a 5/10 season at best... season 4 has multiple plot holes in multiple episodes and is honestly a disappointment. The only solice is that season 4 isn't connect to the other seasons at all in the story, and so you can just skip season 4 entirely and only watch the other seasons of the series and you'd be much better off that way.

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