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Fatma (2021)

Crime | Thriller 
Rayting:   7.5/10 4925 votes
Country: Turkey
Language: English

As Fatma sets out to search for Zafer, she commits an unexpected murder and she has to keep killing in order to survive.

Episode Guide

Season 1

April 27, 2021Episode 6 Fall
April 27, 2021Episode 5 Window Side
April 27, 2021Episode 3 Look at Me
April 27, 2021Episode 2 Dust
April 27, 2021Episode 1 Gravity

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User Reviews

ookpieter 29 April 2021

It could have been an average revenge thriller but Burcu Biricik pushes it beyond that. She creates a memorable character that gives the series a real emotional depth. Don't mean to be obnoxious but people have won Oscars for lesser performances.

AJ_McAninch 29 April 2021

Burcu Biricik is wonderful, and so are many Turkish films I'm discovering during the Pandemic when I am working from home and have more time to explore. She is riveting, electrifying, and heartbreaking in this story of a mother, her son, and hidden truths. Her character is also brave and tough as proverbial nails. My only reservation is some of the direction is a bit erratic, and the bad guys are wimps next to Fatma! Loved the film: strongly recommended.

thorntonburns 27 April 2021

This woman is a cleaner in many ways. I am happy to now be aware of interesting story lines coming out of Turkey. The Gift is another series from there that also draws you in from the start. Fatma has some suprising situations that arise out of nowhere. She cleans offices and homes and gets constant phone calls that hang up on her. Where is her just released husband from prison ? He's nowhere to be found and Fatma wants answers.

saifeliya 28 April 2021

The series is good and binge worthy , acting is phenomenal from the main lead . There are some stupid moments in it that could've been avoided or written better (like how Bayram left the safe open at Ep.1) .

Otherwise it's a good thriller .

janem-29722 29 April 2021

Emotional roller coaster ride through characters...like putting an intricate puzzle together. I loved Fatma's invisibility, her cleverness, her on the edge "crazy woman" demeanor and her kickass way of dealing with her loss and anger. Please, may there be a season 2, since this was season 1.

kahramanogluasli 28 April 2021

Not a moment in the film is wasted;this is from start to finish a rewarding and strangely beautiful drama with a conclusion that is immensely satisfying in its touching understatement. Well done Burcu Biricik and the full cast.

ardawrlag 29 April 2021

It represents the lower class Turkish culture very well and you can easily understand that the writers know the culture of the country from the heart. I really liked the plot and found it unique. Acting is amazing and it represents the particular part of Turkish people.

ozlem_ozen 27 April 2021

First of all Burcu Biricik is an great actress. Her performance is amazing! There are many women in this world with al lot of pain, Fatma is one of them. The story is very good, you can't tell what happens next.

waheed-nu 28 April 2021

From the very first moment till the very last second. Just brilliant. The girl who played Fatma, she deserves 100/10.

san-nurtas 27 April 2021

Fan of Yilmaz Güney, Nuri Bilge Ceylan I am more fan of the Turkish art movies than series. Being curious and biased of Turkish series 'culture' I gave myself the joy to see my prejudice confirmed. Just to see I I could hold my concentration for just one full first episode. Also because I know Ugur Yücel as an artist I appreciate. But this miniserie Netflix made in Turkiye stunned me. Especially Burcu Biricik. Outstanding and hypnotizing play. Even her village styled dialect Turkish is very convincing. But many others are at the same game. Dark, suspenseful, psychological and emotional but without the Turkish dramatic crying, yelling nor overacting. Turkish cinema is getting more and more interesting again. My bias became an apology.

nefer-63127 27 April 2021

A nice story, Nice actor, Surprisingly with lots of perspectives.

muniremanisa 29 April 2021

Im watching this for the second time. Its absolutly stunning.

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