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FBI (2018)

Action | Drama 
Rayting:   6.8/10 13K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Procedural drama about the inner workings of the New York office of the FBI, bringing to bear all the Bureau's skills, intellect and mind blowing technology to keep New York and the country safe.

Episode Guide

Season 5

May 16, 2023Episode 22 Torn
April 25, 2023Episode 20 Sisterhood
April 11, 2023Episode 18 Obligation
March 14, 2023Episode 16 Family First
February 28, 2023Episode 15 The Lies We Tell
February 21, 2023Episode 14 Money for Nothing
February 14, 2023Episode 13 Protege
January 24, 2023Episode 12 Breakdown
January 10, 2023Episode 11 Heroes
January 3, 2023Episode 10 Second Life
December 13, 2022Episode 9 Fortunate Son
November 22, 2022Episode 8 Into the Fire
November 15, 2022Episode 7 Ready or Not
November 6, 2022Episode 6 Double Blind
October 18, 2022Episode 5 Flopped Cop
October 11, 2022Episode 4 Victim
October 4, 2022Episode 3 Prodigal Son
September 27, 2022Episode 2 Love Is Blind
September 20, 2022Episode 1 Hero’s Journey

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

Best FBI Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

March 26, 2019star8.6 412 votesS1E17 Apex
September 21, 2021star8.4 148 votesS4E1 All That Glitters (I)
February 19, 2019star8.3 409 votesS1E14 Exposed
May 14, 2019star8.3 354 votesS1E22 Closure
April 16, 2019star8.3 350 votesS1E19 Conflict of Interest
May 25, 2021star8.3 172 votesS3E15 Straight Flush
December 4, 2018star8.2 452 votesS1E9 Compromised
February 12, 2019star8.2 403 votesS1E13 Partners in Crime
March 12, 2019star8.2 381 votesS1E16 Invisible
April 30, 2019star8.2 345 votesS1E20 What Lies Beneath
March 24, 2020star8.2 288 votesS2E18 American Dreams (I)
November 19, 2019star8.2 285 votesS2E8 Codename: Ferdinand
November 13, 2018star8.1 445 votesS1E7 Cops and Robbers
May 7, 2019star8.1 324 votesS1E21 Appearances
December 8, 2020star8.1 301 votesS3E3 Liar's Poker
February 18, 2020star8.1 284 votesS2E16 Safe Room
December 17, 2019star8.1 274 votesS2E10 Ties That Bind
March 31, 2020star8.1 273 votesS2E19 Emotional Rescue
January 21, 2020star8.1 260 votesS2E13 Payback
January 14, 2020star8.1 260 votesS2E12 Hard Decisions

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User Reviews

cobald 26 September 2018

Watchseries; Cliche to the max, pc to the max, and boring to the max.

cobald 26 September 2018

Cliche to the max, pc to the max, and boring to the max.

chris6081 16 October 2019

FBI watchseries. Apparently the ONLY crime in America is committed by white supremacist groups... laughable

kulthard 15 January 2020

It's funny this whole season I've been asking myself why do they keep bringing this guy back he is TERRIBLE! And now I read it trending here hes the Executive Producer's son! Makes total sense now guess that's how it works in Hollywood still its all about who you know or who your father is. I bet this guy says Do you know who my father is alot!

ivanvr-83013 23 January 2019

When series start pushing political agenda over plot . The plot suffers and in most instances becomes real dumb story. Stick to script writing like clever plots. Forcing propaganda in just makes it very boring .

wushu2222 26 September 2018

I have perused numerous reviews of this new show. Some have praised certain actors for their work, some have criticized its liberal bent, others have just simply bashed it as "boring and predictable' and a few been absolutely mesmerized by it. I realize that some folks love apples and others prefer oranges.. But honestly and this is just my opinion, its just bad TV. I just don't understand why any network would allow this to be put on air. I have seen worse no doubt, but this cookie cutter formulaic drivel has to be stopped.!

akiva-69248 3 March 2019

Evidently every white male is misogynistic and evil. Another show that pushes an agenda instead of trying to entertain us. Just tired of it.

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