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FBI: Most Wanted (2020)

Action | Drama 
Rayting:   6.7/10 5K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

It follows the division of the FBI tasked with tracking and capturing the notorious criminals on the FBI's Most Wanted list.

Episode Guide

Season 3

February 1, 2022Episode 12 El Pincho
January 11, 2022Episode 11 Hunter
January 4, 2022Episode 10 Incendiary
December 14, 2021Episode 9 Run-Hide-Fight
December 7, 2021Episode 8 Sport of Kings
November 16, 2021Episode 7 Gladiator
November 9, 2021Episode 6 Lovesick
November 2, 2021Episode 5 Unhinged
October 12, 2021Episode 4 Inherited
October 5, 2021Episode 3 Tough Love
September 28, 2021Episode 2 Patriots
September 21, 2021Episode 1 Exposed (II)

Season 2

Season 1

Best FBI: Most Wanted Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

March 9, 2021star8.3 186 votesS2E8 Vanished
September 21, 2021star8.3 141 votesS3E1 Exposed (II)
May 25, 2021star8.2 171 votesS2E15 Chattaboogie
February 9, 2021star8.1 178 votesS2E6 Dysfunction
February 11, 2020star8.0 275 votesS1E5 Invisible
March 17, 2020star8.0 254 votesS1E8 Predators
April 27, 2021star8.0 168 votesS2E11 Obstruction
March 24, 2020star7.9 280 votesS1E9 Reveille (II)
March 10, 2020star7.9 266 votesS1E7 Ghosts
February 18, 2020star7.9 258 votesS1E6 Prophet
November 24, 2020star7.9 225 votesS2E2 Execute
April 14, 2020star7.9 210 votesS1E11 Ironbound
May 5, 2020star7.9 199 votesS1E14 Getaway
March 16, 2021star7.9 169 votesS2E9 One-Zero
April 14, 2020star7.8 221 votesS1E12 Ride or Die
April 28, 2020star7.8 202 votesS1E13 Grudge
March 2, 2021star7.8 189 votesS2E7 Winner
May 18, 2021star7.8 164 votesS2E14 Hustler
May 11, 2021star7.8 163 votesS2E13 Toxic
December 8, 2020star7.7 220 votesS2E3 Deconflict

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User Reviews

andrewrye-06535 8 January 2020

This was just a waste of time. I was hoping for a new take on the FBI serial. But nope. As others have said it is a rehash on old stories. I can't work out why the others are there yet, they don't seem to help the story along or add anything to the group. There is certainly no chemistry. I was just bored, I even left the room for 10 mins and forgot it only to return and had no trouble seeing nothing had happened. And the dramatic music is annoying when they are talking. Why is it there??? Wont be watching anymore, hopefully it fades in to the ether.

trudjoh 9 January 2020

Acting bad. Script bad. It's all bad. I need to write more but not sure what else to ssy

cerivs-29558 9 January 2020

About half way into it I was thinking maybe episode #2 would be better as so far the show was nothing but pandering to every stereotype cop show and situation I have ever seen, all in less than 30 minutes. Being a retired, ex-policeman, and avid TV and movie buff, I've seen a lot of cop/crime fighting oriented productions and situations but upon getting to the predictable ending I don't think this show deserves my time for a 2nd look or viewing of episode 2. The original "FBI" is barely tolerable and enough time spent turning off my brain during the week for that hour. I keep hoping that gets better too. But this show had no nuance, and was an example of flagrant predictable crap. This is insulting to the viewer. The characters were superficial and in the first show you already gave too much info on their quirks and dysfunctions which they brazenly air in public, no less. Although I've seen several of the actors in other shows where I've like them and they do good to great work, they're not the problem here, it's the writing. Pee-eew! A word of advice, stop trying so hard, quantity is not as good as quality and ease into development of the personalities as these people were simplistic and cartoonish and I already don't like them or their dysfunctions. Then again, dumbing down may works for the general public... ie. look at L&O: SUV, NCIS:NOLA... a lot of good actors..., wasted, but that crap is still on. Who knows maybe you've got a hit?!?

txflybyknight 14 April 2020

If you enjoy the original FBI show like I do, this spin off will disappoint you.

I am a retired police Lt, and worked major crimes, titleIII wiretaps and cartels. I worked with Feds too many times to count. I have a big etched glass award on my desk from the FBI for working VICAP.

This show is is TOTALY unrealistic. But hey, so is SWAT and Hawaii 5.0 and John Wick. And I can find things to enjoy in them. It supposed to be entertainment, right?

Not this.

What makes this show horrible is the 40 minutes of every show devoted to woke scolding and incessant virtue signaling.

These clowns are the antithesis of what a federal fugitive apprehension team acts like.

None of these professional jackasses would have made it out of Quantico.

Dirty little secret: Federal Fugitive apprehension teams rely on local agencies for things like helicopters, surveillance support and straight up street cop intel.

LaCroix wouldn't catch ANYONE because no cop would tolerate his pompous a$$ and he'd be on his own.

Contrary to what that show would have you believe, the FBI has zero authority to run around slinging orders. They ask nicely. They work and play well with others.

But hey, if you like being preached to about your sins by someone with a messiah complex, Special Agent LaCroix and his circus of woke scolds are your best bet now that David Koresh and Jim Jones are gone.

Ed-Shullivan 8 January 2020

Nothing new here folks. A mature middle-aged widower raising his daughter on his own leads yet another team of good looking and buffed FBI agents. The pilot episode is as new as that bad smell in the back of your fridge's crisper caused by a lone vegetable long forgotten and rotting wet and stinky in the back of your vegetable crisper.

Come on guys, get some interesting story lines and stop rehashing old story lines that have been done before in much older TV crime series decade after decade after decade ad nauseam.

pietclausen 14 January 2020

FBI is smart and going nicely since 2018. A spin off, FBI Most Wanted, is a slogging, boring program to watch. Forget it!

dkshiflet 3 March 2021

They spend more time trying to push hollywoods politics than they do making a quality show.

richmondsh 8 January 2020

Just like in the "FBI" series the background music is terrible. Many times it's so loud you can't understand what the characters are saying. Everything seems to be a crisis with loud dramatic music in almost every scene.

kimberlystar-37741 18 January 2020

Watched the first episode with disappointment wont return for episode 2

Mac1763 29 January 2021

The music is too loud. Actually it is more like pounding random notes than actual music. It starts out loud and just gets louder and louder and louder while the actors are speaking! Why? Why? Why? Can't hear the dialogue and it is very annoying. PLEASE STOP!

dukcinea 10 January 2020

I never review anything but I was so disappointed by this I had to put my two cents in. I love Julian McMahon so I had high hopes, but I even hated HIM in this. Bad directing, bad writing, no flow to the storyline at all. It was so choppy and discombobulated that it was bring and hard to follow at the same time. There is absolutely no cast dynamic and little to no character development. If I don't have a reason to be invested in the characters I don't have a reason to keep watching, and one little girl who lost her mom isn't going to cut it. I won't be tuning in to watch Julian McMahon yell for no reason. That's not entertaining. Two thumbs down!!

bls555 28 March 2020

The only reason I gave it 2 stars because I didn't have to take my sleeping pills because this show put me to sleep.

The most boring show I have watched in years. I love SWAT, Criminal Minds, 911, but this show doesn't come close.

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