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Fear the Walking Dead (2015)

Drama | SciFi 
Rayting:   6.9/10 112517 votes
Country: USA | Mexico
Language: English

A Walking Dead spin off, set in Los Angeles, following two families who must band together to survive the undead apocalypse.

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Season 6

May 16, 2021Episode 13 J.D.
April 11, 2021Episode 8 The Door
November 8, 2020Episode 5 Honey
November 1, 2020Episode 4 The Key
October 25, 2020Episode 3 Alaska

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User Reviews

chrisccraig-77118 18 August 2019

The whole "we're out to help people" is so so silly and boring!!!

So much of the dialogue is pure exposition that regurgitates the ridiculous "we're helping people" theme of this show.

outpix 22 July 2019

I have to agree with many reviewers here in that watching a group of incredibly stupid survivors of a zombie holocaust is torture. It's one bad storyline after another and the actors know it. There's very little for them to work with and subsequently the acting is subpar. Fire every writer and every director and start over; you can't do any worse.

safsurfer 27 July 2019

OMG this show has gotten stupider and stupider. Stupid people doing stupid things. For christ sakes RUN, don't just stand there. Stop talking and start chopping. The characters are all a bunch of cry baby idiots that just stand in awe instead of being proactive. Plus they are constantly meddling in other peoples lives that always ends in disaster....for the other people. The moral of this story is just worry about yourselves and stay away from us.....we don't want to die like everyone you try to help. Plus we've already seen plenty of ways to beat the zombies, yet they always seem to forget them.....like just smear zombie blood all over yourselves and you can walk right through them.....gee I don't know, why dont they just do that when they need to get away. Plus why are the characters always falling down, tripping, twisting ankles.....turn and run you idiot.....it's like they have to invent new forms of idiocy every show to keep it going. It's over, done, just end it NOW.

guenterfmang 21 July 2019

This series has become a boring, meaningless, neverending trash movie. 5 stars because the first three seasons were good/ok

Dido7 3 September 2019

Im watching this show from start and i cant stop watching it but soon .. the episodes lately are so boring fight breaks out for a free bunch of candies and manuscript stealing villains ... WTF WTF WTF

sassypants4347 20 August 2019

I am not sure what happened to this show but it is officially safe for my 5 year old to watch now.

rico18729 8 September 2019

I've tried to be a fan but it has become really hard to follow the rediculous plot. It's not enjoyable anymore. It is just something to watch until The Walking returns.

ahmetkozan 10 April 2016

It's a real shame that most people rate shows on a "0 or 10" scale. Most of the complaining I hear about this show stem from people wanting it to be more like TWD. If you'd like to see something that is not TWD, but exists in the same universe--I think that's called a "spin-off"--then this show is that. Different places, different faces. Some of the characters make dumb choices, some are boring, and some are annoying. Viewers really seem to hate "realism" despite always screaming for it.

It's not perfect. I could gripe about the things I don't like, but they are minor when compared to the fact that I'm really enjoying watching how things progressed while Rick was in a coma. It offers nothing in the way of explaining the zombies (that's a good thing), but is showing really well how panic and mobs of humans actually paved the way for zombies to swoop right in and eat everyone.

If you want to enjoy this show, turn off your silly expectations about it being like TWD, and just watch while convincingly-real and flawed humans deal with a fast-moving crisis that no one seems to understand. It's easy for viewers to forget that these new characters don't have years of experience in the zombie world, so it just looks like some weird virus that makes people crazy and hard to kill. 7/10

vicsa-23133 26 August 2019

I didn't mind this show even though unlike the walking dead I didn't really care of any characters but this last season is terrible - it's boring and corny - even the bad guy Logan is a waste. I liked Morgan in TWD he is boring in this. I am struggling through this season and have decided I'm out - I'm not watching anymore- I can't believe it hasn't been cancelled

hlee-74887 11 July 2019

There is nothing scary or even remotely interesting about the zombies. And the cast looks like a group of squatters living in a RV somewhere down by the river. Watching this is like watching the "air fryer" infomercial...i cant believe people buy this.

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