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For All Mankind (2019)

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In an alternative version of 1969, the Soviet Union beats the United States to the Moon, and the space race continues on for decades with still grander challenges and goals.

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Season 2

April 23, 2021Episode 10 The Grey
April 16, 2021Episode 9 Triage
March 19, 2021Episode 5 The Weight
March 12, 2021Episode 4 Pathfinder
February 26, 2021Episode 2 The Bleeding Edge
February 19, 2021Episode 1 Every Little Thing

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User Reviews

YoungBudFox 21 December 2019

The series "For All Mankind" removed a dead-end in a part of my life by reliving the early days of maned space exploration and continuing on, although fictionally, to what could have become a logical sequences of events and milestones with the man's journey into space. I don't know if the anyone involved with the show's production will read my comments, but I can't thank you enough for making this series.

As a child growing up in the sixties, there was nothing more exciting to me and my friends than the space race. We lived in Florida. My father was involved with the manufacturing of guidance systems for the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo spacecraft. Every day there was some news about the American space effort in the paper. (I saved a lot of the articles in a scrap book.) Our school day was often interrupted as a black and white television was wheeled into our classroom so we could watch manned space mission launches. I was in high school when we landed on the moon. Travel to Mars and beyond was around the corner. We had a connection. We thought about the possibilities for the future.

Then it all ended. For a long time there was nothing other then an electronic box being sent to the other reaches of our planetary system, or an occasional close-up photo of a planet. The space shuttle program was interesting but not the same as it wasn't taking man anywhere new. The International Space Station has little interest as a person can only watch a nameless astronaut entertain viewers with floating M&M candy for so long. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos seem to be on to something with their space efforts, as they pick up where NASA left us in the early '70s.

I get it that some people say that there is too much social justice in the story, but if it wasn't part of the plot we wouldn't have witnessed Molly Cobb going into the crater or Tracy Stevens taking command of her space craft to save a fellow astronaut, some of the many standout moments in the series.

I can't wait for what season two will bring.

dsmgdesign-34381 3 November 2019

While the moon landing and NASA has been dramatized many times in film and Television, this show does something none have ever done. It shows us an alternate reality...a "what if"...from the perspective of writer and creator Ron Moore. Ron Moore brought us the reimagined Battlestar Galatica, and does not disappoint with "For All Mankind." Supported by a brilliant cast and great writing, the character and story development gets better and better with each episode.

Don't expect anything from real history being used. So, since the show takes liberties with history, and since it's clear that Moore is more interested in fictional story-telling than in retelling history, the audience never knows what's going to happen next. And that's what Moore does best. Bring us "unexpected, unpredictable television."

I know I can't wait to see what happens next, or where the story goes. And isn't that what great television is all about?

ChrisPaul84 5 June 2020

I got sucked into this thinking it was about space. It's about 5% space and 95% soap opera following the trials and tribulations of the female main characters. Several episodes are about the female astronaut core. A sub plot about an illegal immigrant girl who wants to be a engineer or something. A woman who works at NASA and is trying to crack the glass ceiling. And the wife of an astronaut and her life while her husband is on the moon. If that's what you like, great. But don't bother if your interested in space.

solemnphilosopher 28 November 2019

I've been looking forward to watching For All Mankind since its announcement. I am a big fan of alternate history and space/sci-fi related shows.

Unfortunately, after watching six episodes, I am left mostly disappointed. It focuses too much on the family and relationships. I equally don't care about the marriage relationships or same-sex relationships in the show.

The show lacks mystery, suspense, and/or interesting characters. I wish they would focus more on the space technology, training, and exploration. Episode six has a few good minutes of political thriller set in the alternate history, but it was too little.

The show sometimes seems like a moral critique of the space race era than actually feeling like it is from the era. However, that is a minor point for me. I am just bored while watching the show.

rjwcs 22 December 2019

The premise of the first episode was gripping. The suspense and disappointment of the public when the first voice from the moon was speaking Russian was a brilliant setup. It hurts me so much that this series is fumbling this for the sake of the activism of their writers that want to punch their morals directly into your face. Its just too blatant and the only people not caring about it are the ones that agree, in the same way a religious fanatic would not notice or mind a whole series throwing quotes from a holy book all the time. Its a shame because the production values are great, the cgi is great, the music is great, the stage of the story is great... and it goes nowhere. The series gets bogged down spending scene after scene justifying how women and immigrants are the future, how men cheat and fumble what has been "given" to them instead of "working hard" like the women and "facing the inhumane hardships" of the immigrants. If only "someone" "gave" them a chance. Meanwhile a climatic moment of launching a crashed ship on the moon gets cut down to a 30 second scene like it was nothing special, not even the return of the vessel was dramatized, the technical teamwork needed shown, the feelings of uncertainty shown (think: the opposite of Apollo 13). It seems it was far more interesting for the writers to spend their time to deux ex machina a main character to the sidelines by blabbing like a child to a reporter. By the second episode things are so slow and bogged down you can hardly tell this is a series about space exploration. Another lost opportunity. This one goes the way of Ad Astra, a pretentious soap opera disguising as scientific fiction. If you are into activism you will love it, if you are into Scifi you will hate it.

jacopocr 11 August 2020

Season 1 review: A series about astronauts, space and cold war on the Moon. God yes! At first i had "First Man vibes" But the main plot it's not that, it's about femminism, homosexuals, racism and it's just too much and heavily forced in the plot that it starts to become ridicolous pretty soon.

Every single man in this show came from the worst stereotype you can imagine and women are the ones who saves the day, being always right, never ever miss something, strongest and thoughest than men astronauts with decades of experience more than them. Men are childish, unprofessional, evil, shallow humans that women have to babysitting or save their lives countless times.

I love everything about space, VFX and technical parts are gorgeous, everything is on point except this social justice that we know, it's everywhere, but here really took me out from the show and it was boring as hell.

If it wasn't for that forced social justice that ruined the plot this show could have been an 8/10 easily.

refordgarry 4 August 2020

From the increasingly popular "what-if" genre. Most infuriating about For All Mankind is that the story-telling is VERY GOOD, as are the costumes, direction, acting, historical detail and production. But all these aesthetic qualities are undermined by dumbfounded Politics. Most people have had it drummed into them about social progress 1960-1990. But the biggest irony of ironies is that Apollo was scrapped so money could redistributed towards Social Progress - an irony lost on THIS Production Team! I'd give this Series an easy 8 if they were not trying, constantly to undermine themselves with irrelevant and often ill-timed "opinions".

jtags-84059 7 August 2020

Could have been a great show but they just had to pile on every grievance industry on to it. Should have titled it For All Personkind or Womankind so it could give you an idea of what's in this.

charlieedmond 3 November 2019

If you're a fan of Space and Aeronautics and don't mind politics and some drama then you will enjoy this show. It does a really good job of representing a "What If" scenario in the likelihood that the USSR beat USA in the moon race, similar to Season 1 of "The Man in the High Castle".

Don't watch it expecting documentary accuracy (It is after all a hypothetical plot), if you want a space film with documentary accuracy I recommend "First Man". If anything though, the hypothetical nature of the show only adds to the show.

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