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For All Mankind (2019-)

Rayting:   7.6/10 12593 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

In an alternative version of 1969, the Soviet Union beats the United States to the Moon, and the space race continues on for decades with still grander challenges and goals.

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Season 2

April 23, 2021Episode 10 The Grey
April 16, 2021Episode 9 Triage
March 19, 2021Episode 5 The Weight
March 12, 2021Episode 4 Pathfinder
February 26, 2021Episode 2 The Bleeding Edge
February 19, 2021Episode 1 Every Little Thing

Season 1

User Reviews

charlieedmond 3 November 2019

If you're a fan of Space and Aeronautics and don't mind politics and some drama then you will enjoy this show. It does a really good job of representing a "What If" scenario in the likelihood that the USSR beat USA in the moon race, similar to Season 1 of "The Man in the High Castle".

Don't watch it expecting documentary accuracy (It is after all a hypothetical plot), if you want a space film with documentary accuracy I recommend "First Man". If anything though, the hypothetical nature of the show only adds to the show.

jtags-84059 7 August 2020

Could have been a great show but they just had to pile on every grievance industry on to it. Should have titled it For All Personkind or Womankind so it could give you an idea of what's in this.

refordgarry 4 August 2020

From the increasingly popular "what-if" genre. Most infuriating about For All Mankind is that the story-telling is VERY GOOD, as are the costumes, direction, acting, historical detail and production. But all these aesthetic qualities are undermined by dumbfounded Politics. Most people have had it drummed into them about social progress 1960-1990. But the biggest irony of ironies is that Apollo was scrapped so money could redistributed towards Social Progress - an irony lost on THIS Production Team! I'd give this Series an easy 8 if they were not trying, constantly to undermine themselves with irrelevant and often ill-timed "opinions".

jacopocr 11 August 2020

Season 1 review: A series about astronauts, space and cold war on the Moon. God yes! At first i had "First Man vibes" But the main plot it's not that, it's about femminism, homosexuals, racism and it's just too much and heavily forced in the plot that it starts to become ridicolous pretty soon.

Every single man in this show came from the worst stereotype you can imagine and women are the ones who saves the day, being always right, never ever miss something, strongest and thoughest than men astronauts with decades of experience more than them. Men are childish, unprofessional, evil, shallow humans that women have to babysitting or save their lives countless times.

I love everything about space, VFX and technical parts are gorgeous, everything is on point except this social justice that we know, it's everywhere, but here really took me out from the show and it was boring as hell.

If it wasn't for that forced social justice that ruined the plot this show could have been an 8/10 easily.

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