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Friday Night Lights (2006)

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Country: USA
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A drama that follows the lives of the Dillon Panthers, one of the nation's best high school football teams, and their head coach Eric Taylor.

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Season 5

February 9, 2011Episode 13 Always
February 2, 2011Episode 12 Texas Whatever
January 26, 2011Episode 11 The March
January 19, 2011Episode 10 Don't Go
January 12, 2011Episode 9 Gut Check
January 5, 2011Episode 8 Fracture
December 15, 2010Episode 7 Perfect Record
December 8, 2010Episode 6 Swerve
December 1, 2010Episode 5 Kingdom
November 17, 2010Episode 4 Keep Looking
October 27, 2010Episode 1 Expectations

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User Reviews

royalewithcheese2020 25 February 2014

I can't find a strong enough word in my vocabulary to describe how spectacular and engrossing this show is. I remember when I first heard about it eight or so years ago when the show premiered. To be honest, after seeing the movie, I thought it would be cheesy and not all that good. After Breaking Bad ended, I needed a new show to watch and while searching for the best shows available on Netflix streaming, this was near the top of the list. And I can truly say even after watching something as incredible as Breaking Bad, I think this show is almost more special in its own way. It doesn't need violence and drugs to be entertaining. I remember right after watching the pilot, I couldn't stop and stayed up till 7 am watching. It will pull you in that quickly, especially if you are a football fan. Not that you cant watch it if you don't like football or don't know much about it. I absolutely love football. Love watching it and played it in high school. But football is absolutely the least interesting aspect of this show. The first episode of the series goes through each day leading up to the first game of the season. After watching it I thought every episode would be that way. But after seeing the end of the pilot I realized the show is about much much more than just football. Football is just a backdrop.

The most important part of the show are the lives of the characters off the field, focusing on the head coach and his wife and their daughter, as well as the players. He is more of a father figure to these players before he is a coach. The main theme of the show is that people have dreams. It shows everyday problems that people face, which we can all relate to in one way or another. Then it shows these dreams can come true if you have someone who believes in you and is willing to help you until you reach these dreams. The show creates these characters in a pretty cliché fashion. But what makes the show so great is these characters are brought to life, making the viewer able to literally feel the emotions of these characters, even without words being spoken. For the most part, the acting is incredible by most of the cast. The way the show is shot makes you feel like you are in the room with these people. This show will move your emotions and make you laugh,cry, smile and cheer. There's not many other shows out there that can hit you with so many ranges of emotions. You really feel like you are a part of these peoples lives, and you really become connected to them. You are able to watch them change with your own eyes. You will think differently about life and football after watching it, I can guarantee that.

beauryker-623-466161 24 September 2011

Simply put, this is reality. If someone had affixed a camera to my head, 24 hours a day, when I was in high school, you couldn't have gotten a better picture of life. I know someone like every single character in this show. The story lines, the acting, the cast, couldn't be any better in this show. For those who haven't made it to high school yet, in Texas, this is your future. Wonderful, wonderful drama. I didn't even hear about this show (don't have time for much TV) until season 4. Watched one episode and I was hooked. Went out and bought every episode and sat down and watched every one in about two days. Didn't want to turn it off. I had always thought that The Shield was the best show ever on TV....until I was introduced to this tremendous story about life.

poisonman1980 20 September 2011

I just loved Kyle Chandler as an actor since when I was a kid from the first time I saw him perform on "Early Edition". I'm really glad that he won an Emmy for his role on "Friday Night Lights" as "Coach Taylor". Recently I started to watch "Friday Night Lights" and I just want to say that this is one of the best drama series that I've seen (and believe me when I say this 'cause I've watched lots of series)! It has every aspects of a real life story and it involves the viewer with the lives of all the characters. I wasn't a fan of American football before I watched this drama, but now I really enjoy watching football games. I recommend watching this drama series to anyone who enjoys sports and loves a very close to real life story.

john-570-355877 5 March 2021

I'm not even a fan of football but started watching this with my wife and son. I've seen some excellent series; Breaking Bad, Dexter, The Sopranos, Kingdom on Netflix, but I have to say, Friday Night Lights is the absolute best by far! The writing is fantastic! The acting is 100% believable and the characters become like family. The portrayal of small town Texas is spot on. You feel for every situation that arises. Each season gets progressively better. There are many adult themes, but as an NBC series, it's okay for a younger audience. I honesty believe this is one of the most well-written and acted drama of all time. The football games are exciting to watch, and filmed and edited brilliantly. I obviously can't say enough about this series. Watch it, and you'll see what I mean.

mtw-99169 14 April 2020

I have just started watching this series. I was in the marching band in high school so I was at every football game cheering and encouraging our team to get that W. This show is so well written that I can't stop watching. I'd highly recommend this show.

DiCaprio-HardyFan 21 March 2020

Friday Night Lights is so underrated it's ridiculous! It is an absolute amazing show! Even though the football story line is great, it is so much more than that. If you read the reviews you'll see 90% of them are 9's & 10's and most have one thing in common and that's that they didn't give it a chance until years after it went off the air. Once you start watching you can't stop!

coop-16 4 July 2010

I only recently became hooked on this show, having obsessed for perhaps too long about a certain metaphysical fantasy set on a desert island and about a certain stylish melodrama about one man's Mafia family. This show has no gangland hits, no sixties nostalgia about Madison Avenue, no housewives( or chemistry teachers) dealing drugs, no musical numbers,no recondite references to Egyptian hieroglyphics or quantum physics. Yet despite all these terrible flaws,( clever sarcasm) it is a masterpiece. I am not anti-Lost. I enjoyed the show immensely, for all its flaws. However, this show is , in some ways, superior. It is, in fact a photo-realistic picture of life in a small town in Texas, beautifully written and wonderfully acted. I rank it with certain other shows that were overlooked and are now sadly forgotten by all but a few people with good taste: The Call To Glory, Homefront, and I'll Fly Away,among others. In some ways, this is a show worthy of the golden age of TV "sooial drama", Naked City, The Defenders, Mr. Novak, Ben Casey, The Fugitive( a social commentary disguised as a thriller), Route 66, Slattery's People and East Side West Side. Like the best episodes of those shows, Friday Night Lights offers more questions than answers. This show is one of the best ever. I pray to a sometimes enigmatic providence that it does not perish from the airwaves.

jaybufc 17 February 2021

One of the very very best television productions ever created. You will grow to love and care for each and every character and live the brilliantly written story lines.


perk777777 19 September 2011

This show is great.

Simply said:

the acting, the camera shots, ( which are very different than your average show - most shots are close up head shots showing all the facial expressions well), the dialog (which comes across as almost being an ad libbed script - very realistic - people talk over each other as in real conversations)are excellent and very entertaining and enjoyable.I have been watching episode after episode streaming on Netflix and it has become addicting. My congratulations to the cast, the writers and the crew for such an excellent show and congrats to Kyle for a well deserved Emmy.

uchio 14 July 2011

A lot of people look down on television, a view justified in part by the stream of crappy reality shows. However, when done well television is an art form that can be as great as a painting, a poem, a novel, and much much better than a film. Friday Night Lights is one of the few shows that has done just that. While football is a big part of the show, it is so much more than just a sports show. The characters are all real. They feel like someone would meet in real life. This allows us to feel connected to them. Over five seasons we get to fall in love with the small community of Dilon; we get to see teenagers grow up; we see people fall in and out of love; we get to see how much of marriage involves give and take; we get to see people make difficult decisions; and all of it makes for a show that will stay in the hearts and minds of its viewers long after it's over.

CaitlinBennett22 19 November 2009

The thing I really love about this show is the wardrobe. It's nice to see what lengths a wardrobe department will take to make sure the situation and people are as real as possible, such as using clothing pieces that the actors have already worn previously in episodes. Also, the acting is fantastic! I mean, the entire point of acting is to be truthful under imaginary circumstances and these actors are wonderful at accomplishing that. It's difficult to watch a show when acting is oh so obvious. I have to say though that I admire the men in this series for capturing the true love of football. I've grown up around football and seeing the same love and dedication to the sport come through in the show (and also the same feeling in the movie) is really a ray of sunshine :) Bravo!

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