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Game of Thrones (2011)

Action | Drama 
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Rayting:   9.3/10 1.9M votes
Country: USA | UK
Language: English

Nine noble families fight for control over the lands of Westeros, while an ancient enemy returns after being dormant for millennia.

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June 19, 2016star9.9 197830 votesS6E9 Battle of the Bastards
June 26, 2016star9.9 138810 votesS6E10 The Winds of Winter
June 2, 2013star9.9 97181 votesS3E9 The Rains of Castamere
May 31, 2015star9.9 95152 votesS5E8 Hardhome
August 6, 2017star9.8 84456 votesS7E4 The Spoils of War
May 22, 2016star9.7 67976 votesS6E5 The Door
June 1, 2014star9.7 51026 votesS4E8 The Mountain and the Viper
April 13, 2014star9.7 50994 votesS4E2 The Lion and the Rose
May 11, 2014star9.7 48051 votesS4E6 The Laws of Gods and Men
May 27, 2012star9.7 45077 votesS2E9 Blackwater
June 15, 2014star9.7 43058 votesS4E10 The Children
June 8, 2014star9.6 43667 votesS4E9 The Watchers on the Wall
June 12, 2011star9.6 41406 votesS1E9 Baelor
April 21, 2013star9.6 35312 votesS3E4 And Now His Watch Is Ended
June 7, 2015star9.5 41794 votesS5E9 The Dance of Dragons
June 19, 2011star9.5 36511 votesS1E10 Fire and Blood
August 27, 2017star9.4 61452 votesS7E7 The Dragon and the Wolf
May 1, 2016star9.4 45040 votesS6E2 Home
June 3, 2012star9.4 32127 votesS2E10 Valar Morghulis
July 30, 2017star9.2 44582 votesS7E3 The Queen's Justice

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User Reviews

alshamari-marwa 19 May 2020

Watchseries; This is the first series i would recommend to anybody , it is an amazing piece of work , the most stunning TV series you will ever watch. Why i gave it 9/10 because of the last season, it's still good but very disappointing compared to all the seasons. YOU will enjoy every episode

alshamari-marwa 19 May 2020

This is the first series i would recommend to anybody , it is an amazing piece of work , the most stunning TV series you will ever watch. Why i gave it 9/10 because of the last season, it's still good but very disappointing compared to all the seasons. YOU will enjoy every episode

jules-37803 7 May 2019

Game of Thrones watchseries. The first 5 Seasons of Game Of Thrones are exceptional, a beautifully structured series. The sets, characters, pacing, twists - exceptional. I could not fault it, however, after that things went downhill.

When it came to Season 5, the author of the books (George R. R. Martin) and HBO had a disagreement. Martin wanted the show to run across more series, to give all his complex story lines the chance to grow & move at a natural pace. HBO declined and so he dropped off the project, which is extremely evident.

Season 6 & 7, although flawed, were still watchable. The books & George's earlier comments paved the way for both seasons, but you could feel that the episodes lacked substance.

This brings us to the latest season, and after 2 years of waiting expectations were very high. The first two episodes were very plain, the reunions were wonderful, however you could tell they were setting up for one of the biggest fights of the series, which had been greatly anticipated since Season 1. I tried to not to have too high of expectations, however the director referred to episode 3 as "bigger than Helms Deep" which is a comment that will always spark excitement.

Episode 3 was so utterly disappointing, in every way. If you were somehow able to see through the intense darkness (what was the director thinking?) you will crumble to the poor decisions made by writers. I will not stem into this too much, but basically Dan & Dave chose to go down the Hollywood path, completely disregarding any real story or strategy. Episode 4 was equally as disappointing, which I was hoping would redeem the final season.

The writers have ruined this final season by fast tracking characters (basically teleporting), making the smartest of characters docile, and letting plot armor protect 'favorites'. I am still going to watch until the end, but I thought I would warn any future viewer to prepare yourself, as there is nothing more heartbreaking than watching terrible writing ruin a otherwise tremendous series.

Mampire 20 May 2019

For a series with such a complexity, many-layered characters, contradicted emotions & breathtaking events. you'd expect to get an epic ending but that wasn't the case with Game of Thrones which has an end that ruined it all & made rewatchability almost impossible. even the worst pessimists wouldn't ever imagined a series that acquired all this glory & hype to end up so terribly.

Shame on the writers to turn such a rich world & complicated structure into a pale & dumb pop-ish work at the last 2 seasons

Seasons 1-6 outstanding. season 7 that's when the dumb writing has begun. season 8 dumb writing has taken a whole new level, butchering all characters arcs & betraying the previous complexity of the world.

if you're new to the series do yourself a favor & stop watching after season 6.

damianhlebec 15 June 2019

It use to be my favorite show by far and i never thought that could change,but it did.Last(8)season i watched only once but all the seasons before that i have seen 3 times,except the season 7,which i saw twice.Thank god that i did,because now i won't watch the show again.You really mess it up with the last season.

el-absy 20 May 2019

Started off as the greatest series of all time, but had the worst ending of all time.

SaifOVGU 9 April 2020

I'm feeling so heartbroken to see everyone criticising my favourite show of all time. And yes of course that's because of the bad making of the season finale, I can totally understand that. After all these years hardwork, creating and developing each and every character from bottom to top, memories, emotions throughout the process all went to vain for one bad making. It's so painful to accept it for the audience who invested lots of time watching the show from the starting and then finishing it like this! It's a long long journey. I don't even remember the day I started watching it and since then I waited the next year to come for the new season. I can't say anything more. Only one last request, could you please delete the whole season 8 and make a new version of it? Please?

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