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Ginny and Georgia (2021)

Rayting:   7.2/10 38K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Ginny Miller, an angsty fifteen year old, often feels more mature than her thirty year old mother, the irresistible and dynamic Georgia Miller.

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February 24, 2021star7.8 594 votesS1E9 Feelings Are Hard
February 24, 2021star7.8 558 votesS1E8 Check One, Check Other
February 24, 2021star7.8 536 votesS1E6 I'm Triggered
February 24, 2021star7.7 623 votesS1E2 It's a Face Not a Mask
February 24, 2021star7.6 750 votesS1E1 Pilot
February 24, 2021star7.6 580 votesS1E3 Next Level Rich People Shit
February 24, 2021star7.6 521 votesS1E7 Happy Sweet Sixteen, Jerk
February 24, 2021star7.5 555 votesS1E5 Boo, Bitch
February 24, 2021star7.5 555 votesS1E4 Lydia Bennett Is Hundo a Feminist

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User Reviews

asazii 7 March 2021

Overall I liked the show. However, I found Ginny to be incredibly annoying with her spoiled and privileged behaviour. She is downright rude to her friends and mom. Her character has a lot of maturing to do.

sasssin 31 March 2021

The adult sides of the story line is GREAT. Georgia is so funny and such an interesting character. The kids side.... cringe, awkward, too much of sexualizing teens, Ginny is annoying as hell.

annacqa 11 March 2021

It's really hard to watch this show even though I like the other characters. Ginny is possibly the most obnoxious tv teenager I've ever seen. She has a horrible attitude. I understand she's supposed to be an angry teenager but she comes across righteous and smug. Georgia is excellent though. And wish there was more Joe.

vgibson1590-963-354026 1 March 2021

This season was a really great watch. I couldn't stop. I binged all 10 episodes the same day lol. The originality of the characters and their charm really pull you in and get you invested. Don't listen to the crazy Taylor Swift fans getting mad over one single line in the whole show of 10 episodes. I love T Swift as much as the next person but geez, calm down.

schieman 1 March 2021

Hopefully green lighted for season 2!! This show was fabulous

lisannemees 8 May 2021

I absolutely love the Georgia character and would have loved if the show focused more on her teen years, but ginny is very annoying. Ginny is always playing the victim and her actions of juggling two boys, making everything about race and being so ungrateful to her mother. This makes the show for me unlikeable. Overall the show has a decent plot typical to a romcom type of serie.

cosmic_kisses123 22 March 2021

It's a shame really because the mother is really likeable and the relationship she builds with the characters is believable. Unfortunately, Ginny's character wasn't as likeable. She doesn't interact with the male characters enough to believe why they like her or to root for a specific pairing.

vegas_lights 1 March 2021

It's such a shame to see a great show take a hit at ratings because of cancel culture. So, to anyone reading this unsure wether to give it a go, if you enjoy an easy watch with great storylines and romance, I'd definitely say yes. I'd say the target audience is teens/YA but I'm pushing 30yo and LOVED it! The ratings have taken a hit due to a Taylor Swift comment and from someone who loves Taylor's music it's ridiculous that no one can mention ANYTHING anymore without it offending someone. Definitely recommend this series, hoping for s2!!

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