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Girl From Nowhere (2018)

Crime | Fantasy | Thriller
Rayting:   7.7/10 1569 votes
Country: Thailand
Language: English

A mysterious, clever girl named Nanno transfers to different schools, exposing the lies and misdeeds of the students and faculty at every turn.

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Season 2

May 14, 2021Episode 9 Episode 9
May 7, 2021Episode 7 JennyX
May 7, 2021Episode 5 SOTUS
May 7, 2021Episode 4 Yuri
May 7, 2021Episode 2 True Love
May 7, 2021Episode 1 Pregnant

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cremea 12 November 2018

Girl from Nowhere is a 13 episode 2018 TV series from Thailand, currently airing on Netflix. It's one of many recent Southeast Asian life lesson dramas centered on the lives of various high school kids. All of these types of dramas are somewhat similarly themed, and they range from cute and lighthearted accounts, to practical and more realistic versions, on up to darker and more devious takes, on the important issues kids face these days. This show definitely resides on the dark side.


Here's your basic premise: Each episode is its own self-contained story set against the backdrop of a different high school, where the mysterious new transfer student (known only as Nanno) soon arrives. Nanno quickly interjects herself into the lives of certain students at each new school, and begins helping them with their teen issues; issues that range from grades, bullying, social standing, fitting in, sexual assault, depression, teen pregnancy, creepy teachers, suicide, and worse.

As each story unfolds, Nanno punishes the outright wicked by whatever means necessary, while she tempts other kids in order to test their morals. Nanno preys on their insecurities, and being the young impetuous high school kids that they are, they are easy to persuade and frequently make impulsive decisions that they'll soon come to regret. All the while, Nanno endeavors to bring out the worst in them, then revels in the chaos that ensues. Once Nanno accomplishes her goals at a given school, it's on the next, then repeat this process until the series is over.

It's never made clear who, or rather what, Nanno actually is. Is she a ghost with a vengeance, a shared figment of everyone's imagination, the devil? There is a backstory episode at the end of the series about what happened to her when she was a high school student, but that doesn't explain her current existence or why she's intent on causing so much trouble to random students across the nation.

Chicha Amatayakul gets the lead role as Nanno (i.e. the titular "Girl From Nowhere"). I've never seen this actress before, but she's pretty effective throughout this series; her maniacal laughing can be a bit much at times, but she is rather impressive otherwise. Aside from the lead, there's a ton of other young actors and actresses involved across the various episodes, and the vast majority of them perform quite well in their assigned roles.

Each episode is roughly 35-45 minutes, and I believe they were all produced and written by the same team. There is a different director for most every episode however, and every episode contains an entirely new cast with the exception of the central character. The varying direction makes for a nice change of pace; every episode is some form of a psychological thriller, several are bloody and brutal, others are darkly humorous at times, and there's one involving a young thief that is somewhat sweet and endearing. Overall, both the writing and direction is good; some stories are better written and/or directed than others, but all are fairly interesting. Don't expect any huge production values or special effects though; Asian TV productions typically have limited budgets, but as is usually the case, they frequently make up for it with better storytelling.

I can't really think of any show being produced in the west that Girl From Nowhere compares to. It is indeed a show about the life of teens and their modern problems, but it's too down and dirty

cuccigang 17 May 2021

Homegirl really out here gatekeeping, gaslighting, and girlbossing.

msghall 8 November 2018

While not the most technically proficient series, 'Girl From Nowhere" is entertaining, perplexing and totally Thai. Most of the episodes end up with morality tales that don't always fit western mores. You almost expect typical lessons learned, but this show surprises with its sophistication in grappling with societal issues, especially involving young people. It doesn't take itself too seriously, dropping in scenes (like the one in ep 2 with the main character dancing to herself in the schoolyard) that you don't expect. The acting is not that great although the main character is played admirably by a stoic-faced Chicha Amatayakul. Her devious, trouble-making actions put all other characters in tricky positions they have work their way through. Amatayakul's inscrutable demeanor captures the coldness of this mythic creature, whose origins we are never sure of, then explodes with wicked laughter at the malleability for evil in all humans. She carries the series. Special note should be made of the music which is wonderfully low-key and unobtrusive, used sparingly at the right moments to elevate the action. The theme song is equally fine with its Brian Jonestown Massacre shoegaze vibe.

Moonstrike9 8 November 2018

I don't know what the heck Nanno is but she serves the best justice.

rehabdoc 11 November 2018

Horror series. Great mood. Kind of J-horror crossed with outer limits crossed with grindhouse. Very naturalistic setting And performances, but insert this super creepy lead actress. Definitely uncomfortable, which is a good thing for a piece of art like this. I like that it doesn't give away where it's going as a series right away.

I predict this will be remade in US in English. It's good enough and different enough.

chloeg-25 21 May 2021

This is such a good series and something I enjoy a lot. I have never watched a Thai series, I normally watch either English or Japanese series, but this looked good so I thought I'd watch it. I don't regret it.

At the end of every single episode I think "wow, that was great" Because it is!

I really recommend this! Nanno is such an amazing character and this show is so addicting.

vegeta-07512 6 November 2018

I heard good things about it so I turned on Netflix and basically binged the whole show within a day.

Nanno is brilliant, the stories are interesting and at the end I wanted more. The only reason I give it an 8 as there are a couple of episodes I didn't find interesting but the rest are really good. WATCH IT NOW

aprilwalton-27682 14 November 2018

In a way. Oh boy is this a nasty little show. I pretty much enjoyed every episode. Nanno is something else! There are some aspects of her character that reminds me of Tomie. The lead actress is just right for the part & the first time I heard that laugh it creeped me out. I won't give anything away but I will say this...... Some really wild stuff goes on in this show. These kids are NUTS & Nanno is just the "person" to crack them.

m_var123 10 November 2018

Where to start? This show is a dope drama for me and shares so many things I like in a good series: thrills,drama,and even more thrills. It's dark and gritty,and so thrilling I lost my nerve and went crazy like the protagonist of the show.

Let's talk about Nanno,who the heck is she? A girl who lives in Thailand and transfers from school to school taking justice in her own hands. Not only is she creepy,but she just sits back while people act like dumbies. Two things though: how the heck does she have a phone? And are her parents mentioned?

I watched a few episodes and basically Nanno is trying to get justice on those who have wronged the system. Nothing more then that. Just keep it low key and nothing too high or too low . For me it was wild.

Nanno is a badass girl and if this were written into a graphic novel I would read it. Why the 8 stars? The most thrilling Thai drama I ever watched aside from that Thai film I watched (I Fine...Thank You...Love You.)

In the end,I won't spoil but I really hope to see what more wicked delicious thrills Nanno will cook up next. She's a mysterious girl who has her ways. Who is she? That's the mystery. I can't focus on her,but what is her existence and why does it matter. She really is manipulative and crazy but in a good way. My most favorite epsiode was #8: Lost And Found. Cute and nice. I hate The Wonder Wall though it doesn't have a happy ending. This show has shook me and I hope there are more good quality films out there like this

Final score: 8.3/10

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