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God's Favorite Idiot (2022)

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Rayting:   5.6/10 2.3K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A tech support employee becomes the unwitting messenger of God.

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June 15, 2022star7.3 69 votesS1E6 Tom the Baptist
June 15, 2022star7.2 72 votesS1E5 The Word (It's Love)
June 15, 2022star7.2 63 votesS1E7 The Four Horsemen
June 15, 2022star7.1 83 votesS1E4 God, Satan and All the Good Smells
June 15, 2022star7.0 89 votesS1E3 The Preacher
June 15, 2022star6.6 116 votesS1E2 The Angel
June 15, 2022star6.4 142 votesS1E1 B-Minus

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User Reviews

thejdrage 17 June 2022

I love Melissa McCarthy and I appreciate her husband, Ben Falcone. BTW - he can sing! AND don't forget our favorite Gilmore Girls Frenchman, Yanic Truesdale (really a French Canadian).

This is a simple comedy with some slapstick added.

Do yourself a favor and don't take it at all seriously . All you have to do is observe McCarthy on the motorized 'thingy' and you can tell that this is not high art.

It's fun. It's silly. Personally, it did my soul good, after a crap week, I got to laugh and not care what anyone thought. YAY!!

digitalbrian 17 June 2022

I wish people who do not like McCarthy would just stop watching, some of us think she is the best thing since grandmas knickers on a BBQ. This is a very specific kind of humor and some people just dont like that.

g_uzman 18 June 2022

We loved this and were sad when we watched the last episode and realized there weren't any more. I really don't understand all of the low ratings as hubby and I enjoyed this so much. I am rating this a 10 to try and boost the rating score. So many hilarious moments and we really fell in love with every character especially Frisbee. Hope we get to see more!

anielsen-45670 17 June 2022

Very cute show, made me laugh a lot. Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone work great together. It's a very fun show and keeps you hooked right from the beginning. A very warm hearted show.

star_hazard 16 June 2022

I get the appeal of this. The concept seems fun and it's light hearted. The characters don't pop out as like overly annoying to me. But the overall delivery for me was just quite bland. It just didn't hit the notes. Sometimes I feel like oh yeah this scene is funny but then they stretch it out and it just loses the appeal of it...so before I even go ha ha it just dies.

If you're curious just check out the whole of first ep. If you like it then you'd like this because the overall tune is just same to me with hits and misses all over.

kahast 16 June 2022

This show runs a bit slow but it's very sweet and gets better after the first couple of episodes of you give the characters a chance to grow on you. I look forward to the good guys winning!

Blhhas2 18 June 2022

I ignored all the IMBD review snobs and watched for myself. I really found this show to be original and fun. I think it was exactly what I expected this type of show to be.

cockezville 15 June 2022

Why does Melissa McCarthy continue to work with her husband in dismal material. She is so talented but this mess will continue to end a career. This is just not funny.

eve_dolluk 15 June 2022

An ordinary man who works in an office is blessed by gods light in his back garden.

This is the basic premise of the show, from here we follow the lead who is a simple man of simple needs ( not really an idiot ) and his coworkers in the his office job abound a religious journey.

Its a fairly basic sitcom that draws certain paralells with the office but not in fun and humour.

The jokes are a bit thin and its more of an expedited humour affair.

The only person I have recognised so far is Melissa Mcarthey who is not the titular lead but certainly takes on front and centre.

Overall its an interesting concept that lacks great humour and uses crazy events to find its fun.

There are however some nice sweet undertones to the show which I'm sure many will enjoy.


oscarthepwd 16 June 2022

Another dismal vanity project. If paid by the word, they've hit the jackpot. If paid by the laughs then no one's going to the bank. Rapid fire word salads,back and forth, going nowhere. Especially nowhere near a joke. This reminds me of Mike Myers Pentaverate. The ego has left the writer thinking everything is comedy gold and the actor relishes every line they've created. Just more dull stuff from Netflix.

ladylapel 16 June 2022

Please ignore the useless reviews below that are trying to base a whole series on 10 minutes of watching it. Seriously, this is nothing new, some shows take a few episodes to build the plot, it does get a whole lot better and there is a point behind all the madness, crudeness, and ridiculousness in the beginning which wasn't that bad. I like it, it has a good message to deliver. And some really funny parts. It's nice to have something decent and easy to watch for a change. I really like all the characters, the actors are pretty good. I can't wait for more episodes. I like that they work together and can still have great chemistry, after so long and spending so much time together. To see 2 people genuinely enjoy each other's company is utterly refreshing. All the craziness you see in the beginning, is toned down as the episodes go along. So just give it a real chance. Don't be the reason why another good show gets canceled only for 2 or 3 years later people actually take the time to watch it and love it and wonder why it was ever canceled and start requesting that it gets another season.

paulat111 16 June 2022

This show is just bad. I mean really, really bad. Her husband can't act, the supporting actors are pointless and seem to be there to try and add humor, but it fails miserably. The whole show is a mess. I gave it 3 stars because I will always adore Melissa McCarthy. Her husband may be super nice and a moderately good writer, but Melissa is so much better than this. Just an embarrassment.

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