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Grace and Frankie (2015)

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Finding out that their husbands are not just work partners, but have also been romantically involved for the last twenty years, two women with an already strained relationship try to cope with the circumstances together.

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Season 7

August 13, 2021Episode 3 The Bunny
August 13, 2021Episode 2 The Arraignment
August 13, 2021Episode 1 The Roomies

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Top 20 (Ranked)

May 6, 2016star9.1 757 votesS2E13 The Coup
May 6, 2016star8.6 628 votesS2E12 The Party
March 24, 2017star8.6 496 votesS3E13 The Sign
May 8, 2015star8.4 733 votesS1E13 The Vows
January 19, 2018star8.4 506 votesS4E13 The Home
March 24, 2017star8.4 474 votesS3E3 The Focus Group
January 19, 2018star8.4 467 votesS4E8 The Lockdown
January 19, 2018star8.4 449 votesS4E12 The Rats
May 6, 2016star8.3 513 votesS2E11 The Bender
March 24, 2017star8.3 512 votesS3E1 The Art Show
January 19, 2018star8.3 484 votesS4E4 The Expiration Date
March 24, 2017star8.3 479 votesS3E4 The Burglary
March 24, 2017star8.3 468 votesS3E7 The Floor
March 24, 2017star8.3 463 votesS3E6 The Pot
March 24, 2017star8.3 445 votesS3E12 The Musical
March 24, 2017star8.3 443 votesS3E8 The Alert
January 15, 2020star8.3 345 votesS6E8 The Short Rib
January 15, 2020star8.3 332 votesS6E13 The Change
May 8, 2015star8.2 697 votesS1E12 The Bachelor Party
May 6, 2016star8.2 602 votesS2E1 The Wish

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User Reviews

dbkdances 9 May 2015

I binged the series over a 2-day period and wished there was more. The characters were well developed and the whole thing was very entertaining. It covered many bases that divorce can bring about to family and friends, and dealt with issues of loss, honesty and aging, among others.

I wish Sheen and Waterston had had greater chemistry between them, but their interactions with the family members were believable and poignant. I especially enjoyed June Diane Raphael and Baron Vaughn, as two of the four adult children.

What I can't decide is who I liked better, Fonda or Tomlin. In each case, they braved characterizations that were vulnerable and multi-faceted. In the case of each, this is their best performance, and the two together were phenomenal. Funny one moment and heart-tugging the next.

This is an adult story, in the best sense of the word.

gregorybnyc 8 May 2015

I will always love Lily Tomlin. I always enjoyed Jane Fonda in her youthful movie star mode, but since she came out of retirement, she elevates everything she's in. I think she was the primary reason I kept watching Newsroom for three seasons. I kept waiting for her every appearance. In Grace and Frankie, Tomlin and Fonda have to overcome a rather unbelievable situation--that is to face the fact that they husbands they have been married to for over forty years have somehow falling in love and intend to marry each other. Relegated to a kind of "Odd Couple" status, they end up living in a Malibu beach house their husbands bought years earlier. Each couple used the house on separate weekends. Now Grace and Frankie have to pick up the shattered pieces of their lives and move on. Jane Fonda as Grace is at her brittle comedic best. She delivers in spades, looks stunning in her latish 70s and plays off Lily Tomlin's hippy-esque character with spunk and funny nerve. Grace has to face the fact that she's an uptight, judgmental pain in the ass. And Tomlin's Frankie is just the person to remind her over and over again. The scripts are tightly funny. The interplay between the two ex-couples is expert. Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen have nearly thankless roles as the two spouses who dump their wives, but they handle the dialog ad the romantic banter with dignity. But let's face it, you're waiting for Grace and Frankie to spark off each other. It's not the kind of laugh-out-loud absurdest insults The Golden Girls hurled at each other with such glee, but the humor is key here. There is is just enough drama to remind us of the absurdity of life. I couldn't wait to watch this show when it was announced. Fonda and Tomlin were terrific with Dolly Parton in Nine to Five, but they are even better here. This is a terrific show. I'll stick around as long as these two glorious stars are here to make us laugh and cry.

michaelernestsweet 10 May 2015

This is a brilliant and timely series. Sheen, Waterston, Fonda, and Tomlin. I'd guess nearly 200 years of combined acting experience. It shows. The writing in this series is witty and attentive to popular culture. It gently picks away at the nonsense in our contemporary lives and exposes the raw human condition. The only thing that eats at me a little is the upper-class white privilege that penetrates throughout. Despite this, the series makes some very real, critical, and timely social commentary. At the very moment that the Supreme Court of the United States debates gay marriage, we have Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston - two very straight and very accomplished actors - kissing on the screen.

Having met Jane Fonda, Lilly Tomlin, and Martin Sheen, I can tell you that these actors care deeply about their work and the role it plays in advancing social justice.

Sadly, many will critique this show along political lines - whether they support equal rights or not. Watch it for yourself, it's good TV.

handofthanatos 10 May 2015

Though I see where one may feel it's dull or "Flat" as one reviewer called it. It's because this show has a sense of honesty and a realistic charm to make you forget its a show and not something happening to a friend. When something seems real it loses a bit of edge, real isn't sexy (girls wearing black thongs every night sexy/not real, ugly laundry or period panties so not sexy/ oh so real).This gem of a show has Tomlin, Fonda, Sheen and Waterson, Living Legends and they prove it in each scene. The history their characters have in some part feels more authentic do to the history the cast must actually have. Years working in the same industry, on a number of projects together (West Wing, Newsroom, 9 to 5, to name a few). The added connections brought by their children brilliantly played by Raphael, Vaughn, Decker and especially Ethan Embry legitimizes the story because no matter what we do it always effects our kids even if they're grown. The revolving door of great guest stars is that perfect little finishing touch to an already great freshman year. I cant wait for more , it does not help that I too binge watched in one sitting just created a longer wait for my self.

Queenkt87 21 January 2019

I love Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. I hope this show never ends. I just hate that Netflix releases whole seasons in one day. I already finished season 5, and now I don't know what to do with my life.

sally-93052 25 April 2019

Loved the first three seasons, but after that Lily Tomlin's "Frankie" became such a bizarre and annoying person I did not enjoy it anymore. Way too over the top to the point of mental illness.

nancywe 17 February 2019

Got really tired of Frankie. She's not even a believable character anymore. Who the heck would put up with her. Charming and fun for a while but has become too slapstick and just plain dumb.

amandamaria_87 30 January 2019

I started out absolutely loving this show, now I am part way through the 5th season and I find myself hating Frankie.. no longer fun and quirky, just unbearably irrational

Brianna is the best part of the show.

minchyg 3 February 2019

As the seasons went on, the show really gets worse and worse. Frankie starts acting as if she has brain damage and family drama is over the top.. It is sad because show was really fun at the beginning..

backofthevan 20 January 2019

I certainly thought Grace and Frankie was fresh air during the first season, but it has deteriorated dreadfully since then. Series 5, and I endured the entire 13 episodes, was stultifying when it wasn't beyond silly.

Frankie is no longer just "endearingly kooky", she's deranged. Grace is still an uptight control freak well on her way to joining Frankie in Loonyland. Mental illness is not the laugh riot it used to be (<- sarcasm).

This show is allegedly a comedy. Apparently producers/writers/directors think idiotic, petty arguments are hilarious. They're not. Most of us get enough family drama in our "real life", so I don't know why anyone thinks audiences want to see a bunch of immature, selfish, delusional rich people argue endlessly. Comedy this is not. I kept waiting for at least a glimmer of humour, but very little ever showed up.

Grace and Frankie is now nothing more than a dumb sitcom. What a disappointment.

s-hadithi 22 January 2019

She plays her character too dumb and there's a fine line between funny and pathetic silly

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