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Heartstopper (2022)

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Teens Charlie and Nick discover their unlikely friendship might be something more as they navigate school and young love in this coming of age series.

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Season 1

April 22, 2022Episode 8 Boyfriend
April 22, 2022Episode 7 Bully
April 22, 2022Episode 6 Girls
April 22, 2022Episode 5 Friend
April 22, 2022Episode 4 Secret
April 22, 2022Episode 3 Kiss
April 22, 2022Episode 2 Crush
April 22, 2022Episode 1 Meet

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Top 20 (Ranked)

April 22, 2022star9.6 1592 votesS1E8 Boyfriend
April 22, 2022star9.4 1376 votesS1E3 Kiss
April 22, 2022star9.1 1234 votesS1E5 Friend
April 22, 2022star9.1 1226 votesS1E6 Girls
April 22, 2022star9.0 1404 votesS1E2 Crush
April 22, 2022star9.0 1207 votesS1E7 Bully
April 22, 2022star8.7 1268 votesS1E4 Secret
April 22, 2022star8.6 1674 votesS1E1 Meet

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User Reviews

Benslie 23 April 2022

As a fan of the, "Heartstopper" comic I can easily say this show is for those who have and haven't heard of this series and just want a feel-good show to watch.

For me, the best part of this series easily was the acting done by everybody. The whole cast, minus two actors, had the tough job of having to bring these characters to life and try to bring something new to them while staying true as well and they all nailed it. For most of the people in this cast, this was their first outing with acting and you could never tell that fact. They all just acted like normal teenagers going through this tough period in their lives and like I said still staying true to their character. The whole cast's performances were standouts for me personally but I especially enjoyed Joe Locke and Kit Connor's performances in this series. They both did such excellent jobs bringing their iconic characters to life and acting like these nervous high schoolers who don't fully understand things. It also wasn't just the main cast who did amazing jobs but, the side characters as well. Sebastian Croft, who plays Ben, did a scarily good job with bringing Ben to life that there's no way anybody could like him at all. The other two actors who play side characters who stood out to me were Fisayo Akinade, who plays Mr. Ajayi, and Jenny Walser, who plays Tori.

One aspect of this series I always liked was the story and this series continues that aspect perfectly. This show has an amazing balance of things from the Comic and original material that I was worried about but ended up loving. This series isn't just for young adults but for everybody and you can see that in the story for this show with the issues it handles. No matter how old you are there's something here you'll be able to relate to which makes this show stand out among others. I mentioned earlier that this series has some original content to it and I honestly, love that it was included. The new content gives more depth to some of the side characters that doesn't exist in the Comics and help make those characters more relatable and depth to them. Like I said earlier this series deals with serious issues and it handles them super well and it has the perfect balance between those more dramatic moments and more comedic ones. I feel like this has to do with the series actually having the writer for the Comic, Alice Oseman, writing the scripts for this series.

An odd thing I found myself enjoying for this series was the cinematography for it. The cinematography for this series was really well done throughout the series and there were certain moments where the lighting especially stood out with its creativity. The directing for this series, done by Euros Lyn, was especially really well done. Finally, the soundtrack for this series was honestly really good and used effectively. The music was used for scenes where it was appropriate and wasn't distracting at all as it helped tell the story. The only reason the songs were distracting was that for me the songs were bops.

In the end, Heartstopper is a must check out series for all ages, especially those who might not fully understand themselves.

tm-sheehan 27 April 2022

My Review- Heartstopper - Netflix

My Rating 10/10

Where were stories and television shows like Heartstopper when I needed them growing up and being bullied at school?

Of course there weren't any as I grew up in the Dark Ages of LGBTQI history when being Gay or different meant hostility and shame.

We've come so far and still further to go but this new 8 part series Heartstopper is a heaven sent delightful and funny series that everyone can enjoy . Even those that sadly are still living in the Dark Ages if they love great entertainment and are open minded enough to give Heartstopper a chance . This series may open your eyes to the 21st Century where sexual and gender diversity can be celebrated because at its heart that's what Heartstopper is really about celebrating being young and free to choose your path in life.

It's also a celebration of diversity transferring what was once shame for the victims of bullying back to the bullies themselves.

It's such a simple plot line with a heartfelt and sincere message live, love and be happy.

Heartstopper is based on the vertical scroll comic by Alice Oseman and it stars Kit Connor who plays Nick Nelson and Joe Locke who plays Charlie Spring two young men in their late teens who attend Truham Grammar High School.

Nick and Charlie discover their unlikely friendship might be something more as they navigate school and young love in this coming-of-age story.

This is the television debut of Joe Locke who plays the delightful out but not yet proud Charlie and it certainly won't be his last Joe is a star in the making.

His co star is Kit Connor cast as Nick a popular charming and sensitive rugby player ( they do exist) discovering and exploring his bisexuality . Kit Connor is a seasoned performer with movie roles in Rocketman as older Reggie , His Dark Materials ,and the Little Joe starring Ben Whishaw. Kit Connor will also go a long way in movies and television as he has developed into a very impressive actor.

The most impressive part of this show for me in this teenage crush and sexual awakening story between two young men is it's broad appeal and normalcy .

It's other message of just be yourself and ignore the bully's in life if possible is so effectively powerful and meaningful especially to any young person of any gender or sexual persuasion who is experiencing what I went through in adolescence at an all boys High School.

There's no drug use no overt sexual content but so much affection in all the characters with standouts from Yasmin Finney as Elle Argent and William Gao as Tao Xu Charlie Spring's straight best friend plus the rest of the ensemble that includes a touching cameo from Olivia Coleman as Sarah Nelson , Nick's Mum.

I read that the background of the character of Elle Argent (Yasmin Finney ) the girlfriend of Tao Xu is a transgender girl who transferred to Harvey Greene Grammar School for girls following her transition and bullying from her peers.

I must admit I didn't pick up on that first viewing but it fits so well into the story.

Euros Lyn is a fine Director and together with Alice Oseman has done a superb job transferring her creation to the screen and in doing so they have made a huge contribution to GLBTQ awareness and acceptance hopefully in the broader community.

If Heartstopper helps just one teenager who is experiencing bullying or shaming this series along with its ensemble

agentsofsword 23 April 2022

I definitely didn't watch the trailers I just watched it when it came out and it was PERFECT.

The way it talks about deep stuff and the struggles of coming out and not being sure of what you are. That was greatly written.

The Main leads have so much chemistry because I was cheering and giggling everytime they're on screen.

The side characters are great except maybe for Isaac because he's just there.

It's a light wholesome show for most of the time and a very good love story.

star_hazard 22 April 2022

I never read the graphic novel so I watched this blind. I only knew that this was LGBTQ themed.

If you know the word "Kilig" (a feeling of exhilaration or elation caused by an exciting or romantic experience.) aka butterflies in your stomach.. then that was my feelings all throughout the show. I love how sweet and cheesy this is. Like a teen version of hallmark movies but doused with a lot of sweetness and wholesomeness.

Sure we have the stereotypes scattered about but the emotions and awkwardness of love is accurate especially for teens experiencing first loves. I love the main characters they are too adorable. Great acting. I can feel the crush, the love, the awkwardness. The soundtrack is perfect.

Not rating it a 10 because Tao's haircut is a nightmare and some of the acting and line delivery from the side characters feel stiff and forced. The plot direction was fine there were some scenes that felt like it was just an insert. They also have this weird tendency to focus all over the actor's faces which wasn't bad per say but sometimes it was done too long that it just felt cut off. I want to embrace the whole scene and not just their heads.

Overall it's easy to watch especially if you're looking for a light, sweet, and cheesy romance that will bring a smile to your face because it's adorable and wholesome. The portrayal of the LGBTQ community is also done well imo they added in the negatives that go along with it so it doesn't feel like they just inserted it just because. BIG PLUS as well for no unnecessary drama that is dragged out for long.

Looking forward to the development of the other characters relationships for next season. Highly recommended.

jammerknight 22 April 2022

'Hi' So I love heartstopper. When I heard we were getting this Netflix series I was so excited and the show didn't let me down.

The casting is superb and just feel so genuine. Kit Connor and Joe Locke ace every scene. Admittedly some of the dialogue is cheesy but you're watching a teen romance series so just let it slide! Kit is great at portraying the conflicting emotions and brings Nick to lift while I just love Joe's acting of the gay anxious panic in almost every scene.

Don't get me started on the supporting cast, I wish I could be friends with Elle! Yasmin steals every scene! And we could all use a friend like Tao.

I'm really hoping for a season 2 as I love these character and just want more :)

Oh and the cameos - no spoilers but just fantastic. Thank you Netflix & thank you Alice Oseman for giving us heartstopper.

Not quite a 10 as I'm hoping for a second season!

Edit: Ok I've changed my score to a 10 now, as a young queer adult this show has really stuck with me and I really wish I had seen something like this 5/10 years ago when I was really struggling with my identity and the anxiety/confusion/self doubt that came with it and still sits with me. I also came away with this feeling sense of loneliness that I missed out on this show at a time of my life when I needed it most. Nick's story line is just *chefs kiss* and so relatable, I think this show is going to be one I enjoy and revisit for a very very long time. I'm now going to rewatch the last 15 minutes of episode 3 (the music during these scenes is just perfect - Alaska by Maggie Rogers & Clearest Blue by CHVRCHES) followed by the last 20 minutes of episode 8 :) thank you again Alice for giving us this story and characters :)

keshavptl 23 April 2022

This series is so good! I loved how the actors are actually teens and the plot is so realistic! No over drama at all, no negativity, just how it should be. The cast and characters are amazing. Just so well implementation - it's a charming feel-good series. Also I liked how Charlie and Nick are so understanding, they are just adorable! Must watch and keep your homophobia at bay.

chatwithmichaelmac 25 April 2022

A welcome series witch pretty much scores top marks in every field. Outstanding acting, wonderful script and clever cinematography bring this tale of coming out to the screen with great style and intelligence. Possibly the first clever portrayal of bi-sexuality dealt with respectfully and realistically.

This love story is exactly the sort of thing teens have for far too long deserved. Netflix is certainly stepping up in terms of providing different voices.

Highly recommended !

thiagosblancos 26 April 2022

Hi, gay here! To all of us, children from the 90s who went through hell in school this still seems like twilight zone or something but it is coming, finally teachers are paying attention, and that behaviour is not accepted, not ignored (aka accepted) anymore.

It was really lovely, not woke, not preachy, a really, very down to earth story about acceptance, coming to terms about what, and who you are, and the person you love.

I'm already waiting for season 2.

PS: Niiiiiiiiiiice that finally directors and such stopped portratying us basically doing drugs, sleeping with almost everyone, being half drags, overly feminine, etc. And all that other awful places gay people were portrayed for decades. More of this, please. A story of love, we truly need more of those. :)

leondeklerk 22 April 2022

Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.

It's great to watch a show about real love and not being subjected to gratuitious sex and violence all the time. This show takes me back to the innocence of love. I was so happy not having to see young people getting drunk or having a drug overdose. This show is what the world should be like. A place where you can love freely without judgment.

If you still believe in love...then you will love this show.

Loved all the cast except for the bullies.

Ps Charlie's sister is the best. Loved this character.

brettgriggs-46299 27 April 2022

Just lovely and yes a little corny but we need more series like this. All the hater reviews can get stuffed. Todays youth are tomorrow's leaders. 🌈 😀 Well done Netflix.

REVVINCENT 29 April 2022

It is very seldom I give a *10 to any movie. "Heartstopper" is definitely a 10.

As an aging Boomer who came out in 1968 with my first partner, the emotions this movie triggered were off the charts. Those godawful fears. Those axxieties! Accepting one's queerness takes a lot of energy in sociaties and cultures who simply do not want to accept those who are different from the majority society. I have yet to understand why my sexual orientation is such an issue for a segment of straight society. Why does it matter? We are what we are.

"Heartstopper" is superbly acted, on target and uplifting. In so many respects, Charlie and Nick are what nearly every young gay experiences and goes through until self-acceptance is finally and fully embraced. "We" do not fit just one mold, every bit the rainbow we celebrate.

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