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Heels (2021)

Rayting:   8.2/10 634000 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Two brothers and rivals one a villain, or "heel," in the ring; the other a hero, or "face," war over their late father's wrestling promotion, vying for national attention in small town Georgia.

Episode Guide

Season 1

October 10, 2021Episode 8 Double Turn
September 19, 2021Episode 6 House Show
September 12, 2021Episode 5 Swerve
September 5, 2021Episode 4 Cutting Promos
August 29, 2021Episode 3 Cheap Heat
August 22, 2021Episode 2 Dusty Finish
August 15, 2021Episode 1 Kayfabe

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User Reviews

wallsjordan 15 August 2021

Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig both were great I can't wait to see the rest of the season.

mnmgodz 15 August 2021

You already know it's gonna be a winner the way the first episode ends. It's a lot more than wrestling and the showmanship behind it. The leads are gonna make this show very very entertaining but also have a lot of depth too. Looking forward to the rest of the series!

enesyorulmaz 15 August 2021

I enjoyed the first episode so much.. Great Pilot to start the show. I love Stephen Amell, he is so talented, and once again he proved what a great actor he is. Give the show a chance even if you don't have a lot to do with wrestling! It's definitely worth it!! Great music, great characters, great actors! Can't wait for the next episode!

AprilFoolsDayGirl 15 August 2021

I grew up with my dad and brother watching wresting, but I never really paid much attention to it. Heels starts strong and draw you in right away. I don't think you need to be a wresting fan to enjoy this. Ultimately, this is the story of rivalry between two brothers and anyone that has siblings can understand to that.

musaxd-46242 15 August 2021

The green Arrow VS Bjorn Ironside. The start of A winning TV series...

shihabchowdhuryme 15 August 2021

Stephen Amell already has proven himself as a fighter in many ways!

trevnort 16 August 2021

Watched Arrow because of him first couple seasons kinda fell off but glad i checked out this show. Good acting and gets you into the storyline. More about the story then wrestling which is a plus imo.

browneyes-43894 15 August 2021

After watching esp 1, I wanted more. That's a good sign in my book. I wanted to know the backstory, more about the dad, the business, the brother's relationship, what's next.

theflashtv 15 August 2021

1st episode was amazing looking forward to episode 2.

HorrorFan6969 15 August 2021

So far only 1 episode. I will update in the next weeks.

This first episode is perfect to start. The choice of actors is so right. I'm no fan of mr Ludwig. He is not bad. But not my actor. Here he shines as Stephen Amell more cocky brother while the face in the ring. Amell is the heel and wrote the scripts. He basically do everything in the wrestling business in and out of the ring.

Can't wait for episode 2 but I'm sold. This is 11/10.

sherjan-aamir 16 August 2021

Where to begin. The first episode alone has me sold on the show. From the writing to the acting to the cinematography, you can see the heart put into the show to make it something special. This is a must-watch for wrestling fans as there are dozen of references to the wrestling business and mention of terms such as kayfabe, heels and faces etc that will make any fan smile. Wrestling may have lost its popularity but damn, it can still be a great topic to make a show on.

worldssunshinecapital 15 August 2021

Great story, acting and overall cast, Just amazing. If your a fan of wrestling your not gonna be disappointed.

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