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Hellbound (2021)

Crime | Fantasy 
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Rayting:   6.9/10 4.2K votes
Country: South Korea
Language: English

People hear predictions on when they will die. When that time comes, a death angel appears in front of them and kills them.

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Season 1

November 19, 2021Episode 6 Episode 6
November 19, 2021Episode 5 Episode 5
November 19, 2021Episode 4 Episode 4
November 19, 2021Episode 3 Episode 3
November 19, 2021Episode 2 Episode 2
November 19, 2021Episode 1 Episode 1

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November 19, 2021star8.0 209 votesS1E3 Episode 3
November 19, 2021star7.6 221 votesS1E6 Episode 6
November 19, 2021star7.5 159 votesS1E5 Episode 5
November 19, 2021star7.4 227 votesS1E2 Episode 2
November 19, 2021star7.3 172 votesS1E4 Episode 4
November 19, 2021star7.1 315 votesS1E1 Episode 1

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User Reviews

paul_haakonsen 19 November 2021

I sat down to watch the 2021 South Korean TV series titled "Hellbound" (aka "Jiok"), partly because I saw the trailer on Netflix and also because I was told that it was from the guy that made "Train to Busan". So I was gearing up for something spectacular, especially since the trailer was interesting.

And I made it two episodes into the ordeal and then I just gave up. Wow, talk about a swing and a miss. The storyline told in "Hellbound" was just laughably poorly written and had nothing that appealed to me, to be bluntly honest. So this was a major disappointment.

The storyline told in "Hellbound" was just downright boring, especially because nothing particularly interesting happens as you suffer through nearly 50 minutes of excruciating boredom with each episode. And it didn't help one bit that the character gallery in "Hellbound" was generic, flat, boring and had the appeal of watching paint drying on a wall.

Now, I am sure that the concept might have seemed interesting when the creators were penning it out on paper. But the transition from idea and paper to the screen was just bland and anti-climatic.

Visually then "Hellbound" was actually okay. But special effects can only do so little when there is nothing in terms of contents for a storyline or interesting characters.

My rating of "Hellbound" lands on a generous three out of ten stars. And this is not something I will be returning to watch the rest of, since it totally fell short of providing me with anything worthwhile in terms of entertainment or enjoyment. Usually South Korea puts out fairly good movies and TV series, but of course it is utopia to think that everything that comes from South Korea is going to be gold, and "Hellbound" certainly was not gold.

joiningjt 20 November 2021

EVERYTHING about this show is terrible, oh wait the CGI was decent but it last 2 minutes out of an hour story is stupid the acting is mediocre and dialogue dialogue dialogue and its BORING dialogue. So if you want to watch people talk and they talk about a story that is absolutely idiotic here you go. I read this is from the creators of train to busan, I really hope that's not true because train is an absolute BRILLIANT film this isnt even close to a bad high school documentary series.

Xstal 21 November 2021

Panic on the streets of Seoul, as three demons seek to harvest sinners souls, if you're one of the selected, there's no chance to be neglected, as a god has got you under his control - with the usual misguided disciples to help.

If this doesn't get you thinking of your own mortality and the extents that false prophets, and those that feel they have more legitimacy, try to corrupt and misguide, then I'm not sure what will. Powerful and thoughtful stuff.

surfisfun 21 November 2021

This one is not enjoyable.

Main leads boring .

Story script/dialogues not enthusiastic.

Cinematography uninteresting and add not much.

Just finish 4th episode and consistently used FF button since 3rd.

Watch Host instead.

Movi3DO 22 November 2021

Death Note but Light Yagami is actually Kami and he sends Shinigami to execute the victims.

A new Korean horror added to Netflix. I came in knowing minimal about the premise and didn't watch any trailer videos. You should too, because the first 6 minutes of the series gave you an exact taste of what the show is about. Only 6 minutes and it would definitely hook you in, especially if you like horror.

The first three episodes was what I call perfection. Since the show has only 6 episodes, it did not waste any time. Even though there's not a whole lot of time for character development, the pacing was incredible. The intensity was through the roof, and I was transfixed to the screen in terror of the inevitability that some characters would face.

The last three episodes was where the problem with the show arose. The transition from episode 3 to 4 wasn't smooth because the pacing took a pretty big deceleration. It took some buildup and then the last episode became amazing and rewarding, similar to the first three episodes.

Also, this show almost had no chill. It was very violent almost to the point of violence for shock value. Unfortunately there were scenes where people getting beat up that would be very uncomfortable for viewers. However, the portrayal of how cult or religious leaders could bend the meaning of an event or text and manipulate the mind of a large group of people justified the shocking violence of the series. The story worked this theme very well and hooked me in even more.

Overall, an incredible and intense horror series that does not pull any punches. For sure for sure check it out. 9.5/10.

kaefab 21 November 2021

Ok first off the monsters are pretty cool and the FX are good but man does this thing drag on story wise.

There is also this weird character with glowing makeup that is annoying has hell.

All in all boring and i don't understand this 7 rating.

whitemanfromtowne 20 November 2021

Three eps in and I'm done. Way too much stupidity and unnecessary dialog from a group of people who are just not good actors. I thought the story was going to be action packed and scifi-ish but the story line is turning out be some melodramatic build up of some religious messaging that makes entirely no sense and it's taking way too much time to make the point. And that bizarre looking podcaster is annoying as fk, why was he even wrote into the story....fk! Three eps of ridiculousness was enough me. I'm done.

fake_moviestar 21 November 2021

This was a major disappointment for me, as the premise and promise of Yoo Ah In was very exciting and enticing. The story ended up being just okay, it was certainly interesting to see how humans strive to put meaning to unfathomable occurrences, and we see this reflected in real life too. Unfortunately after episode 3 the show grew boring, and it was just the same thing over and over again. The show ended with an interesting twist, I wish they had put that twist in episode 4 and used it to flesh out the rest of the show. Unfortunately this show turned out to be a violent, chaotic mess with no real reasoning or answers provided. I think a season 2 is highly unlikely, so as an audience we will probably never receive answers, which is annoying and disappointing. I would definitely pass on this one.

mochteam 21 November 2021

Finished watching all 6 episodes in one night. It reminds me a lot of "Death Note" if you've ever watched that series but the idea of divine punishment for sinners and how it's received by the world is a lot different in this series or course. There isn't any explanation for the phenomena the people are experiencing...only that they must have done something to deserve their fates. The series drags you through 6 episodes (so far) that get more bleak and depressing as they carry on and then the series ends on a wtf moment. Hellbound is just not a satisfying experience to watch. There really are no redeeming characters and everyone seems to make deliberate bad decisions for the sake of plot progression.

On a side note... Korean movies are also funny sometimes because only the police have guns so a majority of the "violence" involves groups of people or a person hitting someone with a bat or club. There is a lot of that in this movie and after a while those scenes get tiring to watch because it's almost like the people they're beating are made of rubber or something. After getting beaten nearly fatally by pipes and bats they just get up and start running like nothing happened. Not just in this series but in just about every Korean movie or series. It's kind of comedic after a while.

jamiekressinger 22 November 2021

Honestly people rating the show a 1. Come on don't be thick. Even if you don't like it at all a 1 being you could watch nothing worse ever. It's Just really stupid, think you know there is plenty worse out there. Idiots like you just make looking at review scores pointless.

chris-j-chuba 22 November 2021

Cloudman (who they call an angel), literally shows up at your party and announces exact time, down to the minute, when he's going to send his minions to incinerate you and send you to Hell. Not only that but it will always be three giant goons and they will always have to come to you at that time. So how do 99.9% of the people respond? They meekly sit in a chair, while the local police does a little crowd control, and then try to run away when it's way too late.

The sum total of the resistance is one policeman, shooting at them on one occasion and one other guy who sits in a lake because these are fire beasts. They still burn him but kudos because at least he tried something. If it was me, I'd be sitting in my car w/the engine running holding a fire extinguisher and crow bar. At some point, the govt would have someone sitting in a firing range with soldiers equipped with liquid nitrogen, ATGM's, and sensors to figure these creatures out.

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