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Hit and Run (2021)

Rayting:   7.2/10 6.5K votes
Country: Israel | USA
Language: English

A happily married man's life is turned upside down when his wife is killed in a mysterious hit and run accident in Tel Aviv.

Episode Guide

Season 1

August 6, 2021Episode 8 Prose & Cons
August 6, 2021Episode 7 Part & Parcel
August 6, 2021Episode 6 Hide & Seek
August 6, 2021Episode 5 Flesh & Blood
August 6, 2021Episode 2 Love & Loss
August 6, 2021Episode 1 Hit & Run

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Top 20 (Ranked)

August 6, 2021star7.6 168 votesS1E5 Flesh & Blood
August 6, 2021star7.5 195 votesS1E3 Friends & Foes
August 6, 2021star7.5 175 votesS1E4 Breaking & Entering
August 6, 2021star7.5 161 votesS1E7 Part & Parcel
August 6, 2021star7.4 159 votesS1E6 Hide & Seek
August 6, 2021star7.4 148 votesS1E8 Prose & Cons
August 6, 2021star7.2 250 votesS1E1 Hit & Run
August 6, 2021star7.2 208 votesS1E2 Love & Loss
August 6, 2021star7.1 186 votesS1E9 Search & Destroy

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User Reviews

yaseerrizwan 6 August 2021

Gripping. Good storyline and direction. Gets better as it progresses.

Lior has done justice to his role. Second Israeli series for me after Fauda - keep it up with the good work.

patrios-56284 7 August 2021

Lior Raz is back! After Fauda, he hits with a great - less political - story that is very well produced, has great actors and is deeply written! Starts off a bit slowly in episode 1, but is worth to keep watching!

samanthariley-31420 9 August 2021

So many whine about dark scenes, never had that issue... could suggest these people adjust their TV settings lol. Good fun and great twists, loved it! Bring on season 2.

ealander 8 August 2021

I was excited to see this because I loved Fauda. The first few episodes seemed like they were building to something, but then the plot degenerated to a bunch of running around, fighting and driving around in the dark. So many scenes are just too dark to follow. The last episode was so dark I couldn't really tell who was in the scenes. Not sure why they couldn't just turn on some lights.

mageh 7 August 2021

I give it a solid 7. Yes, it is not Fauda and acting is not always perfect. However, it is still very entertaining spy thriller. A bit slow start but after episode 3, it is full of twists and turns, no dull moment. Recommend!

pritigiri9 8 August 2021

I wish the scenes were not in dark so much. I am liking the Series though.

Argyll12 11 August 2021

A married tour guide with a daughter seems an unassuming guy but it turns out he has a particular set of skills honed over a lifetime which make him a nightmare for bad guys, and his friends, too, whom he seems to be trying to get killed. If you don't do what he wants, he will search for you, he will find you, and he will kill you.

A decent show but Segev and many others keep making silly moves. Segev is stupidly confrontational with everyone he meets. We're supposed to excuse this because his wife died. He's very demanding of his friends without offering much to them in return. He also seems to make little effort to hide or conceal himself yet the authorities are mostly unable to find him, or hold him.

The show is filmed mostly in darkness to contribute to the serious tone? The serious tone is supposed to make the audience take everything seriously, but the show could use some comic relief.

pharaohxx 8 August 2021

Just dont understand why theres so many scenes in the dark. Made it impossible to watch for me really.

guido-cremie 7 August 2021

Thrilling story, a mystery unfolds. A multi language show, so some may find it hard with subtitles. But it shouldn't stop you enjoying another great production from Lior and co.

joellevy-404-240855 7 August 2021

I had no idea what this was and am glad I watched it. Watched it in 2 days. Original, international, story that takes place in Tel Aviv and NYC. Murder mystery that sees an ex hit man with a new life get thrown back into his old ways when his wife is killed in a hit and run. But things are not what they seem. And people are not always who you think they are. Unravel the mystery alongside the main character, with every episode uncovering new secrets . A must watch!

kenfromcanada 12 August 2021

Yes, Fauda, Lior Raz's series before this, was, 11 of 10 good.

This is a stand alone, different series. And it is good. Raz is Raz, you liked him before, I like him now.

As to 'dark, sound, too violent, etc', what where these others watching?

A good watch, (I am only a few into it admittedly), I am happy.

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