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Homeland (2011)

Crime | Mystery 
Rayting:   8.3/10 313042 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A bipolar CIA operative becomes convinced a prisoner of war has been turned by al Qaeda and is planning to carry out a terrorist attack on American soil.

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Season 8

March 29, 2020Episode 8 Threnody(s)
March 15, 2020Episode 6 Two Minutes
March 1, 2020Episode 4 Chalk One Up
February 23, 2020Episode 3 False Friends
February 16, 2020Episode 2 Catch and Release

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User Reviews

polosarma 16 March 2020

Season 8 is just amazing!! A deserving end to the series which has captured our hearts for the last 10 years. I thought after season 5 homeland had become like one of those Emmy winning series which are forgotten after 4-5 season and no one cares about watching it. But I have been a dedicated fan and stuck till the end and I'm so glad I didn't stop watching it. This post is for all those viewers who thought Carrie has lost her touch... No she hasn't!! Please finish this series for her sake. This last season reminds me of the tension and stress that I felt while watching season 1&2

kemal-94 12 May 2020

Today I watched the last Episode of Homeland. All I can say is just thank you to the whole Cast for one of the best TV Shows I've ever watched. I'm so sad it's over now but it's a good feeling sadness because the ending of that was just PERFECT!

stoplisteningtothestatic 4 January 2021

Claire danes gives in my opinion one of the best performances in entertainment history. Carrie mathison is probably the most polarizing protagonist I have seen yet. I find it amusing how fans can hate her so much but continue watching when the show is so much about carrie.. especially in later seasons when she really becomes the focus. Personally I love carrie.. i find claire danes intensity really impressive and I actually am anxious watching her. Carrie's crying does not bother me. I actually think it makes complete sense. part of bipolar disorder is having those strong emotions and to some that may seem exaggerated but I think it fits her character being a bipolar CIA spy .. thats gotta be one of the most stressful jobs to exist. of course thats not the case for everyone but it makes sense for carrie. Homeland is a very tense show and I can understand it's not for everyone. I actually find it scarier than horror movies bc of it's theme of terrorism. It is probably the most depressing show I've seen.. honestly it could have used some occasional comedic relief. I really don't know anything about the CIA and this is the first show/movie in the spy genre I've watched so I really can't speak on how realistic this series is but i'm guessing it isn't always and they probably exaggerate some stuff for entertainment. Danes portrayal of bipolar disorder is shocking and sometimes seems too real to be acting. I probably would not have watched this show with out her and I can't wait to see what she does next

oyvindmidteng 27 April 2020

I just finished watching season 8, which clearly has to be the last one. This is the best ending of a TV-series I have ever seen. Please Homeland-producers, no more seasons (although I love the show). This was the perfect ending. You nailed it. Don´t ruin it by making another.

vernreo 27 April 2020

So sad to see eight years come to a close, but what a close it was! I want to thank the entire cast, writers, production, and post production crews for putting together such a fab series.

justincjonesjcj 12 May 2020

What an amazing end to a great series and talented cast! I am in shock and saddened to see the series end with Season 8 but it was enjoyable and very well executed from Season1 episode 1 until Season 8 episode 12. Wonderfully done! I loved it! A++++++

lukicanaa 28 April 2020

Just watched the last episode of the series, which was a perfect ending to an amazing show! So current and realistic... There are no good guys and bad guys, just different, selfish agendas. Thanks to everyone involved in the creation od such an excellent series!!

DiCaprio-HardyFan 16 June 2021

The last few seasons of Homeland were not quite as good as the earlier ones and but I still gave it an 8/10 because the first 4 or 5 seasons were so good and was one of the best shows on TV during those seasons! The ending was also great and we all know how hard it is to end a good show with a good ending! I really do miss this show!

cjonesas 27 May 2020

Few shows exist that manage to maintain quality throughout seasons, let alone outdoing themselves with an even better series' final season.

Homeland is one of those very few, with an outstanding cast, superb filming, storylines and plots complemented with a suspenseful atmosphere so believable that you are immersed in it, living their lives alongside them.

Everybody put a huge effort to the eighth and final season, delivered tremendously and left us, its viewers, in shock and awe with traces of nostalgic sadness.

Kudos to all of you. May you be showered with awards.

aks5592 12 October 2011

If you wanted to see a gripping thriller with incredible characters, you have come to the perfect place. 'Homeland' is the new Showtime Drama that entertains you throughout and never lets you go, thus succeeding in slipping in some really unexpected twists in the plot. With writers who've previously written for '24', the show does look inspired when it comes to keeping the audience in the dark.

The show is blessed with a small but amazing cast whose performance is worth every penny. Claire Danes plays an intense CIA analyst who believes that recently recovered P.O.W. (Damian Lewis) is plotting to attack America. Her character is unstable and makes it hard for the audience to believe her which adds to the beauty of the script. Damian Lewis, on the other hand, plays the 'guy in uniform' with ease as he did splendidly in 'Band of Brothers'. The show hasn't revealed much about Damian's character and I have a feeling they wouldn't do that any time soon, since it keeps the suspense going.

The pilot was top-notch and certainly the best that premiered this fall. If the show continues to be intriguing and maintains the high quality of the pilot, it can surely be a genius.

10 stars at least for now.

deloudelouvain 17 February 2015

It goes beyond my comprehension that people hate this show. They must all be American brainwashed patriots. Seriously get over it, it's just a show and it's a good one. I absolutely love this show, the actors are all very believable in their roles, the storyline is exceptional, full of twists that keeps you on the edge of your seat during the whole show. At the end of every episode I already want to watch the next one as soon as possible. Everything that you think happens in real life when you think about CIA, espionage, terrorists and so on passes the register. Conspiracies, paranoia, double-crossing, betrayal, false promises etc. Clair Danes puts down a brilliant performance playing an unstable CIA analyst. To me the whole series is full of action and suspense. One of the best series!

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