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Hot in Cleveland (2010)

Rayting:   7.3/10 14K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Three 40 something best friends from Los Angeles are flying to Paris when their plane makes an emergency landing in Cleveland. Realizing that all the norms from Los Angeles don't apply anymore, they decide to celebrate a city that values real women and stay where they're still considered hot.

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June 3, 2015star9.1 140 votesS6E23 Vegas Baby
September 4, 2013star8.8 243 votesS4E23 Love Is All Around
August 14, 2013star8.6 199 votesS4E20 Cleveland Indians
March 26, 2014star8.5 161 votesS5E1 Stayin' Alive
June 19, 2013star8.4 184 votesS4E13 It's Alive!
June 26, 2013star8.4 184 votesS4E14 Canoga Falls
February 16, 2011star8.3 216 votesS2E5 I Love Lucci (1)
August 18, 2010star8.3 197 votesS1E10 Tornado
June 29, 2011star8.3 196 votesS2E13 Unseparated at Birthdates
July 20, 2011star8.3 178 votesS2E16 Dancing Queens
March 7, 2012star8.3 150 votesS3E13 Tangled Web
February 1, 2012star8.3 149 votesS3E10 Life with Lucci
August 27, 2014star8.3 89 votesS5E22 Win Win
June 30, 2010star8.2 239 votesS1E3 Birthdates
January 19, 2011star8.2 223 votesS2E1 Free Elka
February 9, 2011star8.2 185 votesS2E4 Sisterhood of the Travelling SPANX
February 2, 2011star8.2 181 votesS2E3 Hot For Lawyer
December 7, 2011star8.2 180 votesS3E2 Beards
March 28, 2012star8.2 163 votesS3E16 Everything Goes Better With Vampires
March 21, 2012star8.2 163 votesS3E15 Rubber Ball

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User Reviews

blanche-2 7 July 2010

Wendy Malick, Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Betty White are "Hot in Cleveland" in this new TV Land series produced by "Will and Grace" star Sean Hayes.

It's a slim premise - a soap star (Malick) whose show has been canceled, a new divorcée (Bertinelli), and a makeup artist (Leeves) set off for Paris from Los Angeles only to be grounded in Cleveland. With bleak prospects waiting for them back home, and noting the attentive looks they get from men in a local bar, they decide to stay a while. The Bertinelli character rents a house, where the caretaker is Elke (Betty White).

So far, this is a very funny show, with marvelous performances. With Malick and Frasier's Daphne starring, that's to be expected. White is amazing - 88 and still going strong and still a master of timing. The weak sister for me is Bertinelli, whose comedy seems forced.

As a baby boomer myself, I like seeing shows relating to my age group featuring older actresses, who, like the Malick character, really do find the going rough in Hollywood, particularly if they're too attractive for character roles. And it is true, particularly in a youth-oriented town like L.A., older women are pretty much invisible to men their own age. It's probably true anywhere, but particularly there.

I'm really enjoying it, and I hope it's picked up for more episodes.

phd_travel 11 September 2012

The tried and tested sitcom combination of four excellent comediennes living under one roof works like magic once again.

Betty White is amazing - just a wonder with her still impeccable timing and delivery. For any age. Wendy Malick does the self centered diva well. The lovable Valerie Bertinelli has some much wholesome charm. It's just wonderful to have the droll Jane Leeves back again after Frasier - there is still so much good comedy left in her and her figure is terrific.

The guest stars are A list. Jennifer Love Hewitt is a standout - she't got to do more comedy after Client List is over.

The writing is clever original and the plots are well structured usually coming together in unexpected and hilarious ways. The age and relationship jokes are fresh and provide lots of laughs.

Along with Big Bang Theory - the best sitcom on today. Hope it lasts many seasons. This one will still be funny in re runs years from now.

Sylviastel 23 June 2010

Wendie Malick (Just Shoot Me), Jane Leeves (Frasier), and Valerie Bertinelli (One Day at a Time) are all sitcom veterans who play best friends who decide to take a trip to Paris but are sidetracked in Cleveland, Ohio. There, they rediscover themselves as their hometown of Los Angeles has appeared to have forgotten them. Malick's role as a soap opera actress was cut short by it's cancellation after 27 years. Leeves is the eyebrow plucker to Oprah until she goes elsewhere. Valerie's character has written a book about 200 things to do before they die. Once in Cleveland, they are rediscovered by actual middle American men who try to pick them up at a bar. Valerie's character Melanie declares that she's moving to Cleveland and renting a Victorian house. After all, her kids are grown and her ex-husband has moved on. Even the men in Cleveland appear to appreciate the older woman, that was their reason for going to Paris to be appreciated more instead of discarded. I wished the show would have more than 8 episodes but it's nice to have anything. Betty White steals the scene from all of them as the caretaker, Elka. At 88 years old, Betty White is at her best and funniest. Okay, I'm sure people in Cleveland have a sense of humor and will enjoy the show. Just enjoy the show! We have such few sitcoms on the air! the more the merrier and the laughs galore!

intelearts 10 September 2011

HIC has evolved from a good first series with an excellent cast of comedy actors into something even sharper and funnier in the second series - it really is younger Golden Girls meets (the original) Two and a Half Men, and that's a great combination.

The content is sharp, funny, sometimes rude, and above all, smart. With four fantastic and very competent leads. Especially the fabulous Betty White who gets great laughs for going against her Golden Girls ditsy image. (She was only meant to guest on the first episode but did such a great job, and she's an amazing 88, that it was decided to keep her around - a great decision!) it was already a clear winner, and here the material just keeps getting better.

All in all, HIC is not coasting - the writing is very, very good, the situations are as hilarious as Don't Shoot Me, and this will sell for sure to a global market hungry for US comedies.

Shopaholic35 1 January 2015

Hot In Cleveland is certainly the new Golden Girls. They're all smart, funny, beautiful "mature" women who are not ready to fade away quietly just yet. They prove that you don't have to be young to make a hit TV show. And although Betty White does carry a fair bit of the show the other women are vital contributors. There is a lot of comedic talent in this show and the cast and the many celebrity guest appearances only serve to add value.

The premise may be a little odd at first and may not be completely plausible but when you learn to roll with it you can really enjoy all the craziness and zany antics. It brings me back to the times when comedy shows were organic and didn't take themselves so seriously. It's refreshing to see and most importantly makes me laugh.

Mehki_Girl 16 June 2011

Love this show. Watched for the first time as streaming video from Netflix. Betty White steals the show. Actually, I laughed out loud for the first time when she said her first line in the pilot. I've lived in California so I know how plastic it is. Three women of a, ahem, "certain" age are on their way to Paris for fun and men when their plane makes an emergency landing in Cleveland. They go to a bar and find that "real" men are giving them the eye. There are some really funny lines in relation to that scenario ("They're looking at me and not through me!") - so true after you hit a certain age. Anyway, the Valerie Bertinelli character decides to rent a Victorian house for a monthly rent that would be the amount charged in LA for one night and stick around a while. Betty White's character comes with the house as the caretaker. It's a fun show, especially for women of a "certain" age who can relate.

earlytalkie 23 April 2011

I have to admit it. I am crazy about Betty White. I have just about every TV appearance she has ever done. Love her work from the early 50s until the present. I don't get cable, so I purchased the DVD of "Hot In Cleveland" when it came out. I knew that even if I didn't care for the show, I would care for Betty White in it. Surprise! The show is excellent. So good in fact that I would like it even if Betty wasn't in it. The other girls in the cast perform very well together to form a really good ensemble cast. This is also one of the few comedies made today that is filmed before a studio audience just like Betty's classic sitcoms. It's hard to believe that Betty is still going strong and really shows little sign of letting up. She is working harder than many actresses half her age. Betty, we love you and cherish you as the fine comedienne you are. Thank you for the many, many hours of classic comedy that you have given us.

sonya90028 11 July 2011

I know that this show has been popular among many. But I just can't get behind it. I think that the premise is ridiculous;four women on their way to LA, who get stuck in Cleveland, OH, and decide to stay there. Can't believe that anyone would actually want to stay in Cleveland, if t they could live in LA.

I also thin that the dialog and jokes, are flat and lame. It's tasteless, to say the least, that they keep trying to present Betty White's character, as an elderly foul-mouthed thug of a woman. The producers obviously think that this is humorous. To me, it's just tacky.

I regally resent the fact that TVLand, has stooped to broadcasting lame sitcoms like Hot In Cleveland. The other sitcoms that come to mind, are Retired At 365, and Happily Divorced, aren't any better. TVLand is obviously trying to be 'trendy', by adding these new sitcoms to its line-up. But they're way off the mark.

TVLand specializes in the old sitcoms, from the 60s and 70s. They broadcast quality shows, like MASH, All In The Family, Sanford & Son, The Jeffersons, The Andy Griffith Shiw, and many others. Their new, silly sitcoms like Hot In Cleveland, don't belong on TVLand. I wish that they would see the light, and quit cluttering-up their programming, with these idiotic shows. Let the regular TV networks have them, since they broadcast such drivel nowadays anyhow.

heidibokor 4 December 2021

This show takes a few episodes to really find its nitch, but once it settles down things get very good! And after season 1, it just gets funnier. Of course Betty White steals every scene with the great one liners. Give this show a try, hang in there after a few episodes and you wont regret it! There are a lot of funny stories in this show. Well worth it!

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