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House (2004)

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Country: USA
Language: English

An antisocial maverick doctor who specializes in diagnostic medicine does whatever it takes to solve puzzling cases that come his way using his crack team of doctors and his wits.

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Season 8

April 30, 2012Episode 19 The C-Word
April 9, 2012Episode 16 Gut Check
February 20, 2012Episode 13 Man of the House
February 13, 2012Episode 12 Chase
February 6, 2012Episode 11 Nobody's Fault
January 30, 2012Episode 10 Runaways
January 23, 2012Episode 9 Better Half
November 28, 2011Episode 8 Perils of Paranoia
November 21, 2011Episode 7 Dead & Buried
November 14, 2011Episode 6 Parents
November 7, 2011Episode 5 The Confession
October 31, 2011Episode 4 Risky Business
October 17, 2011Episode 3 Charity Case
October 10, 2011Episode 2 Transplant
October 3, 2011Episode 1 Twenty Vicodin

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User Reviews

mndoc 6 February 2005

Let me put it simply. I am a physician, and as an inviolable rule, I HATE medical shows. Granted, TV series tend to be one dimensional, due to inherent difficulties in the genre, but "doctor shows" are something I avoid like the proverbial plague.

And then one evening I caught "House, MD" and was completely drawn into the show. In House I find the anti-hero that I've been waiting for in a medical show. The guy who knows everything, but is wrong often enough to keep us all guessing. I enjoy the contrast of House and his cadre of young fresh faced colleagues, complete with starched white lab coats, who struggle as much with their professionally imposed constraints, and sense of decorum, as they do with his personality. And, wonder of wonders, the use of ironic and tragic comedy is without peer in what I've seen in the TV world in recent memory. In a nutshell, I really never know what any given character will say or do and it's that freshness that will keep me coming back for more. Somewhere there is a team of writers who actually know their craft, and an acting ensemble that knows how to pull it off. Now I can watch my TV one hour a week........

rebel_lover_16 15 December 2004

Hugh Laurie as Dr. House is my new hero. This is a terrific show with some absolutely great writing. A little over the layman's head as far as medical jargon, but the characters, plot and script more than make up for any questions about a diagnosis. The show is really carried by House, but the team of doctors who work with him add dimension and depth to his character.

Any negative comments I've read about the show dealt with complaints about how the television doctors don't diagnose the way the viewing medical professionals do. May I point out to these people, this is a television show. Please get a grip on reality and watch it for it's pure entertainment value.

I hope this show has a good following and I'm already hoping for, and looking forward to, more seasons.

bch035 7 December 2004

Great show, despite what others say, especially if a show like ER doesn't appeal to you. House is a unique character to be appreciated among the saps of TV nowadays.

I must say something to Hugh Laurie. People complain about his accent. He's English playing an American. I lived in England for a year on exchange. I'm an American. Though I'm no expert on accents, I have to say I didn't notice that Hugh Laurie had any sort of English accent. A slight accent can show if you're really looking for it, but, other than that, he's version of an American accent is great.

House is a great show, but it's not for the weak of heart or weak of stomach. It's not like ER at all. House is like the Sherlock Holmes of medicine. It's a drama without the screaming and tears.

Sorry if this is a horrible comment, but it's my first review on IMDb of a show :)

GaMEChldREBORN 7 December 2004

House is a brilliant show medically speaking but so much more than that at the same time. The show is a kind of "24" meets medicine extravaganza. The main character, Dr. Gregory House, is played beautifully by Hugh Laurie. Dr. House is a bitter but brilliant doctor who is crippled in one leg due to the inability of doctors to properly diagnose his problem in time. This makes him a decidedly bitter person when dealing with others yet he is one of the best doctors in his field of diagnostic medicine. He is being forced to serve his clinic hours that he had avoided for a number of years, and this is where the show takes place; in a walk in clinic. Each show is a mysterious new case that puts the patient's life on the line as time runs out. I am disheartened by all of the bad comments people are making about this show, but everyone I have seen this show with and everyone I have shown the show to love it and find it enormously entertaining, funny, and brilliant.

forever_swirl 14 December 2004

"House" is one of the best new shows of the season that no one is watching.

Yes, it is another medical drama (and haven't we seen enough of those?) but what this show lacks in originality it makes up in character. Namely - Dr. Greg House.

House is a cranky, cynical highly intelligent doctor with a limp that specializes in weird medical cases. Each week he, and his team of fresh faced young doctors, tackle some new medical mystery. With the use of CSI camera views and mouth-numbing medical jargon, the show tries not to bore you to tears with the specific case.

Still, though the cases are entertaining and puzzling, that's not why you should watch this show.

Unlike most stale TV cop/medical/lawyer shows out there, "House" doesn't focus on the cases alone. Week by week we actually get a chance to...GASP!...learn about the characters! But the character that everyone will be obsessed with his Hugh Laurie's Dr. House.

House, even though cranky and unlovable, is a sweet guy at heart. He's the type of guy you want curing you. Though he rarely visits his patients, at least he doesn't sugar coat things for you. He will call you an idiot to your face and you'll love him for it. Each time you watch you'll want to know what else he likes besides "General Hospital" and Vicadin pills.

Dr. House is hiding out Tuesday nights at 8pm amid all the other bored-with-their-jobs characters. Whenever you're sick of case obsessed Gil Grissom or any Law and Order detective, tune into "House".

I promise you'll at least leave with a fresh feeling in your brain.

enddust 29 December 2004

So I like medicine and mysteries and watched CSI the first couple of times but got bored quickly with the repetitive format and self-important characters. Nowadays there's usually not that much in the way of mystery shows on (US) TV anymore--cop shows, sure, but mysteries? And while ER is certainly a quality show, I never really cared that much for it either--too much like a daytime soap but with blood. "House," however, seems a nice combo of medicine, mystery, and character. Hugh Laurie's Dr. House is someone you feel guilty loving because he's so arrogant and callous, but he keeps you entertained because you can't wait to hear what he'll say next. House loves to tell the truth as he sees it, cutting through the nice happy lies that your average urban US adult tells and believes, never mind the hurt feelings he might leave lying bleeding by the roadside. But of course, his character *may* hide a heart of gold, so in the end he's trying to do the right thing. Sure, it's a formula, and House is even a stock character maybe, but it works.

If the creators/writers are smart, they'll allow a little character development, especially amongst the excellent supporting cast, but not ruin it by changing House or allowing him a romance with either of his female costars. Keep that sexual tension going!

For fun, catch Hugh Laurie--who is British by the way--sometime on one of the seasons of Black Adder (usually rebroadcast on PBS, but also available at better video rental shops). He plays a complete idiot and is as convincing in that role as he is as the brilliant and misanthropic Dr. House. . .

dspman11 12 November 2012

I never paid much attention to "House MD" when it first premiered. I heard from a couple of people that it was basically the same thing every episode: Impossible disease to diagnose, House messes with his team, House suddenly solves the case.

But one day when I was bored, I switched the TV to House. And it happened to be the Season 6 finale (titled "Help Me"). Going to be honest, it blew me away. I did not know what was happening to the characters at the point in the story, but the acting was fantastic. The atmosphere was superb. The complexity of Dr. Gregory House intrigued me. I saw him as a tragic hero (something you find in works of literature) and his tragic flaw was his leg. Not only the physical limitations brought on by his leg, but the mental ones as well. The pain he suffers day by day that lead him to be the man he is. You see House as an ass...but you feel for him, because you know why he's an ass. Also, Hugh Laurie does such a good job with his accent, if I had not watched "A Bit of Fry and Laurie", I probably never would have guessed Hugh was British.

"House" is like a beautiful novel. It has its themes from episode to episode, and it has its overall themes as a television show. It is a work of art, and I hate that so many dismiss it because of its premise in a hospital. I have watched every episode of "House" since I first saw it and those were many hours well spent. If you've never seen it...the Complete Series is on DVD now!

izil 2 December 2004

I love this show. Fell in love with the pilot, which I got on DVD. I tried watching NBC's Medical Investigation, but it just felt and looked too corny. House is a definite improvement of Medical Investigation. It's smart and daring. I love the sarcasm and snide comments coming from Dr. House. Supporting actors are great. It's CSI-ish but quirky like Arrested Development. I hope it stays on the air. Cancel Medical Investigation but keep House. It's a good sign that FOX is pushing plenty of promos for the show, such as free DVD previews of the pilot. I look forward to watching the show every week. I'd like to see the show develop more of the characters and why Dr. House limps.

GMP1 23 December 2004

I'll admit that the main I reason I first watched this show was to see Hugh Laurie in a drama series. Besides his role in the film "Peter's Friends", I mainly knew his work from his comedy roles in "Blackadder" and "Jeeves and Wooster". Now, having seen him in "House", I find that he's a fine dramatic actor, as well. From previous reviews, you'll have read that Laurie plays Dr. House, an ill-tempered, disabled yet brilliant physician who doesn't like patients, but is challenged by unusual ailments. Aided by a small team of younger doctors, he tries to figure out a correct diagnosis and treatment. In the meantime, he also must deal with patients that he is forced to see in the hospital's walk-in clinic. As noted, Laurie's performance is very good; the early talk about an Emmy nomination for him is quite justified. The rest of the cast is also good, though the scripts have yet to fully examine each character. (Viewers may remember Omar Epps from his earlier medical role as the ill-fated Gant on "ER".) The stories, while set up as brain-teasers, are also refreshingly complex about the doctors, the patients and the hospital; they don't resort to the done-to-death "HMO's are the source of all evil" plot line. These doctors are brilliant, but not perfect; mistakes are made. In the end, I hope that Fox will allow the show to continue. It's good to see an interesting medical show on TV, now that "ER" has degenerated into a "tragedy of the week" soap opera. And, as for Hugh Laurie's accent, I've heard better, but I've heard a lot worse. Give him time. (In a recent episode, he got to use his native English accent for a joke.) One important note: "House" is not for the squeamish. There are some pretty graphic and disturbing scenes in the series that some viewers may find upsetting. (For example, one episode featured critically ill infants and pulled very few punches.)

robert-625 26 January 2005

While most of my fellow Americans have never heard of him before I have been a fan of Hugh Laurie since I first saw him in Black Adder back in the 1980's (Thank goodness my local PBS station showed British shows back then).

When I first saw Hugh in House, M.D, I couldn't believe this is the same person who played silly Prince George and Lt George. Here he is playing a serious character without his British accent! I had to check the name in the credits to make sure it was him.

I hope the American public recognizes what a great actor he is.

If you like him in House, MD, watch him in the Black Adder series.

NerdyNinja49 2 January 2015

Normally when I watch a series, I mildly enjoy it and wander through the series mindlessly, particularly with sitcoms. On very rare occasions, a show will pop up that I enjoy the main actor so much I follow him around for a couple years. This happened with House.

Hugh Laurie plays the part so perfectly and does this incredible thing where you absolutely hate him and love him at the same time. You want him to be happy, but you also can't help but feel like he deserves some of the things he goes through.

The thing that impressed me the most about House is the fact that House stays House from the first episode of season one to the last one of season eight. His personality doesn't waiver for one second, and that's a feat in and of itself.

While all of the medical jargon wasn't necessarily accurate and they had a habit of people coughing up blood in almost every episode, I did find it far more fascinating than any of the crime dramas that pop up. That might just be my personal opinion. It did get old the last couple of seasons though. "It's lupus!"

Probably the best part of the whole show was House and Wilson's relationship. All of my favorite moments surround their crazy shenanigans. Like the chickens. Ah, the chickens...

The worst part is when it's over. You are depressed for a few days. You know a show is good when it does that to you. I wholeheartedly recommend you go watch House.

ahmedgorshy 24 September 2020

Simply House is the best medical series made or will be! If you happen to read my previous reviews, you will know that I do not like long interviews, in short, House is the best medical series that is integrated in all of its 176 episodes . My rate : 9.7

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