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House of Cards (2013)

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A Congressman works with his equally conniving wife to exact revenge on the people who betrayed him.

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November 2, 2018Episode 5 Chapter 70
November 2, 2018Episode 4 Chapter 69
November 2, 2018Episode 3 Chapter 68
November 2, 2018Episode 2 Chapter 67
November 2, 2018Episode 1 Chapter 66

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sshesley 29 November 2018

I cannot recall ever watching a series ending in such a horrible manner. The plot was confusing and the entire storyline was ridiculous. How they drew this nonsense on for eight shows was amazing. The annoying background music throughout the entire series may the watching of this disaster even worse. My advice, watch Seasons 1-5 and then walk away.

anandtheertha 12 December 2018

Hoc season 1-5 is one of the best series .cleverly crafted and a strong screenplay, s6 just looses the lustre and is just putting an end together to make some money and get decent ratings. Just pass over sixth season , make sure to watch the season 1-5 for a dramatic supershow .

unrivaledraj 24 October 2018

This show deserves a 10 and that's because what Kevin Spacey brings, such a portrayal of character , no one and that is no one, could have done justice to Frank Underwood, and he is the reason this show is so amazing, otherwise it would have been an average show with a rating of 7. Kevin is what this show is today. Brilliant acting, some bullseye dialogue delivery and that hunger for power that he shows is just unbelievable that someone can be such brilliant actor. And I'm rating it 1 just to show my disappointment upon Kevin's removal, and the show went to dogs. I hated it so much that I wouldn't even watch the final season.

hdraytemur 2 November 2018

Claire's character is being portrayed as an important figure from the beginning of the show. But the writers couldn't do it. Claire is the most empty and predictable character in the show. After the fourth season, Kevin Spacey was the only reason I watched it. Now, there's no Kevin Spacey so there's no point in watching it.

bosco-caldeira 3 November 2018

I enjoyed every bit of HOC 1-5.. Both the lead actors and the supporting cast were excellent.. Season 6 is Dull as Ditchwater.. A painful watch.. If they did this so that the hundreds of workers on the show wouldn't lose their jobs that's sad.. The show which IMHO was the shining star of the Netflix stable has crashed and burned.. Robin Wright is a great actress but without Kevin Spacey, her acting is insipid and boring to say the least.. For HOC fans, stay with the happy memories of Seasons 1-5.this leaves a bitter aftertaste

gogoschka-1 6 December 2015

I love spectacular TV-shows with amazing production values like Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead, but I have to say: although House of Cards has little interest in jaw-dropping images or gruesome make-up effects, it delivers just as many dark thrills to keep you glued to your seat as the action-heavy flagships of HBO and AMC. It's a testament to the writers', directors' and actors' talents that a show which mostly consists of people talking is as much a prime candidate for binge- watching as the shows I've mentioned before, so for those of you who haven't started watching it yet, be warned: House of Cards is highly addictive.

The show is based on the acclaimed BBC mini-series of the same name from 1990, but while the original show focused on the inner workings of British politics, the remake is entirely US based and concentrates on the rise of power-hungry congressman Francis Underwood who is played by Kevin Spacey. On the surface, the show might appear to be a political drama - which it certainly is - but it's also so much more than that. House of Cards combines a vast number of genres; it's a thriller, a love story, a black comedy and a satire - and a very interesting lesson in US politics, which, given creator Beau Willimon's profound knowledge on the subject (he used to work as a campaign aid for Hillary Clinton, Bill Bradley and Howard Dean), is probably a lot more accurate than what we would like to believe.

It's also worth mentioning that House of Cards was heavily inspired by certain works of William Shakespeare. The character of Francis Underwood is a combination of Richard III and Macbeth, and in true Shakespeare manner, he often addresses the audience directly to inform us of his evil schemes. As in the bard's two famous plays, the villain is also the protagonist and - to a certain degree - the person you root for. And what makes him so much fun and so compelling to watch here, is - regardless what you think of him as a person - Kevin Spacey's performance. Spacey's portrayal of a charming but deadly predator is simply perfect; despite the character's obvious willingness to go to extreme lengths to get what he wants, Spacey always keeps him believable and avoids the temptation of making him appear like a caricature or as over-the-top as Richard III in the play. But many of his co-stars are just as impressive; some of them actually downright outshine the famous oscar-winner, and especially Robin Wright gives an amazing performance as Underwood's equally ambitious wife and partner in crime (yes, season 6 is a let-down, especially the final episode, but that's not Wright's fault).

To sum up my overall impressions: Under the guidance of David Fincher (who serves as an executive producer on the show and also directed the first couple of episodes), Beau Willimon has developed one of the smartest and most entertaining TV-shows - with one of the most impressive casts - contemporary television has to offer. Seasons 1-5 are highly recommended.

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Bigkingp007 16 November 2018

How do you go from 10 to zero in sixty seconds? Kevin Spacey WAS the show. You should have just cancelled if you wouldn't bring him back! So I guess he really wasn't acting after all?

larrytate-927-656516 4 November 2018

House of Cards Seasons 1-5 was one of the best series ever produced however season 6 was utterly ridiculous, the decent writers either walked out due to the network punitive action towards Spacey or they wrote nonsense in protest.

One has to question on what basis does any employer or other employees believe that they have the right to decide guilt and administer punishment of another employee regarding any issue outside of the actual field of employment?

Keven Spacey is one of the greatest actors of our age and for his own industry to treat him like a leper is a serious form of abuse in itself, utterly appalling example of political correctness gone way to far. We have institutions in place for investigating allegations, courts to decide guilt and dispense justice these are NOT functions that should be performed by self appointed kangaroo courts in the workplace or social media.

As the saying goes, let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Robin Wright is a great actress and the chemistry between her and Kevin Spacey was incredible viewing but sadly the show deteriorated into a farce once that chemistry was lost and the show turned into some kind of perverse feminist activism vehicle. Such a shame.

me-589-145643 2 February 2013

I firmly believe that one of the major aspects of what makes House of Cards so good is the ability to watch all the episodes back-to-back with no commercials or programming schedules to get in the way. This small but hugely significant idea will be an industry game changer and I am certain that this is just the beginning

To me, the biggest advantage that this idea contributes to House of Cards is that it frees up significant time during episodes because it makes things like flashbacks or repeats of events almost completely redundant. There's simply no need for them because everything is so fresh in your mind, which leaves all that extra time for more story, more action, more conspiracy, more drama, more of the stuff that viewers really want to see. However it must be said that it does take a few episodes to get used to this, and you have to be really switched on and completely focused to ensure you don't miss a beat, because you really will pay a price if you do because what's said is never repeated, only referenced further down the track

As for the show itself, I can't sum it up any better than by saying it's incredibly good to watch. The one aspect of the show I enjoy the most is the monologue, or removal of the fourth wall, between the viewer and Underwood. It's an incredibly effective method of storytelling as well as the expression of emotion or opinion, and Kevin Spacey does a superb job at pulling it off, along with every other aspect of his complex and intriguing character.

The quality of writing, directing, and storytelling is as good as you'll ever see on the best shows in the world right now. Underwood has a massive ship to steer, and it is fascinating watching how he does it, through manipulation, blackmail, greed and determination. Each and every character has a critical role to play - there's no characters you could cast aside as being irrelevant or unnecessary to the story. That is a very difficult feat to achieve, and House of Cards easily passes that test

If you're going to pioneer something, like Netflix have with how viewers can watch House of Cards, you have to do it well. Everything has to be perfect, otherwise it will flop. A top quality show in House of Cards coupled with the worlds best internet streaming service is a very very good place to start. Netflix and the House of Cards team deserve a huge round of applause for daring to go places where no one has gone before. The $100 million gamble has definitely paid off, and I cannot wait for more

Needless to say, House of Cards earns a 10/10 rating, and an absolute must-watch from me

dumpaccount-66849 4 June 2017

Netflix has managed to ruin two great shows that I used to love, House of Cards and Orange is the New black. It seems as Netflix shows have gotten very popular lately they have gone into "safe" mode and started watering down their content.

Season 5 of House of cards is the perfect example (as well as Orange is the new Black). I could not believe how utterly bored I was watching this, I felt like I was watching a drama on USA network. The new mantra at Netflix must be "lets tame our content down a notch to please our sponsors and the masses".

No longer is this show edgy or gritty or even remotely interesting, no longer does it dare push the envelope. Let me sum up season 5 for you. NOTHING HAPPENS! Too bad as this was my favorite show. Time to move on folks.

HHTurkish 5 November 2018

No way around it, Season 6 was awful every respect that the first few seasons excelled this fseason 6 failed.. Preposterous and confusing storylines, awful script, poor directing, the episodes had a soap opera like energy, as the saga provided empty thrills, and culminated in the most bizarre and ridiculous finale I've ever witnessed on television.... The first few seasons were great and deserved the highest of ratings; unfortunately Season 6 was a complete waste of time.

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