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I Love Lucy (1951)

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The wife of a band leader constantly tries to become a star in spite of her having no talent, and gets herself (along with her best friend) into the funniest predicaments.

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May 5, 1952star9.6 803 votesS1E30 Lucy Does a TV Commercial
September 15, 1952star9.6 653 votesS2E1 Job Switching
February 7, 1955star9.6 533 votesS4E16 Hollywood at Last!
April 28, 1952star9.3 443 votesS1E29 The Freezer
October 31, 1955star9.3 410 votesS5E5 The Great Train Robbery
April 16, 1956star9.3 399 votesS5E23 Lucy's Italian Movie
October 10, 1955star9.2 386 votesS5E2 Lucy and John Wayne
January 14, 1957star9.0 395 votesS6E13 Lucy and Superman
May 9, 1955star9.0 392 votesS4E28 Harpo Marx
January 17, 1955star9.0 346 votesS4E13 First Stop
March 19, 1956star9.0 297 votesS5E20 Lucy Gets a Paris Gown
May 14, 1956star9.0 292 votesS5E26 Return Home from Europe
November 19, 1956star9.0 285 votesS6E7 Deep Sea Fishing
March 31, 1952star8.9 405 votesS1E25 Pioneer Women
January 31, 1955star8.9 354 votesS4E15 Ethel's Home Town
November 9, 1953star8.9 345 votesS3E6 Lucy Tells the Truth
June 22, 1953star8.9 343 votesS2E30 Ricky and Fred Are TV Fans
June 8, 1953star8.9 316 votesS2E29 The Camping Trip
October 3, 1955star8.9 305 votesS5E1 Lucy Visits Grauman's
November 12, 1956star8.9 304 votesS6E6 Off to Florida

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User Reviews

TheLittleSongbird 29 March 2011

I just love I Love Lucy. I found it very addictive from the word go, and it is one of those rare shows where it is constantly very consistent on every level. I don't think I can add to the other reviews on here, but I'll try. I Love Lucy is a timeless television classic and will always be a favourite of mine. The production values are top-drawer and really pleasing to the eye, there were some episodes where I was questioning in a good way whether I was watching a piece of television. All the sets, costumes and lighting are lovely. Also the music is infectious and memorable. The way the episodes are structured is dealt with adeptly too, the stories are well paced and the ideas are interesting and told with warmth and heart. I also loved the witty episode titles. The biggest strength is in the writing, which is incredibly funny and full of wit and charm while never being mean-spirited in any way. The performances are great playing characters you do love and care for, this is the show and role I will always remember Lucille Ball for and she is just wonderful as the titular character, and her co-stars are equally impressive especially Desi Arnez who came very close to stealing the show often. All in all, I Love Lucy is a one-of-a-kind show and one I will never forget. 10/10 Bethany Cox

bkoganbing 22 July 2012

I read somewhere that the biggest fear that CBS had in airing I Love Lucy was that Desi Arnaz's heavy Spanish accent would not be understood by the viewing audience. Not only did that prove not to be true, but Desi occasionally mangling the language became a good staple for jokes.

The show that typified the 50s made its debut in 1951 and ran through to 1960 albeit in an hour occasional special format by then. And it ran it seemed forever and ever on weekday mornings on CBS. Long after Lucy and Desi were divorced in real life, everybody wanted to see Lucille Ball's antics even though they had seen them a gazillion times by then. Who didn't like to see Lucy stomping the grapes in Italy and getting into a grape fight with one of the locals? Or getting trapped against the kitchen wall by a loaf of bread she baked with too much yeast? Or my particular favorite, her buying two sides of beef and getting enough meat to stock a butcher store and then storing it in what she thinks is a cold furnace. Greatest barbecue in history as she points out in the end of the episode.

And meeting movie stars, those episodes were in a class by themselves. Despite being married to an orchestra leader on TV and in real life, she was obsessed with celebrities of all kinds. Desi's trip to Hollywood was a season in and of itself with her getting Richard Widmark to autograph a grapefruit, John Wayne's footprints being stolen and my favorite of William Holden getting a pie in the face at the Brown Derby. Could Brad Pitt take a pie like Holden, I ask you?

Lucy was aided and abetted in her goofy madness by Vivian Vance who was her neighbor and landlord's wife. Always reluctant, but always going along, the Ricardos and Mertzes had a landlord/tenant relationship like none other in history. The landlord was William Frawley irascible tightwad, but lovable in his own way. In real life Frawley and Vance couldn't stand each other and that lent their scenes a bit of unexpected bite.

I Love Lucy set the standard for a half hour situation comedy that everyone else has followed. The writing was superb, the situations were classic and it's all imitated right down to today. Still those syndicated reruns are watched somewhere in the world every minute.

What's not to like about Lucy?

SnoopyStyle 20 October 2021

It's the misadventures of Cuban band leader Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz) and his wife Lucy (Lucille Ball). She always wants to get in on the act and always gets into all sorts of trouble. Their best friends are their neighbors Ethel (Vivian Vance) and Fred Mertz (William Frawley).

This is a classic TV sitcom. It's legendary and iconic. It's all Lucille Ball. She is the funniest woman alive of her era and a master of physical comedy. She has great facial expressions. She would be funny today. This is influential in the creation of the modern sitcom. It's still funny which isn't always the case for shows this old. Vivian Vance is a great sidekick. Desi Arnaz is a fine straight man. It's six years which transformed television.

lee_eisenberg 1 May 2005

As the show that pretty much set the stage for how TV would be done from then on, "I Love Lucy" has never lost its touch. Kooky housewife Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) and her husband, Cuban-born band-leader Ricky (Desi Arnaz) always are trying to live their lives normally, but Lucy's constant attempts to be in Ricky's show (not to mention her attempts to do other things) always lead to some crazy situation. After these crazy situations, the embarrassed Ricky is forced to declare that Lucy has "some 'splainin' to do".

To further complicate matters, landlords Fred (William Frawley) and Ethel Mertz (Vivian Vance) usually feel tempted to pry into Lucy and Ricky's life. Often, Lucy and Ethel don't like how Ricky and Fred treat them, so they cook up some plan, which usually backfires on everyone. The candy factory is a prime example (if you don't know about that, I won't spoil it for you).

The show's a laugh riot, what with Ricky getting on Lucy's case about her wacko schemes, and Fred and Ethel often complaining about being married to each other. As Ricky always says: "Oh Lucy!" Babalu, this gets cuatro estrellas!

edwagreen 20 September 2007

Memorable comedy show of the 1950s.

How daring of Lucille Ball to go on television with her Cuban born husband, Desi Arnaz, in 1951. CBS took a bold step and the dividends certainly paid off.

Even though they didn't get along at all off the cameras, Vivian Vance and William Frawley were the perfect neighbors for Lucy and Desi. It was Ethel who was also a part of Lucy's hair-brained schemes. Lucy always wanted to break into show business. Lucy was jealous of Desi. One show was where Lucy thought that Desi was going to kill her. Naturally, the classic shows was where Lucy advertised a vitamin, stepped on grapes, got her head caught in a vase, met various stars, and would be told by Desi to start 'splaining.

Fred Mertz (Frawley) did a great imitation of Jack Benny's cheapness. Remember Mrs. Trumbull, the landlady? She was played by Elizabeth Patterson, a veteran actress who played just about everyone's mother in Hollywood.

How can we forget the panic that ensued when Lucy told Desi that she was ready to give birth? We sure loved Lucy.

studioAT 22 July 2017

Even now, all these years later 'I Love Lucy' remains an iconic sitcom, a sitcom that all domestic sitcoms look up to, and Lucille Ball remains a hero to every comedienne trying to show that she can be as funny as a man.

Full of now iconic moments, this show remains as funny as it was when it first aired.

There aren't many sitcoms that have stood the test of time like this one. Well done, Lucy, I'm proud to say I still love you.

Sylviastel 2 May 2014

I Love Lucy was more than just a sitcom. It was beginning of television situation comedies. Lucille Ball was already a television and radio actress. Jess Oppenheimer was the creative force behind Lucy. With him and head writers, Madelyn Pugh and Bob Carroll Jr., they created some of television's most memorable moments. The execution of their writing was done by a first rate cast. The multi talented Lucille Ball played Lucy Ricardo. Her real life husband and partner, Desi Arnaz, played her musician husband and band leader, Ricky Ricardo. The supporting cast was Fred and Ethel Mertz. They were played beautifully by film and vaudeville veteran William Frawley and theatre actress Vivian Vance. Lucy and Ethel's friendship was key in the show's success. Ironically Ricky and Fred became close friends off screen as well from the show. Frawley and Vance may have personally disliked each other but were professional enough for the show. This show had many breakthroughs. You couldn't have asked for a better show!

Vincentiu 30 March 2015

for nostalgics and idealists. for discover the roots of TV series and the comfortable manner to create entertainment. for each of that , it is the perfect choice. because, after decades, it remains sweet and clever and provocative and the expression of clever humor. because reminds a world who can be silly in some measure but it remains a not bad refuge or lesson for the our period. because Lucy and Rick are more than a splendid couple. and because the series preserves the flavor of fairy tale. it is difficult to define it . because it is , with each episode, before and today, a surprise. not for the plot, not for situations who defines the characters but for a form of innocence who seduce.

DKosty123 27 March 2007

Network executives tried to play a race card by objecting to Desi Arnez even being Lucille Ball's husband in this. Like today, the media is still behind the general population. Not only did the public not object to Desi, but it is hard to imagine anyone else playing Lucy's mate now.

This series really clicked on all cylinders all of the time. Lucy who had been schooled in physical comedy while at RKO studios by the great stone face, Buster Keaton, seemed to get better & better at it the longer the series ran. Desi got better & better at acting & comedy as the series kept on going.

William Frawley was brilliant as Fred Mertz, & Vivian Vance was the perfect Ethel Mertz. No matter how zany Lucy got, the others were always there to either help her scheme or pick up the pieces. Some of the comedy is so timeless that the reruns prosper still more than 50 years after they were made.

When Superman appeared, he met his match with Lucy. It's a Bird, It's A Plane, It's a Flying Redhead! The only Redhead nearly as famous as Lucy was Red Skelton & at times even his work was not as endearing as Lucy's was.

MovieAddict2016 12 December 2002

Lucille Ball changed television forever when "I Love Lucy" hit the air in 1951. It featured a woman as a main character, which was rare back during that time and age. And the fact that the woman did not listen to her husband often was even more controversial. Everything the show was was rebellious. It was also extremely controversial because her husband was Cuban, and back in the '50's, barely anyone married other races, and if so, the subject was definitely not the premise for a television show.

So, through the ages, I Love Lucy has had a major impact on generations, and has not slipped into culture like many shows, but has been accepted into culture. Not to mention all the Lucy impersonators who have pageants each and every year. But the thing I remember most, is the famous "Eeeooowww!"

5/5 stars --

John Ulmer

OllieSuave-007 20 January 2017

This might be an old black and white TV series from the 1950s, but it has definitely stood well through the test of times. Comedian Lucille Ball stars as Lucy Ricardo, the wife of Cuban Bandleader Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz) who wants to become a star like her husband and, as a result, would get herself in the oddest of situations. She also makes life frantic in the apartment building she and Ricky share with landlords Fred and Ethel Mertz (William Frawley and Vivian Vance).

This show has a combination of just the right amount of witty humor and slapstick comedy - tastefully done which sends side-splitting laughter to everyone. The timing of Lucille's comic relief is impeccable and her facial expressions in every frustrated, odd or comedic situation are just perfect. From Lucy's buzzed Vitameatavegamin episode to the chocolate-wrapping fiasco, and from her grape-stomping fight to her bread-making disaster, it's a TV-series in a league of its own!

Grade A

redryan64 15 December 2014

PERHAPS WE'RE FLYING in the face of everyone, but this was never a favourite in the Ryan household. Oh sure, we watched and knew everyone in the cast. The longevity that this series generated a high degree of familiarity that was as wide spread and nearly universal. It seemed that everyone watched.

ALTHOUGH THIS WASN'T the first and original family Situation Comedy, it did manage to set the standard from which all others were measured. As is often the case, there was no super secret to their success; but rather they established a basic premise, added some very interesting characters, cast them as best as possible and work hard with good writing. (Simple formula, no?)

SO, WHAT KEPT America captivated through six full original run seasons and countless re-runs was the adventures of the Stage Struck wife of a Night Club Band leader and her attempts to break into Show Biz. With some variations, that was it.

DOUBTLESS WAS THE overwhelmingly positive effect that the contributions of the starring duo, Lucielle Ball & Desi Arnaz who portrayed Lucy & Ricky Ricardo. (Hey Schultz, were they typecast as married folks?)

ABOUT AS EQUAL a contribution was provided by William Frawley & Vivian Vance as Fred & Ethel Mertz, the Ricardo's landlords, as well as best friends. It has been reported that Mr. Frawley and Miss Vance really did not hit it off so well. If it was true, one would certainly not surmise it to be so by their on screen performances; with this obviously being a case of true professionalism.

AS A SIDE BAR to the story, the formation of DESILU PRODUCTIONS led to Mr. & Mrs. Arnaz's purchase of the former RKO RADIO PICTURES' Studio, rendering them a definite force in Hollywood and TV in particular.

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