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Intimacy (2022)

Rayting:   6.8/10 936 votes
Country: Spain
Language: English

A compromising sexual video featuring a promising politician, it depicts the lives of four women forced to walk the line between public and private life.

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Season 1

June 10, 2022Episode 8 A Decision
June 10, 2022Episode 7 Tomorrow
June 10, 2022Episode 6 Alone
June 10, 2022Episode 5 Acting
June 10, 2022Episode 4 The Fall
June 10, 2022Episode 1 Lethal Media

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Top 20 (Ranked)

June 10, 2022star8.8 48 votesS1E8 A Decision
June 10, 2022star8.8 46 votesS1E7 Tomorrow
June 10, 2022star8.6 50 votesS1E6 Alone
June 10, 2022star8.3 50 votesS1E4 The Fall
June 10, 2022star8.2 49 votesS1E5 Acting
June 10, 2022star8.1 70 votesS1E1 Lethal Media
June 10, 2022star8.1 58 votesS1E2 Position/Exposure
June 10, 2022star8.1 54 votesS1E3 Prosopagnosia

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User Reviews

lillasparvoga 16 June 2022

This is a TV show the world needs today. It's powerful, moving, unsettling, it tells stories of women mistreated by the world of men and by the world of the tactless and nosey. It makes one understand how vulnerable and unprotected we may all come to be and how fragile everything we have built is. And it makes one realize that it's worth fighting for our identity, for being true to ourselves and looking the world directly in the face without being afraid or ashamed. A potent message. And impeccable acting. And Itziar Ituño is just brilliant.

skyforestsong 14 June 2022

I nearly cried in certain parts of this series, especially in the last episode of season 1. That scene between sisters was so touching and heartbreaking. The actors are fantastic in this series, they draw you in and make you feel something. I hope for a season 2.

iaiwuuwwukqooeiiei 16 June 2022

I highly recommend intimidad starring Itziar Ituño and written by women. A devastating and heartbreaking social story for its realism, its empathy and its fierce criticism. A series with suffocating shots where silence matters as much as what they say.

manugw 19 June 2022

Knowing in advance the subject matter of this series, I found it alluring to watch it, as the porn revenge and private sex videos uploading that began with the advent of the internet became felonies. Hence, I expected a dramatic crime thriller, but found something different instead. The first two episodes were engaging but then everything dissolves into a melodrama that break downs to follow secondary aspects and instead of deep it gets tedious. Some scenes were filmed, (lousy extras) without the ability to convey the dramatism required to impact the viewers. An eight episodes package was too much for a wasted good product that could be constructed in six at most to deliver a tour de force.

marijdevos-70906 18 June 2022

The idea of the show really appealed to me. A succesful, public female of whom a sex tape is leaked, and simultaneously the story of a female factory worker who gets bullied when graffic pictures of here get spread at work. That can be a great story (about female sexualty) (!).. but it's not, really. And I think it's because the storyline lacks realness and finesse.

A story that touches on intimate subject needs subltlety in emotions of characters. Depth.

This show mainly wants to tell a story. And it very much tries to make statements about how women are shamed for their sexuality but it's too much, it's forced. It wants to be feminists but you don't actually feel it. The show just isn't good enough unfortunately.

ts-0000 14 June 2022

Binged watched it!

Decent enough from,storylines & more.. Once you see past any language dubbing,watched it in English with subtitles.

Worth streaming,if you haven't.

pik923 18 June 2022

Didn't know what to expect and admit I was hesitant. I actually started to watch but turned it off. Then decided a few hours ago to give it a chance. So glad I did. Every woman of every age from every country gay and straight should watch this sophisticated well scripted beautifully cast solid direction. Twist and turns the story develops with flashbacks as the elegant ensemble cast snowballs. I love movies and series that are unpredictable where I cannot out guess the writers. I love to enter their imaginations and flow with their reality. In this case add to that an important story an important plot and it's a winner. This is a series for all women and hopefully their male partners friends colleagues children will have the courage to watch it to. Congratulations to cast and crew.

angelsbts 15 June 2022

Being a woman how not to get hooked on the first chapter of this extraordinary series. It covers many current issues and the most important, the courage that, even living in this century, we women have to spend to simply fulfill a role in life. Intimidad amazing.

lounacc 17 June 2022

Good documentary on the double standards for men n women on cases like this. The one thing that stuck in mind is why would Milan hook up with a guy she knows nothing about who is obviously married as to the ring on his finger. That doesn't show much for her character if she willing sleeps with another woman's husband and in this case children are involved. This all could have been avoided if she would have thought of the other woman. But I guess we would have tv series then 🙄

lifegoeson-43664 15 June 2022

Intimidad managed to exceed my expectations in every possible way.

I could see myself in all the women - it was so painful and empowering at the same time. I'm incredibly grateful for itziar's work and that of all the women involved in the project.

legendarylife-28631 15 June 2022

Intimidad series has it all: drama, suspense, important discussion, and of course, gorgeous women.

Amazing series and amazing actresses and actors 👏 🙌 this is the best series on Netflix Bravo 👏

hcjfjkhkho 15 June 2022

The visual storytelling of intimidad being just as powerful as the writing of the text makes it one the greatest shows i'be seen in ages.

Amazing wooooooooo.

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