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Into the Badlands (2015)

Action | Drama 
Rayting:   8.0/10 44K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A mighty warrior and a young boy search for enlightenment in a ruthless territory controlled by feudal barons.

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April 15, 2019star8.8 607 votesS3E13 Black Lotus, White Rose
December 20, 2015star8.7 1313 votesS1E6 Hand of Five Poisons
April 9, 2017star8.7 882 votesS2E4 Palm of the Iron Fox
May 14, 2017star8.7 786 votesS2E9 Nightingale Sings No More
June 17, 2018star8.7 717 votesS3E8 Leopard Catches Cloud
March 19, 2017star8.5 1071 votesS2E1 Tiger Pushes Mountain
April 22, 2018star8.5 847 votesS3E1 Enter the Phoenix
May 6, 2019star8.5 672 votesS3E16 Seven Strike as One
April 8, 2019star8.5 535 votesS3E12 Cobra Fang, Panther Claw
April 22, 2019star8.5 517 votesS3E14 Curse of the Red Rain
December 13, 2015star8.4 1144 votesS1E5 Snake Creeps Down
April 23, 2017star8.4 764 votesS2E6 Leopard Stalks in Snow
May 7, 2017star8.4 715 votesS2E8 Sting of the Scorpion's Tail
March 24, 2019star8.4 568 votesS3E9 Chamber of the Scorpion
November 22, 2015star8.3 1390 votesS1E2 Fist Like a Bullet
May 13, 2018star8.3 677 votesS3E4 Blind Cannibal Assassins
June 10, 2018star8.3 626 votesS3E7 Dragonfly's Last Dance
April 1, 2019star8.3 505 votesS3E11 The Boar and the Butterfly
November 15, 2015star8.2 1720 votesS1E1 The Fort
December 6, 2015star8.2 1137 votesS1E4 Two Tigers Subdue Dragons

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User Reviews

muamba_eats_toast 13 May 2019

One of my favourite shows of all time I can't believe they're getting rid of it as it goes from strength to strength. The last season ended perfectly to set up for a game changing 4th season that I absolutely need to see. I pray somebody saves this great program.

roberthughes-78012 10 April 2019

I love this show. The story is gripping and thrilling to watch unfold. But what's really amazing is the art of the show. The filming, choreography, wardrobes, lighting, music, everything is stunning. The fight scenes are always a highlight, always suspenseful, always beautiful to watch... Well, except the gore that inevitably happens but you still cannot tear your eyes from it. Sparring and dancing are merged into one. Words cannot do the filming justice, you just have to experience it.

djmotiv 17 November 2015

I get that people want this to be entirely believable and that aspects, such as the lack of guns in a world where other machines exist, appears to be hard to fathom - but think of all the other movies that have unbelievable components - such as why does Obe Wan wear a raggedy robe in a time when they can fly through space? He could still wear a robe, but did it have to look like a potato sack? How can Batman really compete with Superman, seriously?

Anyway the mix of martial arts with supernatural and post- apocalyptic themes would make most people think this is a horrible combination for a TV series ... but not if you are a fan of old Chinese martial arts movies.

The fight scenes in this movie are incredible considering it is made for television. The acting isn't absolutely stunning, but acting never was in many of those Chinese movies and it was never meant to be. The main characters Danny Wu and Martin Csokas both do a satisfactory job in their roles. Emily Beecham's portrayal of the Widow has grown on me and she looks really impressive in some of the fight scenes.

Some of the supporting actors, particularly the fighters, I admit leave a little to be desired acting wise, but generally ... you don't want them to do much more than lose.

I believe if you over think the reality of this TV series, you may miss some of the good aspects of it, but admittedly this type of show isn't for everyone.

Having just watched the first season, I loved the finale and am eagerly looking forward to seeing more.

Plazeebo 27 March 2017

The love child of Mad Max and Ip Man mixed with an old school Western. This show is nothing like anything else, but there's something for everyone.

I'm not really a fan of steam punk, but this is very well done. High production value and slick choreography.

s3276169 7 December 2015

You know the moment you start watching that some series are going to attract something of a cult following. My suspicion is, Into the Badlands, is one such series.

Into the Badlands takes already interesting elements from 19th century Southern USA, cyberpunk, Gung (Kung) Fu and Samurai/Western action series, mystical and medieval epics and drops the whole fruit salad of seemingly incompatible concepts, into the creative blender.

The resulting series is an elaborate and flamboyant cocktail, that works in spite of itself. The primary reason it works, is all these cultural icons are familiar. The futuristic setting is something of an anachronism, reminiscent of any 19th century Southern plantation. Lurid splendor and vice, gained from the oppressive toil of poppy field workers called cogs(cogs in a wheel), who are little better than slaves.

Sitting alongside this, is a little Mad Max-ian magic in terms of machines and vehicles that populate this world. Technology, resurrected from a whispered past that has seemingly been and gone but is not entirely forgotten.

That familiarity contrasts another, the transplanted martial arts arena, reminiscent of classic films like Enter the Dragon, mixed with a dash of Gladiator, a little mysticism and any medieval epic you care to name.

The result is a highly imaginative, visually luxurious, mesmerizing watch, thats instantly engaging and very enjoyable. Provided, that is, you don't over think things and accept this creative work for what it is. I have been addicted from episode one and plan to keep watching. Eight out of ten from me.

nul-a 26 September 2020

I'm currently watching season 3 on Prime and this series keeps on being captivating and highly entertaining. Nick Frost brings lightheartedness to an otherwise dark and bloody piece of art. There is no clear good or bad, but instead every character evolves, changes and fights with their own demons. Clearly great attention was given to the look & feel with beautiful fights that are like bloody dances with colourful and mesmerising backgrounds and beautiful people. Of course it's over the top, but that is what creates a world on its own, a world like in a fairy tale as gruesome as they were before Disney took the edge out of them. I love this series and am sad it was not continued.

Supermanfan-13 2 November 2020

Into the Badlands is a very underrated show that didn't get the recognition it deserved. It's an action packed thriller that keeps you entertained throughout the entire series and one of the better martial arts series I've ever seen! The fight scenes are the biggest highlight of the show though, the choreography is just beautiful.

Gretel1006 17 November 2015

Absolutely amazing! I am just blown away by the storyline, the fighting, the beauty, the colors, and the creativity.

I saw one reviewer wrote about it being too unbelievable and that the actors look too perfect. I don't think that person quite understands the whole concept. The series is supposed to be like that. The colors are supposed to be incongruous to the depravity of the time and supposed to dazzle the eye.

I think the acting is great! I think that some of the actors, like the Barron and his son, are supposed to be over the top just like the colors are. I thoroughly enjoyed the premier episode and in fact, watched it a second time. I am mesmerized by it all.

Update after watching season 1: My affinity for the show only grew. I felt connected with the characters and naturally am concerned about their futures. As the season went on the stories of the "villians" were more flushed out which gave some insight into their reasonings and made them more relatable.

I am looking forward for season 2.

birdie3069 7 April 2019

I love this show. Don't see why they have to stop at Season 3 and keep the audience in suspense. It has a combination of martial arts, love and journey for peace together all for the one cause for peace. I would encourage more promotion and continuation of more seasons. I give it a ten star all the way around.

repojack 5 December 2015

If you loved Bruce Lee, the old TV series Kung Fu, The Matrix, Kill Bill, Road Warrior, The Raid: Redemption and untold others I'm probably forgetting, then you'll love the genre mashup that is "Into the Badlands." I thought the ads were boring and redundant during episodes of The Walking Dead, but after seeing the first two episodes, it's pure, epic TV. Oh, and best of all, given the times, they banned guns in this futuristic post-apocalyptic society so everybody is highly trained with knives and swords. Yeah, the story is a bit vague and simple, but with with an Asian in the lead role, cinema-level fight scenes, what's not to love?

thetalich 15 May 2019

If you are here for the action, you are at the right place ! Just don't judge it by writing and acting. They did that very bad. The main story is decent. With tons of plot holes. It's predictable af but trust me, the directors are going to show you some good scenes. The whole world is just amazing ! They've build up some great sets, and then you can see them destroy it. The character development is ok, I guess. But the acting is just on high level horrible. Just like my grammar ! There is this character M.K who is just the worst thing in the show. Bad character and really bad acting from the actor. Same goes to Tilda. These two characters and actors are just terrible. You can see Daniel Wu who don't really know how to express a feeling ( mostly anger ) , but the guy has an awesome character. Sunny is such a badass ! Big exception are Marton, Nick Frost, Babou and Lorraine Toussaint. Maybe with some good writing ( story, diallogues and character development ) and some better castings, this show would've been perfect. And btw, the intro and the theme song are awesome ! My boy Mike Shinoda made the theme song. He did a really good job. Directing - 9/10 Set/Picture - 10/10 Costumography - 10/10 Music - 8/10 Acting - 4/10 Writing - 5/10 Casting - 4/10

heartbreakuniversity 20 December 2015

I rarely watch shows like this, but from the first episode I was hooked! I just watched the season finale and already can't wait for the next season. AMC would be crazy not to renew this show, it has GREAT potential! This was an excellent substitute for The Walking Dead. I have to say Into the Badlands is tied with TWD as my favorite!

I love all of the characters including the bad guys! Sunny steals the show as a lethal killer with a heart of gold. Quite often you can't make up your mind whether you like Quinn or hate him and the same goes for the Baroness, one minute she is a witch, the next you can't help but sympathize with her. Veil, MK, Jade, and all the rest do a great job in their parts. Overall a really well written show.


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