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Invincible (2021)

Animation | Adventure | Fantasy
Rayting:   8.9/10 34881 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

An adult animated series based on the Skybound/Image comic about a teenager whose father is the most powerful superhero on the planet.

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Laquatus 26 March 2021

I am a huge fan of the Invincible comic. Knowing Kirkman was involved with the show made it more likely it would follow the spirit of the comic. I never have an expectation that it will be the same story or exactly like the comic and I hope you don't either. So far, in the first few episodes it has stayed true to the main story arc and feel of the comic series. The voice cast is spot on and it is as adult as it must be to hold true to the story. I am enjoying this immensely and I think you will too.

Update: Finished 1st Season - It went from a 9 to a 10. It is perfect. Watch this show.

Bwent 26 March 2021

I think I'm gonna like this show. Violent, irreverent, entertaining. Seems like it will be able to hit all the same marks as "the boys" but without budget limitations. Which is awesome. And the star power of this show is incredible. Seriously look at that cast list. I'll definitely be eagerly awaiting new episodes.

kthngm 26 March 2021

Invincible really increases the standards in animated tv or web series by showing good character development, emotion, great ton of action and pg-18 violence which is kinda cool. Best thing is, every episode is 40 minutes instead of 20 😬

sexyrocks18 27 March 2021

I have no clue of the source material but happy they kept it animated. Not what I was expecting but epsidoe had me hooked!

ThomDerd 3 May 2021

..the beginning. I hope there's more. Great voice cast and a very good story makes this series a must if you are a fan of the superhero genre . I know this is from a comic dated around 2003 but i never read it and it doesn't matter. You can enjoy this without any prior info; its still pretty darn good.

Maybe you will need to be a bit patient for the story to clearly develop at the end of the 1st episode. From that point on, it's a winner.

The story arc between mother, father and son is excellent. And further on some of the characters which you will encounter are just phenomenal; Machine head, Robot, Rexplode and Cecil are just a few. They are also voiced by an amazing selection of actors which will entertain you. Let alone the world building; one of the best in the superhero genre.

And's super woke, but so what? It didn't affect the main story line and the connection between the characters.

Just keep in mind that this is an adult show. And that its a tad violent.

9/10 for the great voice cast and good story. Give it a go.

jonathancg-12884 27 March 2021

I watched the first episode and after the ending i just had to binge watch the next two. It was just as mindblowing as when i first read the Omniman arc.

I don't know why people are so mad that there's gore in this show. I mean, it's not for kids, the story is mature and trust me, if there were superheroes and supervillains in real life, the gory deaths would be an everyday thing. I have read all the comic book series and for the people that thinks everything is predictable i just have to say that they're right... and they're totally wrong as well. Just keep watching.

The plot is well written, characters are credible, voice acting is good, animation is not perfect but not bad either. I'm getting hyped with every episode and i just can't wait to things that will come next. Mindblowing will be a recurring word as you watch this show.

stephenboud-35237 27 March 2021

Stays true to the source material while changing small details around so it doesn't follow the comic scene by scene.

Nearly all character designs and animation are extremely well done and stays faithful to the comic book. Some of the minor characters have had their ethnicity changed so you may not recognise them at first but it won't matter to viewer's who have never read the comics.

The voice acting is excellent with a incredible cast which really brings the comic book to life.

The shocking scenes and gore are even more detailed and added too than the comic book was giving both fans of the comic and people who are new to the series a suspenseful, exhilarating and gut wrenching watch.

Simply a brilliant show to watch so far.

killedgrilledandfried 11 May 2021

I am completely unfamiliar with the comics this is based on and I don't really care unless they leave the story unfinished, so I can't say anything about how well it adheres to the source material but I do know this: You gotta watch this show!

When I started with the first episode all the characters seemed annoying and I couldn't care less about the teen melodrama or whatever so I was questioning my decision. And then... the ending of that episode... holy hell! I was not expecting that at all and I was caught, hook, line and sinker. If you are squeamish, stay away from this one but I got desensitized to the violence and gore by the second episode and you're gonna *have* to do that.

The plot is extremely interesting while some of the characters are not. Most of the characters weren't really likable for me but I was intrigued by them. They're not really relatable but still interesting? I don't really know how else to put this. Couldn't care less about the love lives of the teenagers but I suppose it's mandatory or something and it becomes tolerable eventually except for the bit with the legal loli(?).

Omni man is the MVP without a doubt and Homelander can learn a few things from this fellow. Speaking of which I had strong 'The Boys' vibes from this show throughout but it was still quite different. I am indifferent towards the main character though (that goes for most characters actually), I don't know what but something doesn't feel right with him. He should be going through some very strong issues but it seems like he's pretty unaffected by it all. Human lives aren't valuable here at all to any of the characters, it seems. The voice acting is great and the animation is good for the most part even though the show tends to get attacked by bad CGI quite a lot. But still, the setting is so unique and interesting that it just completely overshadows all the negatives one can have.

Highly recommended and I can't wait for the 2nd season.

Clive_W 29 March 2021

Hell to the yes, so far off to a very strong start, some nice changes to the source material (These aren't major changes more rearranging of events), if you like the Boys, I would recommend giving this a try, the animation is fantastic, an all star cast of actors, and an awesome eventful story, I look forward to seeing where the show will take us. And if you haven't read the source material maybe watching this will get you interested. Sit back and enjoy, just don't forget the popcorn!

Update from s01 finale, just wow, that was an awesome, adrenaline fuelled first series, I can not wait for the next instalment, bring on Conquest!!! If you haven't read the comics I won't spoil what is next to come.

This show has to be one of my new favourites out there, great story, great voice actors, awesome animation and wow the carnage is just top level. Had me on the edge my seat, jumping in the air for excitement. Also loving the little additions to the story and the alterations to the source material. If you haven't seen this yet, check it out, well worth the watch, just make sure your got plenty of munches around as you won't want to leave.

noahsarc-97983 1 May 2021

This show reallyyy doesn't hold back. Atleast a few times an episode my jaw dops.. especially episode 8.... 10/10 This is it's own thing, Setting the bar insanely high 👏

bradleycarrington 5 May 2021

I just binged the first season of invincible and loved it. It felt like being a kid again and watching my favorite super hero cartoon since it's basically the same thing but with adult themes. I will say the first episode is very slow and feels like a cheap DC knockoff. I feel like they did that purposely just so they could show the twist at the end and give us that feeling of "just kidding, it's not what you expected". But the first 40 min were so bland that I almost stopped watching. Also, even though this has more of a game of thrones vibe, where you never know if a character will live past the scene, there is still no shortage of plot armor and plot holes. Some characters will be strong enough to destroy a planet without breaking a sweat, but then find themselves struggling in a fight against something that is brought down relatively easily. And then vice versa some weak characters manage to survive when their stronger counterparts are brutally killed.

So it's not as true to life as I was hoping for from a gritty Superhero show where the good guy doesn't always win. However if you're just looking to relive your youth through a gritty adult lense and aren't affected by the occasional cartoon cliche or plot hole, then I can't recommend this enough!

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