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Invisible City (2021)

Crime | Fantasy | Thriller
Rayting:   7.4/10 3347 votes
Country: Brazil
Language: English

An underground world is inhabited by mythical creatures evolved from a deep lineage of Brazilian folklore. One detective who finds himself caught in a murder investigation that puts him in the middle of a battle between these two worlds.

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galinpendragon 16 February 2021

Starting this series, I was pretty pessimistic about it. However as I progressed, the series proved me wrong. There isn't anything unnecessary, each episode is the length it should be and not more. The actors and characters are charming and the story told, albeit new to me since I had no previous knowledge of the country's folklore, is quite interesting and original. Netflix is on the right track this time.

pboechat 7 February 2021

It's so good to see something different and so well-made on Netflix! The idea of a story based off of the Brazilian mythology is alone something that makes this series worthwatching, and yet it offers so much more: the atmosphere, the locations, the casting, the vfx... everything is superb! On the not so positive side: the story takes a bit to pick up the pace, but when it does it becomes absolutely amazing.

mari-bibanco 6 February 2021

There isn't much to say besides that this show shows Brazilian Folclore in a way that no one ever tried to put in television before. It's incredible to witness our countries history being portrayed in a way that even people that never had contact with it would be able to watch and enjoy. Orgulho demais da nossa cultura e do nosso país!

ecnash-43520 14 February 2021

Hello found the show on Netflix fell In love. The music and all the Brazilian style being show cased is awesome.

How do you find out the artists on this show?

yankeedoo 7 February 2021

Good seroes but would have liked 10 eps-also what a end-dont even know with netflix if s2 be back or will we have to wait 3/4 yrs

pobremameu 7 February 2021

Brazilian culture is so rich and deserves to be shown to the world. Cuca, Curupira, Saci, Boto Rosa and Iara are so much better than dragons and gnomes... thanks netflix to bring our legends to spotlight

femath86 7 February 2021

A nice research were made to create this instigating yet direct story, entities of Brazil through time and story and people minds and myths. Many live people have stories with these beings and many believe they are real. Who am I to tell they are wrong if my grandma and aunt is of the people who cracked eggs facing Sacis and Curupiras in the deep of Brazil countryside.

doreenkk 7 February 2021

We started watching show during breakfast this morning and found it to be captivating. The storyline is well written, special effects are top notch, acting spot on, camera work top tier. It pulls you in and before you realize it l, the credits are rolling. Its dinnertime and we are several episodes in.

ferreiranazli 15 February 2021

A great representation of Brazilian folklore, bringing them to the present without losing their essence. Alessandra's performance as Cuca was spectacular, and I loved Saci and Curupira. The special effects are also great. My only criticism is that the Rythm is a little slow.

searchersd 11 February 2021

Beings from folklore live in secret amongst humans in modern day Brazil. All is good until some mysterious deaths occur and an environmental cop finds himself in the middle of it. You get excitement, a spooky fantasy, and a whodunnit all rolled into one. This is so good that you don't even notice that it's a foreign series - and it left me wanting more.

patty851 7 February 2021

Love love love this series! I wish there was more like this. Great acting and script.

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