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Just Beyond (2021)

Comedy | Horror 
Rayting:   5.8/10 484 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Genre anthology series based on the graphic novel novels by R.L. Stine.

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October 13, 2021star8.0 39 votesS1E8 The Treehouse
October 13, 2021star7.7 39 votesS1E6 We’ve Got Spirits, Yes We Do
October 13, 2021star7.3 46 votesS1E4 My Monster
October 13, 2021star7.0 101 votesS1E1 Leave Them Kids Alone
October 13, 2021star6.9 52 votesS1E3 Which Witch
October 13, 2021star6.7 33 votesS1E7 Standing Up for Yourself
October 13, 2021star6.5 36 votesS1E5 Unfiltered

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User Reviews

DarkVulcan29 15 October 2021

I believe what Goosebumps was to The Twilight Zone, Just Beyond is too Amazing Stories, and both written by R. L. Stine.

The series is light , but never gets too family friendly, does have it's creepy moments, but never goes too far. But I only watched the first two episodes. Performances are not too bad, even by Nasim Pedrad who gives off an enjoyable creepy vibe has her character.

dreamingwolf-01253 14 October 2021

I like the episodes. Perfect for all ages. I just wish the episodes were longer. The first one could be a movie. I don't know why people complain as if it's real life. It's a show.

verbal_666 18 October 2021

Definitely embarrassing! Of course, something stank already to see the Disney brand, but i never thought of being in front of a children's show. To throw away, or at most for your 6-year-old children. But if you want them to grow well, and do not fool, always better The Twilight Zone. Forbidden to adults!!!

educatexan 17 October 2021

I assume this was created for young teenagers. It's the typical all-adults-are-stupid and all-teenagers-know-everything stories. However, I would think it's too sophisticated for teens to pick up on subtle themes.

anilakygt 14 October 2021

I'm 31 and a 90s fanatic and love anything related to RL Stein. I thought this would suck because modern anything sucks nowadays especially on Disney but this is enjoyable.

Giving it a 10 because reviewers here will be harsh and judgmental just like with everything else. I would give it a 8 two points just because they could have made the atmosphere and settings more nostalgic.

benceman-94012 16 October 2021

I didn't really see much wholeness that some people have talked about. If there was it was subtle enough for me me to not notice or care. Totally felt like I was watching modern day Goosebumps! I got thrown back into my 90's childhood. We'll done!

fruktoosi 13 October 2021

Much like "Amazing stories" miniseries by apple, "Just Beyond" hits a different kind of an audience and has some takes that can be critically viewed but at the same time be easily related to. The dialogue is fluent and the characters feel authentic, even though some traits are pretty pronounced. Acting is quite good and the screenplay in each episode is pretty solid. Especially after watching what Squid Game had to offer in it's unwatchable screenplay, story and dialogue. The stories were kept short, which at first bothered me but short stories can't really make into full +40 min episodes. Is it thrilling? Could be more. Is it unique? Somewhat. Is it a joy to watch? I'd say so.

The points made were and will be something that hit today's ideologies and worldviews and will divide a lot of the audience. Nevertheless I think the younger and older audiences will find something to relate to. Boycotting Disney, feeling that viewers are being "manipulated" by "leftist" propaganda, having a different political agenda and quite simply feeling offended will make a critically bad response happen after watching the first episode. I find it quite hilarious though how butthurt something so small can affect an opinion when trying to keep a review objective.

Would recommend. Maybe not watch again. Did binge.

justiceme-43462 15 October 2021

Perfect example "consequence horror" in 8 episodes.

It reminds me of many TV shows from So Weird, Goosebumps, Twilight Zone, Wizards of Waverly Place, and who knows what else.

Its the perfect blend of entertainment and "wokeness" or really moral.

I hope this gets enough love for a second season then a third.

jking-j 13 October 2021

Slick and creepy - had a very goosebumps feel in a modern setting. Throw in a little black mirror (for a younger audience) and you have a pretty decent tv show

Some good performances from young actors.

bdn-23937 14 October 2021

Great horror anthology for children and adults alike. The casting was an excellent. The plots are campy and a lot of fun. Celebrate Halloween with a watch.

ScottInFWB 13 October 2021

Enjoyed the show, definitely a great show for kids to encourage a better future for themselves and our world. Glad to see it from Disney, keep up the good work!

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