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Keeping Faith (2017)

Drama | Thriller 
Rayting:   7.1/10 4056 votes
Country: UK
Language: English

Faith, a small town Welsh lawyer, is forced to cut short her extended maternity leave when her husband and business partner, Evan, goes missing. As the truth of his actions surface, Faith must fight to protect her family and her sanity.

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User Reviews

Sleepin_Dragon 5 July 2018

Keeping Faith is another gem of a drama to come from BBC Wales, and I'm so glad to see it's finally getting a full BBC1 transmission, as people need to see this.

The story is brilliant, and the eight part format allows it to develop, and develop it does, the middle episodes are so different to the opener, with the final two parts even more dramatic and intriguing.

The acting is fantastic throughout, with Eve Myles showing what a superb talent she is. Mark Lewis Jones, Eiry Thomas and Matthew Gravelle all impress also, in fairness the whole cast do an incredible job.

Superb production values, it looks and sounds fantastic throughout, Amy Wadge provides some superb vocals. The Welsh setting looks incredible, so picturesque.

All in all I'd say it's quite easy to follow, at no time did it being confusing or too deep, they've left plenty of questions that need answering, and I'm delighted to hear that a second series is in the pipeline.

Bravo all involved. 10/10

johnathanjuancastle 29 August 2018

While I agree with many of the bad reviews on this site (particularly about the cheesy music, overly long panning shots, over the top acting and far fetched story lines) I have to say that this is possibly one of my favourite shows of the year for those very reasons.

I'll even find that sometimes I'll just be going about my day to day life and without realising I'll be humming the main song. This show is amazing... if taken with a bit of good humour.

Things to look out each episode: Faith taking off or putting on her heels multiple times. Faith leaving the kids with family or giving the kids to strangers. Faith going from hysterically crying to maniacally laughing in seconds. The music.

hywellewis-87445 16 August 2018

People that have given this show negative feedback have clearly never been in a situation that makes common sense fly out the window.

Overacting!? The woman's life has crumbled in the space of a week. Superb acting throughout.

Great show

lineypeter-229-110733 24 August 2018

I can't believe some of the reviews here. 'Too slow'? Really? Oh well, I guess it's all a matter of taste, but I would've thought everyone would welcome such originality. Personally, I wouldn't miss a minute of it. Great script, wonderfully acted, excellent direction - oh, and a special word for the cinematographer: also outstanding. As for Eve Myles: well, she has an advantage over every other actor I know as she seems to have twice as many expressions as they do. More than that, I love the way she takes risks; the times when she starts something that leaves you hanging for a split-second, wondering if she'll be able to see it through. But she does. Every time. For me, rather special, and I hope it's not the only series.

ManofClay64 17 September 2018

I really enjoyed this when I watched a few months ago. I've revisited it recently and if anything have found it even better. Some have said it was slow, but I think this isn't justified. What is true is that the plot and characters are given time to develop and if one is looking for more action and less depth then this may not be for you. I'm a big fan of Hinterland (which is more dark & brooding) and there are similarities, though Keeping Faith is full of lighter we'll-observed family intimacy and the moments of madness which are natural in a busy working life with young children! I felt the way the plot is developed works well - by the end of the series one is left punch-drunk with all the twists and turns but, remarkably, I felt that it was quite believable. I hope (provided it's as good as the first) that we may hear more from Faith...?

janetaylor-08580 9 April 2018

Utterly brilliant from start to finish. Is it the finish?!!!! I want more. Eve is just mesmerising. She is such a great actress and so original. I believed every second of her portrail of poor Mrs Howells. So very very glad she agreed to be in this role. It would have been a travesty to have lost her to another career! She was born to act. Anfmf so lovely to hear Amy Wadges gorgeous track 'Faith's song'. Cant believe its over!

paulsdpsd 15 February 2018

In a world where people are looking for instant gratification and sound-bites, it is refreshing to see a production that is allowed to develop the storyline and characters and to enable the audience to want more at the end of each episode: I would use the analogy of reading a book that you don't want to put down "just one more chapter"! I appreciate that others have commented on this is as a negative, but I would strongly disagree.

The locations are stunning and the whole thing, from location through actors & production showcases Welsh creativity and television at its best.

I look forward to seeing further productions of such depth and quality.

marilla-miles 31 March 2018

I disagree with other reviewers, saying it drags on too long. It is building the characters and creating atmosphere. Eve Myles is phenomenal actress and she is beautifully directed in this breathtaking series. However, I'm surprised to note that no reviews either on IMDb or in general on the internet have picked up on the fact that her on-screen husband Evan (Bradley Freegard) is her hubby in real life!!

sophiegudgeon 15 February 2018

Absolutely loved this show, from the high calibre of actors and crew to the idylic setting of Laugharne, this show's wales at its best. It includes actors whom have won countless Bafta Cymru awards, and have appeared in successful shows such as Hinterland/Y Gwyll.

As I have watched this show in English and Welsh, I can see how dedicated Eve is to this role, having learnt welsh specifically for it. I was supprised to see how well her lines flowed and felt so natural, like she had known this language for years. As the show progresses through the show actors such as Aneirin Hughes (Tom Howells) who, personally made the last few episodes for me. The emotion convayed by himself was spectacular.

Writing by Matthew Hall is Whitty and Emotional, the comedy relief which is needed is delivered beautifully by Catherine Ayers who plays Lisa, which is what you need as the shocking drama unfolds.

If this show were to get a series 2, I would love for them to explore Bethan and Terry's relationship, In a lot more detail as I feel if they had time, this could have been explored in more depth and made a very interesting sub-plot.

avril_rocks37 18 March 2018

The series hasn't finished airing yet but it's been a pleasure to watch. One of those shows that has you questioning everyone's motive and character. The acting is top notch all round and really showcases Eve Myles as a performer. Lastly, the cinematography is outstanding. Never has Wales looked so gorgeous on a scripted tv series.

mark-2662 1 May 2018

Agree with most other reviews; * Interesting story with promise which would have benefited from 4-6 eps max! * Far too many contemplative moments with the same song over and over in each episode. Appreciate using the music to create emotional depth but way overused to the point of distracting and annoying * Story became convoluted and confusing * Police became cartoon villains by the end which was unbelievable * Some of Faith's decisions were ridiculous

Overall, ok but poorly executed and way way too long!

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