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Kevin Can F**k Himself (2021)

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Language: English

A look at the secret life of a sitcom wife.

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kyledzintars 26 June 2021

I see people on here writing about the "laugh track making up for bad jokes," but that's literally the point. The "comedy" portion of the show is over the top on purpose to show the viewer the messaging women receive from society and the expectations they are demanded to abide by. It isn't supposed to be funny and if it is to you, that's the problem. The darker moments show us the outcome of unrealistic and harmful messages of media and society, and the experience that women have in the world. This is a dark show, not a comedy, so if you're expecting laughs, you've missed the point.

dannelson-44459 21 June 2021

Though it's not really that deep, this is going over the heads of some reviewers. It's a dark show. The comedy isn't supposed to be funny on its own, it's a parody of TV comedy. The acting in the TV comedy part IS over the top, The humor and plot of the sitcom part is supposed to be ridiculous. The laugh track and setting is in a stupid TV sitcom style. But that's the point. Around her husband, the world is a stupid sitcom full of idiocy. When he's out of the room, it her real life. It's dark. It's drama.

Don't be turned off by the first two minutes.

madelinesnapp 25 June 2021

Or at least not in the way sit coms are meant to be. This is not a sit com. Its a parody of the dumpy guy with a hot wife who he treats like an annoyance trope. For once the hot wife is the protagonist and it follows her around instead of the bumbling husband and through that you understand why she such a stick in the mud because she is married to a child. It's smart, clever and dark in the best way. I'm amazed at the 1 star reviews and that many people had this fly over their heads.

SRT5J 21 June 2021

It's perfectly fine for you to not like the show. What is hilarious is that judging from the comments most of you don't have a clue as to what you are watching.

The laugh track is ridiculous? The sitcom parts and those characters are annoying and not funny?

That's the point!! It's goofing on sitcom tropes that we've seen 97 times and also making a commentary on how women/wives are often treated on these types of shows

Like I said, perfectly fine for you to feel the show is not well done, but at least have some comprehension of what you're watching.

cableguy-98006 25 June 2021

I love this show so far. Really love the concept. Not familiar with any of the actors, but I like them all for this series. Looking forward to the next episode!

djdwtnzwx 15 June 2021

You'll see a negative review from men or Women who think like Kevin that being a spouse slave is totally okay. This show really paints the dark side of when someone in the relationship has had enough. I don't mistreat my wife that way but have seen plenty of crime cases where this happens, and one partner doesn't see a way out but murder. It's interesting how this show can go back and forth from comedy to drama so flawlessly. I wish I would have watched this without knowing what it was about, I'm sure I would of been really mind blown to discover this isn't your usual sitcom. By the way if the laugh track is annoying to you then don't watch it jeez, other real sitcoms have laugh tracks yet so many people love them, just cause this is different doesn't mean you have to hate it.

markryancontact 15 June 2021

I think some of the people reviewing this don't understand the concept. It's an incredibly clever take on the sitcom tropes that we all grew up watching. The canned laughter, the slob husband with a hot wife... it's so clever how this is done. Looking forward to seeing more.

ka-74603 21 June 2021

I was excited to watch the 2 hour premiere of this show and it didn't disappoint. It definitely gets better in the second-half of the two-hour debut particularly in the more serious portions of the show. The multi perspective format is unique and it really is something watching a scene cut from a bright laugh tracked sitcom to a dark drama. You're watching two very different shows at once. While that gives KCFH some uniqueness it feels like the sitcom parts are a bit overused or perhaps overdone? I know Kevin is supposed to be portrayed as a moron but its obvious by the time the first sitcom scene ends. We get it, The King of Queens was corny. I'd be fine seeing a little less of the sitcom portion of the show because I think the gritty drama is the series' strongpoint. I would even go as far as saying that this is better classified as a drama than dark comedy. Still, after just 2 episodes I've seen enough to warrant tuning into the remainder of the season.

eXtra_sauce 21 June 2021

I stumbled across this after flipping through the channels. The cold open was absolutely cringe AF and had it not been for Annie Murphy, I definitely would've kept channel surfing. However, I figured with her on the show, there must be more to it than what the cold open was presenting. Boy, I was not prepared for the turn it takes, making those cringy AF sitcom scenes make perfect sense. I'm only two episodes in, but I'm quite enjoying it. So if you bailed during the cold open of the premiere and thought "Nah", I'd say give it a second chance and let it play out a bit more!

msebazco 29 June 2021

Conceptually brilliant. The culture being unpacked here is long overdue and highly interesting. This is tv eating itself from within. This show may need time to find itself but I find the first four episodes compelling and fresh.

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