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Killing Eve (2018)

Action | Drama 
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Rayting:   8.3/10 97K votes
Country: USA | UK
Language: English

After a series of events, the lives of a security operative and an assassin become inextricably linked.

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May 26, 2019star8.8 2824 votesS2E8 You're Mine
April 29, 2018star8.7 3958 votesS1E4 Sorry Baby
May 6, 2018star8.7 3479 votesS1E5 I Have a Thing About Bathrooms
April 8, 2018star8.6 4637 votesS1E1 Nice Face
April 15, 2018star8.6 4167 votesS1E2 I'll Deal With Him Later
April 22, 2018star8.6 4105 votesS1E3 Don't I Know You?
May 19, 2019star8.6 2314 votesS2E7 Wide Awake
May 27, 2018star8.5 3477 votesS1E8 God, I'm Tired
May 20, 2018star8.5 3088 votesS1E7 I Don't Want To Be Free
April 7, 2019star8.4 2903 votesS2E1 Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body?
May 13, 2018star8.3 3149 votesS1E6 Take Me to the Hole!
April 14, 2019star8.3 2550 votesS2E2 Nice and Neat
May 5, 2019star8.3 2389 votesS2E5 Smell Ya Later
April 28, 2019star8.3 2352 votesS2E4 Desperate Times
May 10, 2020star8.3 2307 votesS3E5 Are You from Pinner?
May 12, 2019star8.3 2289 votesS2E6 I Hope You Like Missionary!
April 26, 2020star8.3 2184 votesS3E3 Meetings Have Biscuits
May 31, 2020star8.3 2157 votesS3E8 Are You Leading or Am I?
April 21, 2019star8.2 2397 votesS2E3 The Hungry Caterpillar
May 3, 2020star8.0 1879 votesS3E4 Still Got It

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User Reviews

karynjsanders 27 April 2019

Sandra Oh is wonderful, as is all the cast in this brilliant show - but why didn't Jodie Comer win the Golden Globe? Honestly, she is the best villain in my memory of TV and movies in my entire life - and in my opinion the star of the show. She's just so wonderfully perfect in this role - animated, funny, scary; you name it. Such an entertaining series - kudos to all involved!

leahefti 7 June 2018

This show had me hooked after two minutes. What sounds like a typical agent hunting serial killer, surprises with great characters, surprising turning points and amazing cast. I absolutely love every part of it.

tgp0210 16 April 2018

I love the show. INTRIGUING! Someone wrote that this was sloppy writing because there is no background on the characters. That's not true, if you pay attention you have everything you need. Eve is a MI5 investigator but she longs for more in her life, something trilling and something that gets her heart thumping. She secretly loves psychopaths, she wants to know how they work and why. It's a hobby of hers. Villanelle is the psychopath. She has sociopathic tendencies. She mimics emotions because she has no empathy and we see her continuing to adapt to her surroundings (smiling with the child in the ice cream shop, laughing like the lady on the radio). That's what is odd and interesting about her character. Her drive is to kill people because she easily becomes bored with every day mundane tasks. They will become each others next obsession!

ElliotMenez 25 October 2018

There are many good thrillers out there, where believability and plot are the keys to success but they all feel so similar. So here comes Killing Eve, where plots takes the second plane and the focus goes to the characters dinamic and their tongue-in-cheek dialogues, making this show feels different, fresh and entertaining and with an 8 episodes season it's short and sweet.

aaronredis 22 April 2018

WOW! Wow, wow, wow! You guys are definitely going to want to give this show a try! It's so intriguing, refreshing, engaging, and oddly / darkly humorous. This series shows a lot of promise and I really hope it stays on this track, because if it does, it will definitely become a favorite.

Now that we have my initial impressions out of the way, here's what I will say:

I am so impressed with this show. I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting to like it, but, boy, does this first episode impress. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Something about this show has me oddly hooked Something about it leaves me wanting MORE! I love the music choices, the acting is superb, and so is the directing. All excellent.

Another thing: this show has some odd sense of humor and I LOVE it! I found myself laughing, and that was the last thing I expected.

Several times, I thought to myself: OMG why am I laughing at this right now? I'm a terrible human being!

Perhaps the best part of this is show's cast is seeing that Sandra Oh finally got the role she deserves. She kills all of her scenes -- just like everyone else -- but it's clear to see she sticks out from the rest of the cast. -I was so happy when she appeared on one my most favorite shows last year, "American Crime," but her appearance was less than a guest appearance. (I bet that was due to the budget cuts and reduced season length, which ultimately led to season 3's different set up that many hated but I personally loved.) For that reason, though, I was disappointed in not seeing her as much, but she still amazed me and did so great with Regina King. I've been missing "American Crime" so much, and I think this show can fill that void in some aspects. Oh is just amazing.

Speaking of Oh, I started watching this solely because she's in it. And I am so pleased it's actually an awesome show.

I'll surely be sticking around for this one. I'm even happier to know that there will be a season 2 because I'm interested in seeing where this is going.

I give "Killing Eve" an 8.5/10.

kirail 15 January 2019

The show is very good, and Jodi Comer's acting is not getting enough praise (compared to that of Sandra Oh's) because she is really brilliant in this role.

As a Russian-speaker though - I have to say the respective parts were not good, because if you're gonna have non-Russians speak the language - do some better research and make it sound more authentic. There was some lines I couldn't even understand what they were saying in Russian. If you translate the script from English to Russian literally - that's very amateur. We don't say "Konstantin who?", we say "Which Konstantin?" - it's basics that could be covered easily and would add a better quality to the show.

gregory-186-847772 10 July 2018

It's a pleasure to watch Sandra Oh. Her performance and that of a number of the other players is a treat. However, I just can't set aside the horrible story lines. The plot of an international elite killer chased by a dedicated police officer has been with us since Victor Hugo. It should be done better. How is it that so few are aware of weekly high profile international assassinations? How is it that MI-5, the police, is not involved but MI-6, the spies, is? How is it that INTERPOL has not seen the weekly carnage and launched investigations. Why has the assassin left fingerprints at every killing? Why has no agency collected them?

gphgrm01 19 April 2019

Intriguing show, with certain flows. The character of the professional killer is absolutely stunning. Fabulous performance. The best female villain I have ever seen. You should just forget about the story plot, and just watch her face, her movement and her interractions with people. The best female-antiheroine capable of doing anything. Although she is a villain, she is fascinating.

As for Eve, not such a brilliant situation. We all know Sandra Oh from Grey's Anatomy where she played a weird emotionless brilliant surgeon. However, here Eve was made too soft, too homey, too wifey, too naive for my taste. And her acting is far more boring.

Otherwise, the cast is great scenery is great, and I appreciate that Moscow was not shown as a poor dump, but a place where rich and powerful people live as well, with luxurious places to go, etc, which is really closer to the truth nowadays.

carolrmag 2 June 2018

I got really engaged in the first couple of episodes, thinking it was the beginning of a very good TV Show. People must stop reviewing Tv shows after seeing the first episode! It completely ruins the ratings! Got less exited after around the 3rd episode and lost will to see any more of this silliness after the 5th. Did make myself see the full season (maybe it would turn again). It didn't. And, being a psychologist with some experience into psychopaths it shocks me the lack of research made to make Jodie Corner's character. It is appalling really. A joke of a portrayal. Really sad to see

monspencer 9 April 2018

Enjoyed the first episode immensely, and just to upset the reviewer who calls it a steaming turd and hopes it will be cancelled quickly, the series has already been renewed for a 2nd season.

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