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Landscapers (2021)

Comedy | Drama 
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Country: UK | USA
Language: English

A devoted and mild mannered British couple become the focus of an extraordinary investigation when two dead bodies are discovered in the back garden of a house in England.

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Season 1

December 27, 2021Episode 4 Episode Four
December 20, 2021Episode 3 Episode Three
December 13, 2021Episode 2 Episode Two
December 6, 2021Episode 1 Episode One

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December 20, 2021star8.7 55 votesS1E3 Episode Three
December 13, 2021star8.4 121 votesS1E2 Episode Two
December 6, 2021star7.8 243 votesS1E1 Episode One
December 27, 2021star7.7 50 votesS1E4 Episode Four

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User Reviews

paul-allaer 8 December 2021

As Episode 1 of "Landscapers" (2021 release from the UK; 4 episodes of about 55 min each) opens, we are told upfront what the outcome of these events are, so there is no need for guessing how it's all going to end. We are then introduced to Susan, who is browsing an antique store somewhere in France (Lille, we learn later). She buys a rare movie poster. Back at the apartment, her husband Christopher comes home from yet another wasted day trying to find a job. Christopher tells Susan that things are dire and they are just about out of money, not to mention late on their rent. He decides to call his stepmother back in the UK to beg for financial help... At this point we are 1o min into Episode 1.

Couple of comments: this tv mini-series in based on true events (in the closing credits of Episode 1, we get actual news clips from various British TV stations). As mentioned already, we are told in the opening seconds what the final outcome for Susan and Christopher will be, so in other words, it's not about the ending but instead about Susan's and Christopher's journey to the ending. For sure this mini-series in very dark and oh so very British. That combination seems to have prompted a number of 1 and 2 star reviews on here, to which I say: "you wouldn't spot quality if it hit you in the face". The talent that is attached to this mini-series is amazing, none more so than Olivia Colman as Susan (Colman was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in last year's "The Father"). This series is written and directed by Ed Sinclair (a/k/a Colman's husband in real life). The role of Christopher is played by veteran British actor David Thewlis. Bottom line: there is a lot to like about this TV mini-series, and I can't wait to see the rest of Susan's and Christopher's journey.

"Landscapers" premiered on HBO just a few days ago, and Episode 1 is now available on HBO On Demand and HBO Max (where I caught it last night). If you are in the mood for a true crime series that is dark and very British, I'd readily suggest you check it out, and draw your own conclusion.

joiningjt 13 December 2021

Read some moron who said it contains to much humor with such a serious subject, IT'S FUNNY cause the actual story had humor involved. I mean who ever heard of a suspected murderer sending a VERY polite email saying he will turn himself in and gives him his word. You cant write comedy like that!! The acting we already knew was going to be phenomenal the cast is all OSCAR type caliber. We love the cinematography and the director is spot on. It's a extremely unique series and we are SO happy to be able to see something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT yet exactly what the doctor ordered. We need escapism right now , people forget What tv, movies, series, are suppose to do and that's ENTERTAIN so you idiot critics with your idiotic ideas of what it should be are INCORRECT its extremely entertaining and we will re watch this MASTERPIECE again!! 10 SOLID STARS!!

Headturner1 13 December 2021

!!! This is like Des! This is not brilliant( and I love Olivia Coleman)! It's boring tripe made to look fancy because there obviously isn't an interesting story to tell! Now Fred and Rose West are interesting this is just... Boring! No matter how you slice it! No, those of us who think this tripe is boring/awful aren't unintelligent or unimaginative just the opposite we don't follow the masses and film buffs who think uninteresting things are just that. They are not. Since it's only 4 episodes I'll continue to watch but is the story ( and these people) really this mundane in real life??? We'll see!

crumpytv 10 December 2021

This might have worked if it had been a fictional account.

The fact that everybody involved with the case are real people and are being portrayed as bizarre half-wits is totally unfair.

The production is generally bizarre and frequently surreal and yet they are supposed to be portraying a real story..

Why not tell the true story as it stands, in the manner of the excellent Manhunt?

What was the point of Daniel Rigby's potty-mouthed character. He contributed nothing other than at least one profanity in every sentence.

The police were portrayed as morons. Remember, the actual people who worked on this case are out there watching this!

Leading in telling the viewer the outcome before there was any story was also pointless.

terrylarosa 7 December 2021

Once again we're submitted to an existential exercise in mind numbing tediousness; same as Mare of Eastown and other sorted unwatchable fare. They reel you in with excellent actors but then hire some hack director who has zero sense of pacing and how to make a story that you actually want to invest time in. Even at 4 episodes I'd rather commit hari-kiri than watch this interminable trash. You've been warned.

valentin_sieben 12 December 2021

It s a meta film with strange plot and it s a downer. Remember your old average uneducated neighbour waiting in his afternoons days at a time for something whatever? For his life to pass? That s the feeling this movie cultivates. Ugh!

Husband and wife kill patens and live with that and with the money until caught. That s it.

maakus 12 December 2021

The first episode is really great. Thewlis and Colman is two of my favourites and the story, the directing and the cinematography was interestingly odd and fun. The only thing i disliked was that dreadful out of focus/bokeh lens in some scenes that some filmmakers unfortunately likes to use for some reason. (Please stop using it. It's terrible and distracting.)

I would rate the first episode 8 or a 9, but unfortunately the show takes a pretty drastic dive after that. The truth probably is that the story isn't interesting enough for 4 episodes and it should've probably been better as a movie and all the interesting creativity was spent on the first episode.

kq999 13 December 2021

Upon first hearing of Landscapers and that it is based on a true crime starring Olivia Colman and David Thewlis I was thrilled, I couldn't wait to watch it.

A confirmation of how good the mini-series really is came from a talk show host whom I adore and thoroughly trust his judgement. He said..."It is sooo good, it is really good, it is genius...the way this is told is so brilliant". Then Olivia Colman, who was on the show, went on to say the writer is her husband and "he thought it was a bit too black & white and he wanted to tell the story from an empathetic point of view and I think he has done an amazing job". each their own.

It was horrible. Taking into consideration that it is based on a true crime I believe it should have been a bit more realistic. I watched the 1st episode two times, thinking I was missing something, and cannot watch anymore. I would have preferred the black & white version the writer didn't like. The British always do everything so well but this felt as if it was infused with Hollyweird. The sound along with the film presentation at times made me feel as if I was watching a cartoon. I know no more of the couple who committed the crime, or the crime itself, than I did before I watched Landscapers.

lewilewis1997 8 December 2021

We start with the director giving his cues to the effects dept and extras, a character starts to run through the rain... And the tone is set. Wonderfully original directing leads us to two superb actors (Olivia Coleman & David Thewlis) that 'just are' their characters, Susan & Christopher Edwards. A middle aged couple entirely in love with each other, yet very traditional, and hiding, their general drabness is certainly excellent camouflage.

Susan is depicted as part living in a fantasy world based on her love of cinema, especially old westerns. Christopher is the doting husband desperately seeking a job in a land where the language defeats him with his painfully bad job interviews.

There are so many different styles used, however they blend into each other seamlessly. Some of the lighting techniques/tricks are straight out of the theatre and early colour film. Yet they really do work in this mix of old/new. Dropping characters into strange locations to deliver monologues through the fourth wall was very effective. A lot of the credit has to go to the visual editor, Elen Pierce Lewis, who must have many a headache during the cutting.

Then we meet the detectives that receive a tip off. One smart, one stupid and one a sweary, aggressive, sexist bully that regularly loses it with fits of rage, and he's also the boss. I don't think we're meant to like him, I certainly don't. What would now be described as 'an old school copper'.

The end credits are also worth a watch, a real mixture of the real and the imaginary. You'll see an original photo of the Edwards, and then a shot of the crew striking (dismantling) a set, plus other stuff that's meant to be against 'the rules' of directing, but in this case just aren't.

The original soundtrack borrows heavily from past epics, Hitchcock would love some of the tension created by it.

Now, here's a caveat, I've only watched one episode so far. If the next three ep's are as good I'll revise this from a 9/10 to a 10/10. It's that good.

The master of his craft, exec producer and director is Will Sharpe. Watch out Chris Nolan, this dude is inevitably coming to Hollywood.

UPDATE - All 4 episodes watched. The directing gets even more quirky, the lines between fact and fiction more blurred until by ep' 3 we get to see all of the sets and the workings of film making 'full frontal'.

Are they guilty? There is no definitive answer, but I reckon so. Shame really. Susan is obviously a compulsive liar, Chris is obviously a bit of a mug. But Susan's parents were undoubtedly bad, even evil. Karma? Karma would be that they get out soon. They've been punished enough.

jjlawler-98324 10 December 2021

Enjoyed the first installment. I can see this series is going to highlight Olivia Colman's acting range. We've seen her scratch the surface in ep. 1. I found her performances is the reason to watch. As an American, the story is relatively tame, but knowing what is to come and having Olivia deliver it, worth the watch...

Almost_Soldout 7 December 2021

That's really intriguing and rare show, so different in a good way. It hooked me up from the beginning. Geniously shot, told and acted!

P.s. Should we sign the petition to give Olivia Colman an Oscar finally?!

aucottjohn 11 December 2021

Gripping from the start to the end. Leaves you wanting much, much more.

All actors are perfect for their roles and the director took a totally new spin for a mini series.

Don't miss this.

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