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Las Vegas (2003)

Rayting:   7.4/10 27K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Welcome to the Montecito Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, where you can do anything you want, but Ed Deline and his crack surveillance team will be watching. Just remember: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

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November 7, 2005star8.5 181 votesS3E7 Everything Old Is You Again
May 23, 2005star8.5 156 votesS2E24 Centennial
December 1, 2006star8.5 134 votesS4E5 Delinda's Box (1)
May 17, 2004star8.4 168 votesS1E23 Always Faithful
March 9, 2007star8.4 167 votesS4E17 Heroes
May 12, 2006star8.4 157 votesS3E23 Father of the Bride
December 1, 2006star8.4 132 votesS4E6 Delinda's Box (2)
December 15, 2006star8.2 139 votesS4E8 White Christmas
September 22, 2003star8.1 261 votesS1E1 Pilot
October 27, 2006star8.1 141 votesS4E1 Father of the Bride Redux
October 24, 2005star8.1 129 votesS3E6 The Real McCoy
April 19, 2004star8.0 246 votesS1E20 The Strange Life of Bob
January 12, 2004star8.0 185 votesS1E12 Hellraisers and Heartbreakers
September 13, 2004star8.0 170 votesS2E1 Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
October 3, 2005star8.0 141 votesS3E3 Double Down, Triple Threat
April 7, 2006star8.0 133 votesS3E20 All Quiet on the Montecito Front
September 27, 2004star8.0 131 votesS2E3 Blood Is Thicker
January 3, 2005star7.9 251 votesS2E12 When You Got to Go, You Got to Go
February 21, 2005star7.9 192 votesS2E18 To Protect and Serve Manicotti
November 10, 2003star7.9 178 votesS1E7 Pros and Cons

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User Reviews

m-47826 22 May 2021

I used to pair it with Crossing Jordan. And I love both shows equally. It was light, entertaining and strangely relevant. It showed a more nuanced side of America, than the one currently shown on everything studios bludgeon us with. It lives up to our expectations, and is just as larger than life and outrageous as the city it's taking place. And even though it's not made with a big budget, it never looked cheap. I guess it would be deemed too naive by today's standards, but I take this over the condescending and borderline authoritarian tone most shows take with its viewers, these days. I have nothing bad to say about this one, except season 5. Which is the one I have no real inklings rewatching, and one of the actresses botched surgeries, that ruined her cute face, at one point in the series...

Victor Field 23 September 2003

Gary Scott Thompson from "The Fast and the Furious" moves from fast cars to casinos, and the result is "Las Vegas," which judging from the pilot, could stand to take the advice Elvis Presley offers in the song over the opening titles (at least during the early episodes of the first season on NBC airings, until it was replaced with Charlie Clouser's "Let It Ride" which already accompanied the credits on international screens) - a little less conversation, a little more action please (and why did they use that instead of the more obvious choice?). It certainly piles on the glitz, set as it is in the sin-slash-glitz capital of the US, and it's got James Caan going for it as the head of security at a casino... in fact, the series would be a lock if it was actually about him.

Unfortunately, Josh Duhamel (who?) is the focus of the story and the narrator, at least in the pilot; though he's Caan's "executive vice president in charge of surveillance and security," he's essentially playing Dan Tanna to Caan's Philip Roth - if you remember "Vega$," a show that brought together Michael Mann, Aaron Spelling, Robert Urich and Tony Curtis, you'll know what I mean. And like that (and every other) Spelling show, "Las Vegas" is blessed with an exceptionally non-ugly female cast - Nikki Cox (as a "Special Events Director," not a hooker as our hero takes pains to remind us), Molly Sims (as Caan's daughter), Marsha Thomason (as an English pit boss) and the particularly gorgeous ex-"General Hospital" Vanessa Marcil as... er... the casino manager. (I blame her Cindy Crawford-esquire looks for making me forget what she does.)

With all the eye candy floating around, it's like an issue of "Stuff" magazine come to life, and it's way too easy to overlook the little matter of plot (as apparently the makers did; when a show opens with our hero having sex with his boss's daughter and being caught by said boss, it's a safe bet that style will win out over substance). There's just enough story to keep you watching, but in the pilot it's more like a set of vignettes (particularly when the hero meets his dad and the latter suggests they go to see his mum, to which hero says "Dad, it's not Mom. It's a headstone." Callous much?) than an actual plot. And the chances of success for the show aren't helped by the main character being the least interesting character on it.

"Las Vegas" is a higher form of life than the not totally dissimilar "Fastlane," it's hardly dull, and the women are all too beautiful for some viewers to not tune in again. Ultimately, though, it could be a bit faster, or NBC'll be furious. ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer" fans note Rebecca Rand Kirshner as one of the writers on season one - she must have had some of that show's magic rub off on her keyboard, since unlike "Fastlane" the Peacock renewed it for more than one season.)

Maniac-9 2 February 2012

NBC produced 5 seasons of a really entertaining show about a Las Vegas casino and the people who work in it. The show did very well at mixing dramatic and comedic moments in the show.

Danny, Ed and Mike all work in the surveillance department of the casino and their job is catch people trying to run scams and possibly rob the casino amongst other things.

Sam is the casino host who's job is to basically take care of whatever "the whales" need while attending the casino.

Mary is involved in all things hospitality related with the casino.

Delinda runs the night club in the casino, she is the daughter of Ed.

caa821 8 December 2006

Just got into viewing program for the first time recently - the 2-hour "kidnapping" program. Don't know why I didn't sooner?? James Caan is outstanding and wholly-believable in the role as the chief honcho at the featured 5* Vegas complex.

So often, programs like this have one or more in the ensemble who are either outright annoying, or seem to have been picked because they must be related to the producer or director.

That is certainly not the case with this program. Along with Caan, all of the primary and supporting cast are engaging attractive, and believable. The guest actors are well-chosen.

The stories I've seen are interesting, and the show presents a good view of the city as well.

This is an entertaining program, and one I hope will remain. I don't know how I managed to miss it for so long, but plan to TIVO it from now on.

Supermanfan-13 13 July 2020

Las Vegas is a criminally underrated show! Is it believable? Absolute not. Is it extremely entertaining? Without a doubt! It has something for everyone...action, drama, comedy, romance, etc. I forgot just how much I loved this show!

liquidcelluloid-1 3 January 2005

Network: NBC; Genre: Guilty Pleasure/Drama; Content Rating: TV-14 (for violence and some sexual content); Classification: Contemporary (Star range: 1 - 4);

Season Reviewed: Seasons 3+

When dividing genres into sub-genres you come up with all sorts of interesting combinations of show gimmicks. We have shows differentiated by a movie star actor in the lead role, the time period they are set in and now, with "Las Vegas", the city in which it is set. You could call it a locational show. It later continues with the short-lived "Hawaii" and the misbegotten "LAX". Created by Gary Scott Thompson, "Las Vegas" takes us on a cathartic trip to that exotic city in the sand.

Despite the promos touting the star of the show is being the city itself, "Vegas" is set almost entirely in the walls and grounds of the Montecito casino centering around the head of security (James Caan), security agents (Josh Duhamel and James Lesher) and the event coordinators dealing with wacky guests and packed conventions. The team is often found using some microscopic gadgets and wild "CSI" techniques to spot cheaters, chasing down and/or beating up thugs, stripping off their clothes at the drop of a hat or lounging by the pool.

If you want to think while watching TV you will probably be repelled by the tedium before the halfway mark. "Las Vegas" isn't particularly dramatic, or exciting or humorous. It just is. It runs on the "Baywatch" engine, actually. It is a light and sound show. Anyone could do it. It's fluid digital effects are a notch cheaper than the state-of-the-art "CSI". They recall Thompson's equally vacuous film "The Fast and the Furious".

Yet, the show presents itself without a sense of self-importance. It has the giddy shamelessness of a pubescent teenager that hasn't yet discovered premium cable. Ironically, that is what sets it apart. Unlike the dull-as-dirt lifeguard exploits of that former series, "Vegas" is a lot less conversation and a lot more action. So to speak. The stories are absurd, self-contained and gimmicky. "Boston Public" absurd. While it doesn't evoke an emotion it is light-weight enough, goofy enough and (as cliché as it may sound) sexy enough to work as a solid guilty pleasure. It is the perfect show for those that want something to sit and let their eyes glaze over at after a long day at work. The Monday night time-slot suits it to a T.

The show still has those network mandated restraints that pull us in but quickly leave us unsatisfied. Watching it you'll just have to get used to the fact that this is another one of those shows where two people in the throws of passion are always going to be interrupted by someone walking in on them or one of them having a substantive revelation about the plot. If the stories where more compelling I wouldn't mind, but as it is that pesky plot is always getting in the way. To often, the show lazily brings in an obvious musical guest star to take over the closing duties with a concert (such as Mark McGrath) and do lots of self-referential mugging for the camera. While sometimes an episode jump-start, this autopilot scriptwriting dangerously recalls the high camp way the "Full House" gang always used to wander into a Beach Boys concert.

I'd be lying if I said that the sight of Nikki Cox in this show doesn't make my heart skip a beat. For the first time she is not bending ov

Okonh0wp 23 October 2005

Las Vegas can rival Charlie's Angels or Loveboat as highly bankable guilty pleasures. The show this season has embarrassed itself more than last season and I don't seem to mind because of the general fun of the Las Vegas atmosphere, the zoom cams, the guest stars, and the sex appeal, I'm personally attracted to Vanessa Marcill, and between her and her three female costars, i'm sure every guy will find some piece of eye candy they like, so first off, the casting is so effecient at trimming down to the bare essentials, the casting call probably looked like this: New Sitcom casting call, we're looking for: 1. 4 Hot girls 2. 1 Hot guy 3. 1 Token black guy, with a lot of blackness 4. One notorious tough guy, who's recognizeable from the movies

I mean, seriously, is there any difference between the 4 girls, they're all hot and they all have some sort of sexual tension with Danny in one form or another. They all seem to have perfectly balanced boundaries of sexuality between guys they're attracted to and not attracted to. An episode I saw recently had them stranded in the desert and Clint Black, or some country star, i don't remember, found them in the middle of nowhere, rescued them, lent them all five-star hotel bathrobes, and played them all music. How the incident was completely devoid of sexuality struck me, the girls were rescued by him, but just wanted to hear his music, didn't repay him in any way, and the country music stars were happy to oblige. What's odd is that the country music stars weren't at all attracted to them at any way, only the people they want the attention from are attracted to them. I think it's the concept of fantasy role models, girls watching Las Vegas want to be those girls, looking good without getting the unwanted side effects of the unnecessary attention.

One other humongous guilty pleasure episode, where any semblance of consistency in character development went out the window, and we were probably OK with it, was when the Black Eyed Peas guest-starred. I mean, this guy was introduced to us last year as a CIA stiff, how embarrassing would it be for that guy they introduced last year for him to exchange "wazuup" greetings with hip-hop artists, and bounce up and down to their music. And of course, for Belinda, Ed's daughter, she was best friends with the members in the group? Yeah, where did that come from?

TheEmulator23 10 October 2007

Now I'm only at the the end of the second season, but I have started to enjoy this show more and more. This reminds me of some of mid 80's show like "Magnum P.I" & "Hawaii Five-0." It's a show that doesn't take itself too seriously and knows it. Unlike so many of the shows today which take everything seriously. Don't we have enough unpleasant issues in everyday life and the world to just go and watch it at home as well? It just seems a shame to have to deal with it every week too! It's nice to see a usually simple show try to entertain us tortured & overworked (most of us that is) folks instead of all the dramatic and unfunny garbage on TV. I am looking forward to the great Tom Selleck back to his rightful place on Television. James Caan will be missed, but the great new character he is portraying brings some freshness to the show. Give this a try if you are looking for a good old fashioned fun show.

sandcrab722 25 October 2021

The characters are a bunch of arrogant dirtbags who run around in suits being obnoxious, making sure that billionaire dirtbags successfully screw the stupid and the gambling-addicted out of the last of their pennies.

Idiotic, trite, and pathetically silly storylines.

No beef with the acting or the production values. Just a horrible premise and terrible writing to push it along.

zathan-32848 5 April 2019

This series is just great. One of the best series from the 2000*s. It would not have been accepted in 2019 because it would probarbly not be PC to have all these beautiful women in a series

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