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Legion (2017)

Action | SciFi 
Rayting:   8.2/10 86K votes
Country: USA | Canada
Language: English

David Haller is a troubled young man diagnosed as schizophrenic, but after a strange encounter, he discovers special powers that will change his life forever.

Episode Guide

Season 3

August 12, 2019Episode 8 Chapter 27
August 5, 2019Episode 7 Chapter 26
July 29, 2019Episode 6 Chapter 25
July 22, 2019Episode 5 Chapter 24
July 15, 2019Episode 4 Chapter 23
July 8, 2019Episode 3 Chapter 22
July 1, 2019Episode 2 Chapter 21
June 24, 2019Episode 1 Chapter 20

Season 2

Season 1

Best Legion Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

March 22, 2017star9.4 4474 votesS1E7 Chapter 7
June 12, 2018star9.2 2265 votesS2E11 Chapter 19
July 15, 2019star9.2 1535 votesS3E4 Chapter 23
March 8, 2017star9.1 4351 votesS1E5 Chapter 5
June 24, 2019star9.1 1847 votesS3E1 Chapter 20
February 8, 2017star8.9 6225 votesS1E1 Chapter 1
May 8, 2018star8.9 2276 votesS2E6 Chapter 14
July 22, 2019star8.8 1248 votesS3E5 Chapter 24
February 22, 2017star8.7 4011 votesS1E3 Chapter 3
August 12, 2019star8.7 1411 votesS3E8 Chapter 27
August 5, 2019star8.7 1130 votesS3E7 Chapter 26
March 1, 2017star8.6 3844 votesS1E4 Chapter 4
March 29, 2017star8.6 3182 votesS1E8 Chapter 8
April 3, 2018star8.6 2607 votesS2E1 Chapter 9
April 17, 2018star8.6 1930 votesS2E3 Chapter 11
May 1, 2018star8.6 1823 votesS2E5 Chapter 13
April 10, 2018star8.5 2021 votesS2E2 Chapter 10
July 8, 2019star8.5 1325 votesS3E3 Chapter 22
April 24, 2018star8.4 2091 votesS2E4 Chapter 12
May 15, 2018star8.4 1617 votesS2E7 Chapter 15

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User Reviews

sublimeintentions 17 July 2019

Watchseries; A visual masterpiece and an incredibly compelling narrative. It's a hallucinogenic mind trip that you'll remember.

sublimeintentions 17 July 2019

A visual masterpiece and an incredibly compelling narrative. It's a hallucinogenic mind trip that you'll remember.

carnagecarney 7 June 2018

Legion watchseries. Season 1 lagged a little in the middle but nothing like season 2. I find myself checking the time and hoping the intrigue I waited for at times in the first season will surface, but I'm done holding my breath. Moving on to other shows unless I hear they've hired new writers or changed the direction. Unfortunate :(

womanburger 7 June 2018

The same curse that plagued the X-Files has now happened to my poor Legion. Once Season 1 wrapped and FX moved production from Vancouver to L.A., the heart and soul of the Show seemed to disappear; I found I had to almost force myself to watch new episodes because I just lost interest.

Season 1 was very original and has style in the way the stories were told. The writing, pacing, acting, and especially the production design were all top notch and really made the show stand out. At the end of the season I was super hyped about what Season 2 was going to offer.

Right from the get go, Season 2 seemed to fall flat. The story arc of Farouk was drawn out way too long and could have been presented so much better. For a character that has this much importance to the Legion storyline, the writers and production team sure succeeded in phoning it in. Even the "look-at-my-fancy-artsy-fartsy-reverse-camera-framing-because-it's-art" shots that are obligatory in Noah Hawley productions somehow seemed contrived and slapped together with no real purpose.

Yawn. So much potential, wasted.

Season 1 - 10/10 Season 2 - 5/10

toxicpilgrim 1 May 2018

I enjoyed the first season of Legion. The first season had a tension to its style. There was this uncertainty to reality that kept me fascinated. Every silly, strange surreal moment was like a relief to that tension. By season 2 it feels like the rug has been pulled out from under the show's plot, and they're left dancing in midair with nothing to hold them up but a fun style, dance numbers, and psychedelic rambling.

I'm going to keep watching in hopes that it gets back on track. But if I'm going to just be watching a new song and dance routine in every episode, or another psychedelic gag because "wahaa-wehee-why-not?" then I'm gonna tune out.

itschris-48462 16 March 2017

This show is absolute brilliance, the creators should be proud.

It's fresh, fun and so on the edge of "what the heck is going on?" yet I don't get completely lost, a feat not easy to pull off in film i'm sure.

The layers, the sets, the music, the acting, the craziness, brilliant! Please don't let this show stop Well done all involved

glormmartin 2 March 2017

This is a very different show. It's unique, well acted and the pacing is great. The writing and story development is intelligent and sophisticated. You're not spoon fed, but required to think about what plays out and motivated to discover the depths of the characters. A fun ride and worth the watch! Wish there was more quality programming like this.

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