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Love, Death and Robots (2019)

Animation | Action 
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Rayting:   8.5/10 124K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A collection of animated short stories that span various genres including science fiction, fantasy, horror and comedy.

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March 15, 2019star8.6 17674 votesS1E7 BEYOND THE AQUILA RIFT
March 15, 2019star8.4 14986 votesS1E14 ZIMA BLUE
March 15, 2019star8.3 18461 votesS1E1 SONNIE'S EDGE
March 15, 2019star8.2 13073 votesS1E18 THE SECRET WAR
March 15, 2019star8.1 14236 votesS1E8 GOOD HUNTING
May 14, 2021star8.1 8151 votesS2E3 Pop Squad
March 15, 2019star8.0 17205 votesS1E2 THREE ROBOTS
May 14, 2021star7.9 7309 votesS2E4 Snow in the Desert
March 15, 2019star7.8 16364 votesS1E3 THE WITNESS
March 15, 2019star7.5 14194 votesS1E4 SUITS
March 15, 2019star7.5 12943 votesS1E10 SHAPE-SHIFTERS
March 15, 2019star7.5 12067 votesS1E13 LUCKY 13
March 15, 2019star7.4 12168 votesS1E11 HELPING HAND
May 14, 2021star7.4 6558 votesS2E6 All Through the House
March 15, 2019star7.0 12577 votesS1E16 ICE AGE
May 14, 2021star7.0 6429 votesS2E5 The Tall Grass
May 14, 2021star7.0 6276 votesS2E8 The Drowned Giant
March 15, 2019star6.8 14185 votesS1E6 WHEN THE YOGURT TOOK OVER
May 14, 2021star6.6 6014 votesS2E7 Life Hutch
March 15, 2019star6.5 13239 votesS1E5 SUCKER OF SOULS

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User Reviews

jpcjcpd 20 May 2021

Season one was incredible. A little something for anyone. Great variety and vision in small samples. Like short stories. It was 18 episodes!

Season two. Even shorter episodes. Only a few of interest and only 8 episodes with some as shot as 7 minutes.

You can always count on Netflix for a bait and switch. Waited over a year for less than an hour of content.

lanycera 15 March 2019

What a unique production! Netflix definitely got something (very) right here. In fact, I wish there would be more quality content like this.

Every single episode is intriguing and spectacular; it can be very violent at times, funny and sad. The art is just breathtaking. Writing is on point.

So far I liked "Sonnie's Edge", "The Witness" and "Beyond the Aquila Rift, "Good Hunting" and "Zima Blue" the best. More, please, Netflix!

jwdb-11864 15 May 2021

Making this review to compare the first season to the second. The first season is almost perfection. Most of its individual episodes have great stories and meaning behind them, they have originality. Even the worst episodes in season one are watchable and have some level of entertainment. The first season has lots of re-watchability to it. But then they released the second season. It's got plenty of episodes with cool concepts but they drag on. I, and many other people, felt let-down by the subsequent season. So far it only has eight episodes, and those eight episodes feel like they were episodes cut from the first season. It isn't horrible, but once you see it all, you don't want to watch it again. Its worst episodes are unbearable and its best are inferior compared to the first season. It contains episodes where the characters make dumb decisions, and its got plenty of episodes that are hard to understand.

With all of that said, I'm giving it a 7/10 because the first season is so good. 9/10 for the first season and 5/10 for the second.

ahmetkozan 1 June 2019

We are faced with an incredibly creative anthology of 18 different stories ranging from an immense variety of animation designs, cinematography, music-sound use, and transhumanism to cyber punk, from robotics to artificial intelligence, from the life of others to anti-militarism: Love, Death & Robots.

It was obvious from the trailer that we would be watching interesting things, but I didn't expect that much. The taste of each episode remained in my palate. Death, Love & Robots show the end point of the animation. Cyberpunk, love, death, technology, apocalyptic, a variety of topics such as space is told. So each viewer can find something in the series. There were criticisms of sexism and violence, but I didn't encounter such a problem. Episode lengths range from six to seventeen minutes. Although it is a little short, you can understand the quality when you watch. 9/10

grantit4 15 March 2019

Sublimely animated (NSFW) shorts... each with it's own unique and beautiful (& mature) story. Think game cinematic-Animatrix saga with hyper-realistic futurism/multi-dimensional concepts. Absolutely GORGEOUS. I enjoyed each immensely, and cannot wait to see more, hopefully becoming a mainstream format.

fagzal 19 May 2021

I really liked season 1 of the series: a new kind of format, amazing graphics, sometimes thought provoking and serious, even dark, sometimes just simply funny. Diverse themes and animation styles. It was kind of like Black Mirror, but animated. Or like reading a collections sci-fi short stories.

But season 2... I was looking forward to it so much, and it let me down. The animations are as good as in season 1, and there is one or two episodes that are kind of OK, but otherwise they have forgotten *the* most important thing that made season 1 so good: the stories. I don't know what they were thinking, but they are very basic in season 2, sometimes do not even make sense. The punch lines are basically missing, or very weak.

Season 1 = 10 starts. Season 2 = 3 stars.

maximenkos 24 May 2021

Although I'd still say that this season is worth watching, I have to also say that it is most definitely nowhere near as good as season 1.

First of all, stories of S2 are best described as "meah". Aside from the e3 and e4 (that were somewhat interesting andor thought-provoking) and e6 that made me chuckle a bit, the rest are completely forgettable.

Second, this season seams to be positively muted in terms of sheer madness and creative scope of the first one. Why this is would be anybody's guess, but my sense is that the network decided to play it safe instead of embracing the sometimes-provocative insanity of the first season.

Finally, this season contains less than half the number of episodes of the first one, why??? I get not being able to film real actors during the time of the pandemic, but what was stopping a bunch of IT and CGI pros from creating a bunch of episodes while sitting comfortably in front of their computer screens at home...truly beyond me.

So here we are, still enjoyable to watch, but doesn't even begin to hold a candle to the first season. What a shame, such a missed opportunity.

javierrickard 15 March 2019

Honestly it just appeared on Netflix so I thought why not give it a try? and I am so happy I did. Every episode is so beautifully animated and the stories keep you interested from beginning to end! The most impressive and immersive thing Netflix has done in a little while, you aren't wasting you're time. believe me.

MR_Heraclius 19 March 2020

This show is a masterpiece. Every episode feels like a complete movie. I was surprised that I was able to care for the characters after such a short time. Most shows take 2 or 3 hours to be able to establish that kind of a rapport. The pacing is great, the topics explored are interesting and some of the plot twists are amazing. One of the episodes managed to flip my understanding of all the events completely on its head just in the last few seconds when the truth was finally revealed.

DennisTarr 16 March 2019

I seriously hope Netflix produces more shows of this quality. Great animation quality together with themes and stories for adults are pretty much non existent. Until now. This is really worth getting a subscription for. At lest for me it was.

Eb3ast 14 May 2021

Season 1, a mind blowing masterpiece with plenty of episodes to indulge. Season 2, a disgrace to season 1. Not only is it incredibly short after a 2 year wait, but the writing is just sloppy. Season 1 had a lot of episodes that made you think "wow, how does someone come up with this" while season 2 as a whole seems like something you could scrap together with a couple friends over a weekend.

I pray this is a lesson to the people who decided to switch up this season, and that if they do get another chance with a third that they redeem themselves. There are great writers and artists out there who are forced to have limited creativity. LET THEM MAKE SOMETHING FREELY.

DarrenSCook 15 March 2019

Watched the complete series in one go!!! Could not stop watching!

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