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Love, Victor (2020)

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Country: USA
Language: English

Victor is a new student at Creekwood High School on his own journey of self discovery, facing challenges at home, adjusting to a new city, and struggling with his sexual orientation.

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June 17, 2020star8.9 951 votesS1E8 Boys' Trip
June 17, 2020star8.9 886 votesS1E10 Spring Fling
June 11, 2021star8.8 584 votesS2E6 Sincerely, Rahim
June 17, 2020star8.7 768 votesS1E9 Who the Hell Is B?
June 11, 2021star8.6 581 votesS2E4 The Sex Cabin
June 11, 2021star8.6 580 votesS2E9 Victor's Day Off
June 17, 2020star8.5 751 votesS1E7 What Happens in Willacoochee...
June 11, 2021star8.5 607 votesS2E10 Close Your Eyes
June 17, 2020star8.4 749 votesS1E5 Sweet Sixteen
June 11, 2021star8.4 575 votesS2E2 Day One, Take Two
June 11, 2021star8.4 542 votesS2E5 Gay Gay
June 11, 2021star8.3 529 votesS2E7 Table for Four
June 11, 2021star8.2 635 votesS2E1 Perfect Summer Bubble
June 11, 2021star8.2 553 votesS2E3 There's No Gay in Team
June 11, 2021star8.2 529 votesS2E8 The Morning After
June 15, 2022star8.2 195 votesS3E3 The Setup
June 15, 2022star8.1 186 votesS3E4 You Up?
June 17, 2020star7.9 751 votesS1E3 Battle of the Bands
June 17, 2020star7.9 715 votesS1E6 Creekwood Nights
June 15, 2022star7.9 169 votesS3E7 The Gay Award

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User Reviews

peterDM-30380 12 June 2021

Wow. Season 1 was enjoyable and a good, simple starting point for this story, but Season 2 really stepped up in terms of improving the writing. The story lines are much more complex, the characters grow and learn, and the plot has great twists and turns. I can now say I genuinely like these characters and am invested in them. I think this show has at least 3 more good seasons left in it, and I hope they get the opportunity to continue telling these characters' stories. Everyone involved is doing great work.

turner-bugzyblue-james94 17 June 2020

This show is really good. The characters and the story was so good I literally couldn't stop watching. Barely any show can ever hold me this tight. I really suggest you watch this and if you loved Love, Simon then you'll love this! It deserves many seasons and deserves to be loved!

ikea2012 17 June 2020

This show fills a space that most of us were not aware we needed filled. Content like this would have been so beneficial to me, and others like me, if I was able to watch this at a younger age. The movie it's based off of is one of my favorite movies of all time but where this show really sets itself apart is how it handles the familial experience. I'm completely captivated by the journey the character takes and can relate to so many aspects of this. It's so important that this story is being told on this platform and I hope they continue to expand and diversify the telling of it. Straight people had so many examples of love and friendship while growing up and the LGBT+ community were left to journey through the dark. I know this just came out but I came here to praise this in all of its excellence before the career trolls arrived to attack it and minimize its efforts. I'm glad to hear there's already a writers room for season 2. Hopefully this blows up the way it should.

jasnilsen 17 June 2020

This series brought me so much joy. The storyline is very, very predictable, but somehow that doesn't matter since I didn't really start watching it to be surprised. I watched it to experience a roller-coaster of emotions, and the show did not disappoint me in that regard. Even though I wasn't surprised by a single thing that happened, I still admired the writing because, ostensibly, they had not included a single thing that was not somehow important later in the show, and that had me constantly analyzing everything that happened instead of being distracted by my phone or whatever else. Hoping for many more seasons (and many more shows like this)! Great job.

EDIT: I'm only three episodes in on season two, but I can already tell that they stepped things up (hence why I'm upping my rating from a nine to a ten.) I hate an unlikely fairytale love-story, and this isn't it. Ana Ortiz's acting is on point, and everyone needs a friend like Lake. Enjoy the binge, folks!

EDIT2: Finished. Mwah! Can't wait for season three.

kristophermcgrew012 17 June 2020

This show is pretty good. The movie was great as well.

djunaskye 22 June 2020

I had low expectations for this series, since I didn't like the movie, but I just finished up season one and I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised! I liked it a lot. Compared to the movie this is, in my opinion, funnier, more relatable, and more realistic. The first episode was honestly kinda cringy, but after that, it started to pick up and I got invested in the storyline. Having a decent soundtrack is also a bonus!

Avidviewer-02847 22 June 2020


It's a spin off from Greg Berlanti's movie "Love, Simon", the creators of this series were the screenwriters of "Love, Simon". A lot of gay coming of age films tend to be short films or B movies, but Berlanti's film had a really good script, good cast and was a top quality production.

The mainly young cast in "Love, Victor" is good with a few cross over characters from "Love, Simon" and the script is good. It's not another stupid rom-com. It's nice to see a lead character who is gay, most LGBT characters are in supportive roles. Seems like most of the LGBT characters in network and streaming series are lesbian characters, perhaps because two women kissing doesn't make hetero men uncomfortable like watching two men kissing does. The main thing that I disliked about "Love, Victor" was it's 30 minute episodes, too much time is lost to the opening intro and ending credits. It's on a streaming service so it probably has a better chance of being renewed than if it was on network TV.

Hope it gets a season 2, there are so few gay characters on TV that it's great to see gay characters portrayed in a positive light. Too many "coming out" stories or "gays dying of AIDS".

matux33 18 June 2020

Just binge watched the whole thing. There are movies and series where you can discuss the cinematography, character arcs, etc. In this case, all I care about how these 10 short episodes made me feel. And as a kinda-sorta-closeted-but-not-really guy, this series hit me hard. And that's all that matters. Yes, there are more critically acclaimed titles out there, with better storylines and whatnot, but none of them made me feel the way this series did. I'm currently crying. Damn the show's creators for not making this any longer. I really hope there are more seasons to this, because I'm just so emotionally invested in the story!

dickinsonjason-34081 17 June 2020

This Was Truly Amazing I Loved It Absolutely A Most Watch

spiderdib 1 August 2020

SEASON 1 REVIEW: Sometimes I'm not really a big fan of LGBT productions for teens given that I don't really see the "dark" side of it, I mean, the realism of being part of this community aside of realizing you are part of it, "Love, Victor" totally wins giving a shot of realism, doing this in a light dosis and in a interesting way.

Being able to see terms like being a latin, religion, racism, family problems and a bit of economical concern that actually concerns the teen (while dealing with coming out in this environment) is pretty human; as a latin and part of LGBT community I feel represented.

The connection with the movie "Love, Simon" is awesome even though I think this show is more valuable than that movie, at first with the news that a spin off of the movie was in plans I thought nothing but "Okay, the movie got famous and they want more money of it, how the hell are they gonna connect them? They're probably planning on selling it as something similar of Simon"...but WOW, just WOW, this show totally kicks the movie out of the way and deserves more recognition.

In conclusion, you will not regret watching "Love, Victor".

SESION 2 REVIEW: Sincerely, I can be totally honest saying "WOW, how in earth is possible for a tv series that have a better second season in comparison with the first?" It barely happens. Love, Victor Season 2 let me fall in love even more with every single character, know them all and even better, see every problem surrounding coming out (which is clearly even more than just having peace with yourself) through the fantastic acknowledgment the series does with every single aspect of this situation.

This series just keeps getting better and better. Please, keep doing it and inspiring a bunch of people. It's necessary.

aidanratesmovies 29 June 2020

Funny, sweet, and by all means deeply heartfelt- Love, Victor is bound to have you laughing and crying till the very end, in a very good, but not perfect spinoff, of the fantastic film Love, Simon. I have to admit at first I was quite skeptical of the series, I had seen the trailer, and didn't think it was going to be much. I've seen Love, Simon countless times since its release in 2018, and it has become easily one of my favorite films of the last decade, so I thought this could not nearly meet the expectations I wanted for it. However, although that fact was still somewhat true, I was delighted to see how much humanity they could put into a spinoff of one of my favorite films, and was often delighted to watch it throughout. The premise of the show, isn't anything you haven't seen or heard of before, but even though the storyline may not be as unique as Love Simon's its character depth is often quite good. I always enjoyed watching the characters of Victor, Mia, and Felix on screen- and found it quite impressive how much the show developed their characters as time went on, and how much effort was put into doing so. Felix was most notably my favorite character of the show, as I find his personality a lot similar to my own, and found it touching to see someone so weird and so caring on screen. His (Anthony Turpel) character I felt was very unique, and not something you see often in this type of thing, so it was always refreshing to his interactions throughout the show. Victor (Michael Cimino) also gives quite a great performance throughout the show, and we can see that circumstances for these type of things are not easy as for some as they are for others. I liked this take and view on the story, and was glad they went that direction. I was also overjoyed to see the callbacks to Simon (Nick Robinson), and his subtle voice appearances throughout the episodes, which honestly made me quite overjoyed to see his involvement with the franchise is still present as well as Keiynan Lonsdale who played Bram. The show can be a bit cheesy at times, as well as formulaic, and is notably more so towards the beginning. It's characters of Lake and Andrew often feel incredibly cliche and they make light of this fact in the show, but it can't help but feel like you are watching useless characters as they are on screen. I did enjoy the touching romance between Lake and Felix on the show, but I felt Bebe Wood's performance as Lake was a bit overdone as well as Andrew's as it just all felt a bit wooden. The pilot is exactly what you expect it to be, as well as most of the third episode, which was kinda a bummer, considering they had a lot more to work with rather than just putting it all crammed together in the end, but the final few episodes are incredibly touching, heartbreaking, and emotional to watch, and watching it all together, I wouldn't want it any other way. My Rating: 8.75/10

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