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Lucifer (2016)

Crime | Fantasy 
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Rayting:   8.1/10 284K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Lucifer Morningstar has decided he's had enough of being the dutiful servant in Hell and decides to spend some time on Earth to better understand humanity. He settles in Los Angeles the City of Angels.

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May 14, 2018star9.8 13035 votesS3E24 A Devil of My Word
May 8, 2019star9.7 9535 votesS4E10 Who's da New King Of Hell?
May 7, 2018star9.5 6896 votesS3E23 Quintessential Deckerstar
May 8, 2019star9.5 6829 votesS4E9 Save Lucifer
January 30, 2017star9.5 6032 votesS2E13 A Good Day to Die
August 21, 2020star9.4 4891 votesS5E8 Spoiler Alert
May 8, 2019star9.3 5783 votesS4E7 Devil Is As Devil Does
November 13, 2017star9.3 5526 votesS3E7 Off the Record
May 28, 2021star9.3 3841 votesS5E16 A Chance at a Happy Ending
September 10, 2021star9.3 2092 votesS6E9 Goodbye, Lucifer
May 8, 2019star9.2 6011 votesS4E8 Super Bad Boyfriend
May 8, 2019star9.2 5813 votesS4E3 O, Ye Of Little Faith, Father
May 8, 2019star9.2 5670 votesS4E5 Expire Erect
April 25, 2016star9.2 5669 votesS1E13 Take Me Back To Hell
October 31, 2016star9.2 5099 votesS2E6 Monster
May 29, 2017star9.2 4233 votesS2E18 The Good, The Bad And The Crispy
May 8, 2019star9.1 6566 votesS4E1 Everything's Okay
March 21, 2016star9.1 5941 votesS1E9 A Priest Walks Into A Bar

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User Reviews

jonesjamie-38418 9 May 2019

Thank Luci himself that fox cancelled this show because Netflix is doing a much better job only one season in!

depechemodelovercom 11 May 2019

I have loved this show since day one, and an avid fan of all three of the prior season before Fox stupidly cancelled it, which actually was a gift. I was one of the fans that worked in the twitter campaign to help save the show,working along with the producers, writers, cast, crew and fans from around the world, with the hashtag #SaveLucifer making history, as Netflix was more than eager to give this show a fabulous new home. So now this series is even better, the new Season 4 just released May 8 2019 is so much more, despite only 10 episodes, they are packed with action, drama,it is bolder, yet the humor in the show is still there, it is definitely the best season yet. For new viewers, do watch the first 3 seasons before the new one, as the characters history is important to this story. I am just finishing doing a binge watch for the third time and it just never gets old. Treasure of a show, great actors, good tight writing, great set designs, cool music throughout, and even a little nudity. What more can you want. Netflix, we need a season 5,6,7 and on. 2019 Update: After yet another fan campaign and good reviews for season 4 on Netflix, we got season 5, although it will be the last and we really wanted 6 seasons, But then Netflix listened, and gave the show twice the episodes for season 5, another win. Can't wait, the writers keep tweeting us the episode titles and have promised the best season yet.

Update for Season 5.1 released Aug 21: AWESOME. One of the best seasons yet. We get some answers, some closure on some things (keeping this spoiler free for you), many of our favorite characters go through unexpected changes, and a new bad guys appears in a familiar face. Best acting ever from this amazing cast. Lots of funny moments too. The second half of season 5 is almost finished and will be on Netflix later, and we are also getting a Season 6 in the future. Just an amazing show, brought back to life by amazing fans, writers, producers, actors and thanks to Netflix.

pmelrose524 14 May 2018

#SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer

One of the best shows around. It deserves to continue right where it left off.

lovettstough 13 May 2018

As we all know by now FOX cancelled LUCIFER. I love that show. I hope and pray another network picks up LUCIFER. I think the best network to pick up LUCIFER is the CW. LUCIFER would fit right in the CW wheelhouse along with SUPERNATURAl and all the other shows like that the CW has. FOX which always cancels anything really good that people really like cancelled LUCIFER while leaving one hell of a cliffhanger.

lubencho 14 May 2018

How can you cancel the greatest show ever. In a world full of crap this was the only show that made me happy to watch. And Season 3 episode 24 was amazing. I am praying for being renewed. I am pretty sure that for so much money you can make up with good ideas. I understand that from now on it will be hard, but don't do the same as The Sicret Circle! Please! I give the show 10 out of 10!

kinellarsen 23 December 2017

After watching two seasons with an extremely slow progressing story, I've decided to not waste more time on a show where there is no evolution in the characters. This guy Tom Kapinos does not seem to realize that we live in 2017 and people are tired of stories that just keeps pushing ones patient to the limit aka. "Red John" in the Mentalist.

It is sad really, because the story did have potential, and the actors are doing a splendid job. However, Kapinos have done a terrible job at keeping interest up, and I suspect this show will get cancelled soon enough.

svening 24 August 2020

This show really loses its soul and nerve in season 5, emerging into something of a spin-off of a kids or modern family type of show. Clearly, the writers of the show don't know what it is (was) or wants to be anymore.

shiranai-73770 12 August 2018

Lucifer is good from the cinematic view, but that's about it. The story is so cheesy you sometimes have to cringe. And worst of all they manage to underbid their own cheesiness when you even thought they couldn't. The devil helps a LAPD detective and falls in love ... Jeezus puhlease. Who even remotely thinks "Oh cool lets produce it".

If I was an actor for this series, I don't know if I had to laugh, cry or just be tempted to quit every time I read the script. Seriously this is one series you can skip without batting an eye. Thank god (pun intended) this show got cancelled, cause it's really a waste of time, talent and money. You're better off watching your neighborhood from the window than a whole season of this cr...

jimewitt 26 March 2018

What was once amusing about this show has become annoying. Since the main character is supposed to be an angel you would expect the childish behavior from the beginning season to at least slightly mature. It is as if he is absolutely clueless. The amusement has worn off!

andreremmers-35415 28 August 2020

There is just one thing worse than learning that one of your favorite TV shows has run its course or got canceled. Watching a new season that totally and utterly blows. What the hell has happened to Lucifer? Why would they turn him from a cool, children-loathing womanizer into a total lame, dull and pathetic slowpoke? Honestly, if you liked the first 4 seasons, call it quits and don't watch the 5th. You'll be bitterly disappointed.

mariangella 21 June 2018

Lauren German seems to have spend numerous hours watching the ways of Kate Beckett, but has failed completely in an attempt to be a new her.

The "acting" is painfull to watch, better have a go at a painted wall waiting to dry, far more exciting.

I should reward myself for suffering for through 5 episode of this travesty.

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