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Luke Cage (2016)

Action | Drama | Thriller
Rayting:   7.3/10 116873 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

When a sabotaged experiment gives him super strength and unbreakable skin, Luke Cage becomes a fugitive attempting to rebuild his life in Harlem and must soon confront his past and fight a battle for the heart of his city.

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DiCaprio-HardyFan 13 December 2020

While Luke Cage is not quite as good as The Punisher or Daredevil, it's still a very good, action packed show that is absolutely worth watching! It's another Netflix Marvel show that is outstanding. It's just too bad that they had to part ways because I loved all 5 of their shows, some more than others but all still good. Mike Colter was terrific as Luke Cage!

hyperiontitanj 2 October 2016

I was looking forward to this more so than the other Marvel Netflix shows, but Luke Cage is easily the weakest of the bunch.

The show improves throughout its run, but it really only picks up over the last few episodes. The story is not compelling, the acting is troublesome at times (mostly early on), and Cage's story arc and motivation (or lack thereof) leaves much to be desired for most of the first season. At times it's hard to believe he's the same character who first appeared in Jessica Jones.

The biggest issue is the tedium. The director appears to have a problem with story telling, but the real issue is there just isn't enough material to fill each episode. Every hour drags on and on. It's awkwardly punctuating by musical numbers that will not be appealing to most viewers with frequent cuts back and forth which simply interrupt the consequential moments of each episode instead of accentuating them.

The villains are too weak for the season to drag on as it did. Cage is very overpowered in this series (far more powerful than in Jessica Jones) and there's no plausible reason he doesn't mop things up by the end of the first few episodes. To account for this, much of the show is filler. Some of the reviews I've seen remark how much character development there is on the supporting cast as one of the show's strengths. Honestly, it seems to be a glaring weakness. Not only is this too, filler, the character development is poor. It not only doesn't explain who these people really are and in fact detracts from the characters as you see how weak and ineffectual the rest of the cast is.

In reality, Cage could have pimp slapped the villain out of Harlem at any point in the entire series and they could have moved on to a new and better story line.

snowyprecipice 25 June 2018

First season was messy, a little boring and a little unwatchable. Season two was solid and the characters were amazing. The development of Mariah, Hernan and Tilda were amazing! Extra props to Hernan; he was absolutely amazing to watch. Luke's small conflict suited him; he didn't need a big losing-himself-and-finding-himself arc - that was well done. Even the Jamaican dude was well done. Loved Danny's cameo!

(The ending, though.. what the hell lol)

wcochran 6 October 2016

The first half of season one rocked--the second half flopped.

Excellent acting performances for complex characters, masterful integration of powerful music, introspection and confrontation with current social issues--all highlights of the first several episodes.

Unfortunately, as the season progressed, one could sense that whoever was driving this bus fell asleep, or was otherwise distracted. A couple of scenes were reminiscent of old Batman and Robin episodes. B-rated, campy, predictable dialog replaced the eloquence of the early episodes. Logical progression of plot lines and at least cursory explanations of how this-lead-to-that were ignored. All capped with an uninspired, unsurprising finale.

My hope is the show will learn from its mistakes, correct the flaws, and become even better next year.

kosmasp 11 September 2020

Well for some it was I reckon, but it is tough to please everyone anyway, so this being different is either good or bad. Connected with the other shows on Netflix, this also works as stand alone, even if people from the other shows pop up (look for a timeline to watch the shows if you care, because there are some consequences that are being carried over too).

The show itself has a lot of cool music, some cameos (to name but one let's take Method Man who also has a speaking role besides blessing us with his lyrical skills) and a lot of action too. I am not so familiar with the comics, so I can't really compare or tell you what the differences are if there are any. I can tell you that the plot seems unpredictable and there are quite a few twists that I did not expect myself. Very cool actors involved (all the shows have cool people in them) and while it is not without flaws and I initially thought about going with an 8 rating, having Rakim as a bookend performer to the show made me just incredibly happy! Arguably one of the best MCs (no offense KRS-One, also in performing in season 2), if not the best. The show finds an abrupt end overall, though it can be called satisfying - production values are immense to say the least and amazing too. Top notch production with a very charismatic lead actor

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