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Luther (2010)

Crime | Mystery 
Rayting:   8.4/10 128K votes
Country: UK
Language: English

DCI John Luther is a near genius murder detective whose brilliant mind can't always save him from the dangerous violence of his passions.

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flam99 11 June 2010

Let me be clear, I despise police or detective shows. It just doesn't do it for me. They throw in a new criminal each episode to fill up most of the time and add a little bit of main story progression at the very end of the episode, leaving it to the season finale to wrap things up in ONE good episode.

Luther does not do this. Luther is a ride that relentlessly takes you through a thick plot. The story is compelling and realistic. The acting is of class (I really like Idris Elba). The music choice at certain parts of the show is so fitting that a smile makes its way on my face amidst the gruesome storyline. I just think this show is spectacular.

I understand that for a lot of viewers, certain scenes of this show are difficult to watch. I consider myself capable of handling some pretty nasty stuff, but some parts even got to me. I applaud this show for being the first one in many years to give me that effect.

I would recommend this show to anyone. I truly hope it continues.

martyncymro 8 June 2010

Class! What an excellent series.

I've always liked Idris Elba - maybe it's because of The Wire or maybe because his screen presence is so compelling. When our TVs schedules are filled with so much dross to have this little gem of a series appear is so refreshing.

Luther (Idris Elba) is a Detective Inspector in a Special Crimes Unit who has just returned to work after having recently recovered from a mental breakdown due to pressures of a marriage break up and over commitment to his job. His relationships with his ex-wife, his new colleague DS Ripley and a psychopathic but brilliant young lady are central to the development of the series. Each episode leaves one wanting to know how the plot will develop. There are of course the crimes to be solved and Luther's unorthodox but canny methods.

I will not divulge any more but the climatic ending to episode 6 makes one want to know 'what now?' I strongly recommend Luther who anyone who appreciates 'quality' television drama.

journalist1 25 June 2010

Bias, it's a terrible thing I know but I have to admit I AM biased,biased against police drama's, for me they signify the apathy and mediocrity at the heart of British and American television.

However, occasionally along comes a series that sits so far above the grey landscape of indifference that it blinds by the light of it's creativity, one such show is the British drama 'Luther'. The show's direction takes the viewer helter skelter into the very heart and soul of John Luther, a dedicated senior police officer in a constant struggle to retain his moral compass because he dares to use questionable methods to ensure justice for victims of the most brutal crimes within a labyrinthine bureaucracy of a legal system whose very existence seems intent in ensuring the path towards a successful arrest and conviction is as difficult as possible.

Idris Elba is excellent at portraying this wrought, fallible but noble detective John Luther, which reflects once again how far Elba's acting range can reach post The Wire. The audio track is charged, insightful and electric, employing talents such as Emiliana Torrini and her track 'Gun'.

One of the more interesting back stories is the role of Alice Morgan, a young multiple murderess (played brilliantly by Ruth Wilson) who gives Luther chilling insight into the minds of his suspects while challenging him on sexual, intellectual and moral levels, intent on drawing him further inwards to the heart of her passion, John can see this, it both frightens and attracts him leaving the audience on a constant cliff-edge awaiting his fate. 'Luther' reminds me of 'the number 23' and how obsession can destroy and destroy utterly taking everything and everyone with it.

A triple A show among E-average competition.

cfisanick 23 November 2010

What's remarkable about "Luther" is how series creator Neil Cross takes a rag-tag bag of clichés--brilliant but damaged rogue cop, long-suffering boss, genius killer, etc.--and makes it all seem so fresh. Of course, having the fantastic Idris Elba helps immeasurably. He doesn't just act the part of Luther; he is Luther, fully inhabiting the role and moving like a force of nature through every scene. This is one of those rare times where you see an actor's innate intelligence and physicality used perfectly. (Watching Luther decompensate, as he does at various times over the story arc, is really something to see.) Elba is matched every step of the way by Ruth Wilson, playing a sort of female Hannibal Lector--brilliant, amoral, remorseless, scary, and, I daresay, sexy. She and Elba make quite a pair, and their interplay is priceless.

Finally, it's worth noting that this series, while ostensibly a cop show, has its own look and feel. It plays more like a beautifully filmed, weird morality play. (Cross makes the point that Luther believes in only two things, life and love, though the viewer will quickly see that, despite his damaged psyche and emotional baggage, he also ultimately believes in himself.) Some may think that it's just insane, far-fetched, and way over the top. (which it sometimes is if you look closely and cynically). But I think that it exudes a unique vibe. Take a look at the impressionistic opening credits with Massive Attack on the soundtrack, and you'll know right up front that this is something special.

ahmedgorshy 3 August 2020

This series is unlike any other series you will see and I will explain in a few small reasons why. First, the series seems very traditional in the beginning, and the acting seems strange, and I did not think I would want to complete it, but I was shocked by the improvement that occurs from the first episode in the first season to the last of the season, and the development continues in everything in the story and events and the representation of Idris Elba, which improves in each episode and Every season. The series reaches its climax in the third season and whoever does not follow it has wasted a lot of his or her life. My favorite character is Alice, she is the best character in the show. I am sad and worried that the show may come out from the list of the best in AMDB, but as you know the fifth season is weak, but this is the case for all series. My rating for each season is as follows The first season was held at 8.9 out of 10 The second season I give it 9.0 Season three I give it 9.7 out of 10 Season 4 i give it 8.5 Season 5 i give it 7.0 The show is relly good

arachnapheobia 15 August 2010

Okay, it's been a while since i actually saw a series I liked so much. England doesn't churn out amazing movies or TV programmes by the dozen, but when they get 'em right, they get 'em perfect. And Luther is one of those gems.

A very gritty setting, and perfect execution for a detective series. Each character is very detailed and constantly evolving and growing with Idris Elba playing DCI Luther, constantly fighting his own deamons and a rich cast of characters who make his life 'interesting'.

This is a true gem of a series, and in true British style, ends the first series only after 6 episodes, leaving you wanting more and more.

TheLittleSongbird 21 June 2010

Now I love detective series, and tuned in to Luther expecting something interesting. And did I get that? Yes I did and even more than that. It mayn't be the best programme ever, but over the past six weeks or so it was one of the better programmes airing.

The violence is shocking I agree, I admit I had to look away when a woman was abused in one episode. But it is not exactly happy families, the violence in Luther is gritty and suited the tone of the series well. The stories were well written, unpredictable and quite nail-biting and the writing is intelligent and fairly humorous in spots. The series is also strikingly filmed, with a dark edge to it and the direction is solid.

And the acting is very, very good, as they bring to life interesting characters who have flaws but we get to like them. For example, Luther is fairly unorthodox, but he is also troubled and dedicated so the character grows on you like the series. Idris Elba gives a charismatic lead performance, while Ruth Wilson almost steals the show from under him seamlessly as Alice and Steven Mackintosh is charming as DCI Reed. The villains are outlandish in their motives, but they do maintain interest too. Overall, Luther is a very interesting detective series, and also very compelling and absorbing. 10/10 Bethany Cox

Supermanfan-13 24 February 2021

Luther is an excellent show that absolutely lives up to all the hype! Idris Elba is fantastic as Luther and the rest of the cast is also impressive! This last season wasn't as good as the previous ones but it was still worth watching. God knows there are a thousand detective shows to choose from out there but Luther really is one of the better ones available!

kingpetay 2 June 2010

When i heard that Idris Elba was doing a BBC series i almost hoped it would be a one season-er, but i have to admit this is probably the most enjoyable BBC series in years. Finally a show that relates to the real life of a copper instead of the stupid mistakes we always can identify on shows like CSI, sorry David Caruso but you cannot act for a toffee, not even a bland one. One thing that makes this show so unique is its reality, not all of the episode is committed to the case and its interests, some how it still makes time to experience the personal problems of a copper with people breathing down his neck 24/7. All in all i take my hat off to this show and hail for some more episodes in the near future!!!

zaenkney 30 October 2010

"Luther" the new BBC detective series lead by Idris Elba as DCI John Luther, is a riveting watch. This character, Luther, is a loose cannon primed to fire at will or by wonder, yet this detective's intelligence and focus seems to keep him charging in the right direction. He and fellow officers appear to work on a rather intuitive level and their ability to relate to us 'common folk' and our reaction to injustice, is a magnetizing factor.

The relationship he has with his wife, Zoe, works well as a part of the machinery that helps reveal the different layers of his character. Beyond that, I must admit I feel slightly ambiguous towards her part, at this point, anyway.

But I am fascinated with Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson of "Jane Eyre" 2006). I had a very good friend with similar characteristics as she; the writers, as well as the actress, portrayed Alice as if they knew my friend intimately. Of course, it is difficult to know the 'deviosity' of which such people are capable, especially when your affections are securely attached through years of shared experiences. As I watch Alice Morgan attempt to secure even the friendship of Luther, I think, "Oh, go ahead, trust her." And then, I remind myself that this character killed her parents! This goes to the depraved depth of the sociopath's personality and how they can manipulate us. Chilling! Great stuff…

For anyone who holds an interest towards the Behavioral Sciences, and desires to watch something that will entertain, as well as appeal to that part of your brain, give "Luther" a shot, you won't be sorry.

luned-59986 16 August 2016

Since I've already watched The Bridge, Happy Valley, and Broadchurch, and The Night Of is almost over, I needed a fix. I saw the reviews of Luther and thought I had found it. Luther is ludicrous, though. It's like the old Batman series (with the"pows" and "zooms" included)meets those terrible NCI shows. Ludicrous plots, ludicrous characters, and virtually no development of the crime. Luther just figures it out, all in his head, and then tells us, wham, bam, thank you ma'am. The back story (that he had some sort of meltdown and was put on leave, but now he's back) is undeveloped, generic. His anger is over the top, and also not developed. I do not understand this character at all. He seems like a hodgepodge of standard cop characters. I want to care about him, I want to see a real person with a unique set of issues. I want to understand why he is broken. But the writers just don't bother. Luther is a comic book character. If he could climb buildings or fly, this series would be more believable. I am a little stunned that so many people love this show. It presents itself as a realistic drama, but in reality it's a melodrama, maybe even a comedy. It's overacted, illogical, and insulting to my intelligence.

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