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MacGruber (2021)

Rayting:   7.1/10 1.5K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

TV series based on the 'Saturday Night Live' sketch spoofing the hit 1980s action series 'MacGyver'.

Episode Guide

Season 1

December 16, 2021Episode 8 Havencroft
December 16, 2021Episode 7 The Architect
December 16, 2021Episode 6 The Storm
December 16, 2021Episode 4 The Scientist
December 16, 2021Episode 3 Brimstone
December 16, 2021Episode 2 The Hungry Lion
December 16, 2021Episode 1 A Good Day to Die

Best MacGruber Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

December 16, 2021star8.9 77 votesS1E8 Havencroft
December 16, 2021star8.9 69 votesS1E7 The Architect
December 16, 2021star8.8 76 votesS1E6 The Storm
December 16, 2021star8.7 81 votesS1E4 The Scientist
December 16, 2021star8.6 83 votesS1E3 Brimstone
December 16, 2021star8.6 76 votesS1E5 Through the Looking Glass
December 16, 2021star8.3 102 votesS1E2 The Hungry Lion
December 16, 2021star7.5 146 votesS1E1 A Good Day to Die

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User Reviews

Johnny_West 29 December 2021

Starts out with Maya Rudolph in a wedding dress singing a song about MacGruber for five minutes. Painful to listen to. Unwatchable. It gets worse from there.

qormi 17 December 2021

I find it disturbing that they showed the star's naked butt swishing around in the opening credits. What is the purpose of this? So I turned it off and won't watch it again.

Have you noticed the dozen or so reviews highly praising this show and rating it a 10? They are all dated Dec. 18 and appear to be written by the same PR staff.

Okonh0wp 20 December 2021

The Saturday Night Live sketch was inexplicably turned into a hilarious movie with near cult culture status in 2010. The film approached gratuitous nudity and violence with such an over-the-topness that it reminds one of the hard-drinking college friend with no sense of shame.

Considering that the series has no boundaries over how low brow is the limit, there's no reason to worry about tarnishing the legacy of such a spectacularly stupid film. If you can mine any laughs at all out of it, I say go for it.

Still, I have to note: The series never reaches the comic plateau of the film. The comic energy works best when Will Forte's lunacy is juxtaposed alongside Ryan Phillipe's sensible soldier and love interest Kristen Wiig (the film starts out with her married to a general played by Lawrence Fishburne which is quite the obstacle). One problem is it takes at least three episodes to get the tree of them together and by then there's a significant loss in momentum. Will Forte's MacGruber is notably nastier here (I'm guessing it's a way to deepen the character and give him edge) and it's a lot less fun.

Even when operating on full cylinders, it still feels like the jokes per minute count is a little lower than the film. Perhaps, it's because of the way the plot is serialized and stretched out but not in a way that adds to the humor.

Last year, Erinn Hayes and Rob Huebel starred alongside Fred Melamed, Ken Marino, Jason Matzoukas and others in the Children's Hospital spin-off "Medical Police" that combined humor and action in a serialized manner in a much superior way.

bitbucketchip 24 December 2021

Read the 10 star reviews. They're written in the same voice. Someone hired a (lousy) PR individual to flood the reviews with ten stars of nonsense. Ignore them.

A parody of Macgyver this is not. It's an action star who does things merely to set up jokes. Some jokes land, but, like SNL, the majority land with a thud.

Three stars is a fair score.

zombie84-1 18 December 2021

Greatest show on tv right now - my stomach hurts for laughin so hard. This is just like the movie too. I hope they make much more. Everything about this is perfect.

zorroaca 17 December 2021

Very crude and low class. Have to feel that the actors in this have very few options. There is no shock value... just disgust. Reese Witherspoon has left her EX husband in the dust.

jamiekressinger 18 December 2021

Just like the film disengage your brain and have a great laugh and sillyness.

The people here rating it as low as they are obviously didn't watch the film or ever see the character before and went in expecting something very different. Although the credits should have prepared you. Lol.

Anyway just what I needed.

nimitz541 20 December 2021

This show is just stupid on every level. They even go to great length to make it look and sound stupid... why? Comedy? It's so stupid it's not even funny. Quit wasting everyones time producing shows like this..

payiyugk 18 December 2021

A new low in tv shows. The most worthless program I've ever seen. And there is a lot of competition in bad programs. Should take the shows budget and donate it to the humane society where it can do some good.

krazysoon 17 December 2021

The comedy is over the top and the action is pretty wild. My wife and I laughed so hard at various scenes because a lot of it is just plain silly. I went into this with low expectations because of the film that was released in 2010 which was a box office bomb and disaster. The action is bigger and several of the jokes hit right on the spot. Now, I don't see a parents guide up yet but prepared to see some things you may not want to see.

mohalhamouri 18 December 2021

MacGruber is a great show which includes comedy, thriller and action. Great production and the show includes big hollywood stars. I totally recommend watching the show.

talis-briedis-79-541083 17 December 2021

Failed 'actor' trying to extend a failed career with a marginally funny mock sketch. Who though this deserved a whole tv series should not be at the helm of programming and greenlighting shows.

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