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Made for Love (2021)

Comedy | SciFi 
Rayting:   6.9/10 6.6K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A young woman, on the run after 10 years in a suffocating marriage to a tech billionaire, suddenly realizes that her husband has implanted a revolutionary monitoring device in her brain that allows him to track her every move.

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April 15, 2021star7.9 238 votesS1E8 Let's Meet
April 1, 2021star7.5 296 votesS1E3 I Want This Thing Out of My Head
April 15, 2021star7.5 202 votesS1E7 I Want to Feel Normal
April 1, 2021star7.3 402 votesS1E1 User One
April 8, 2021star7.3 241 votesS1E4 I Want a New Life
April 8, 2021star7.3 229 votesS1E6 I Want You to Give a F*** About Me
April 1, 2021star7.2 319 votesS1E2 I Want a Divorce
April 8, 2021star7.2 234 votesS1E5 I Want a Lawyer

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samratsingraur 25 March 2021

Hazel's (Cristin Milioti) escape narrative has huge caper energy, but Made for Love has mysteries within mysteries, and they unfold in ways that are alternately exciting, astounding, and creepy. Milioti is the clear standout among an already impressive cast. Even when the deliberately scattered storytelling wears a little thin, she holds our attention with no trouble. Billy Magnussen's Byron Gogol is also delightfully, terrifyingly unhinged. The only thing wrong with this show is its pacing. Otherwise the outstanding cast gives us more than enough reason to keep coming back for those answers and makes Made for Love a solid installment in the techno-dystopic rom-com genre.

BeaSnow 13 April 2021

I read Alissa Nutting's "Made for love" about a year ago, following the controversial "Tampa".

It was quite the weird read, let me tell you, it's one of those plots that if one tries to give a brief summary of it, it would seem like a substance abuse delirium, like peeking inside a schizophrenic mind, it makes you dizzy, but still interested.

In the tv show, they've kept a lot of the original plot but there's one vast difference that stands out to me the most - while in the book Byron is a real sociopathic narcissist, who is actually dangerous and treating Hazel coldly, with the flair of a person used to own things and people - she was just another investment to him, that had to be "shown its place" when she dared to claim a different life; whereas the tv show Byron seems a bit "safe"...Like he's a romantic comedy "villain" that is ultimately just misunderstood or lonely, providing comic relief through his own ignorance when it comes to "the real world".

It makes for a much easier watch, I'm so far up to episode 6, looking forward to the rest, don't get me wrong - but...I kinda feel they didn't do the book justice. Main characters are missing and it could have been much darker.

However - if you haven't read the book first and only watch the show - it's entertaining for sure!

lusciousmuffins 8 April 2021

The concept for this show had a lot of potential; alas, most of that potential is squandered with poor execution.

This show jumps forward and backward in time in a way that is disjointed and difficult to piece together without serving any purpose. While storytelling can be very well served by showing events out of sequence, in this case the flashbacks and flashforwards only detract from the impact of the show.

The intriguing questions "Made for Love" raises about the morality of technology, wealth, and relationships end up getting short shrift among the exceptionally convoluted scripts of each episode. Moreover, everything is sacrificed on the altar of absurdism to a degree that you can't really connect with any of the characters.

While the show makes clear that you are supposed to rout for the heroine, it doesn't give you much reason to. Without giving too much away, she's been victimized by her own poor choices as much by her husband. Moreover, the manner in which she treats other people makes her neither likable, nor sympathetic. She doesn't come across as brave, strong, or noble, but instead, selfish, stupid, and hypocritical. To be fair, none of the other characters are much better; with a cast comprised mostly of other equally unlikable weirdos, with a few caricatures of popular stereotypes filling in the gaps like so much background noise.

In the end, whatever this show could have been gets lost amid a storm of poor plot construction and inept character development. You can't identify with any of the characters, so you don't really care what becomes of them. That in turn renders questions about the morality of their choices or the greater relevance of the ethical quandaries they face moot. What you are then left with is an empty husk of interesting set designs and missed opportunities, which does not offer enough entertainment value to hold your interest. Ultimately, "Made for Love" ends up being nothing more than a mildly interesting mess.

MnemonicDevice 17 April 2021

I'm giving this show three stars because it has a great premise, a decent cast, and good production values. The problem is that the writing is so bad that all of that potential is completely squandered. After getting off to a solid start in the first couple episodes, this series quickly pulls a Vasa and founders before really even sailing out of the harbor. This is the kind of show where the writers feel the need to have the main character explicitly describe the obvious thematic parallels between her dysfunctional marriage and her father's relationship to his Real Doll because, I guess, they don't think their audience can figure it out on their own. It seems to desperately want to be a biting satire, but it has no teeth, no wit, no understanding of technology or even, it seems, of human beings. There's a certain extent to which it also seems to want to be about the characters, but despite the best efforts of some of the performers, these people barely exist in the two dimensional plane. Seemingly significant characters hang around for a couple episodes then vanish with no consequence to the overall story, or they show up late in the season and do virtually nothing. By contrast, an inordinate amount of time is spent on scenes between the psychopathic husband and his assistant without any character development for either. It seems pointless. If the writers just want them to be the archetypes of the villain and toady, they should just go for that and spare their audience the tedium of their endless unnecessary scenes together. To a certain extent, those three stars I'm giving this are actually more damning than zero stars because, honestly, there is so much potential here that it seems like it would be nearly impossible to screw it up, yet somehow these writers succeeded.

daviddas9999 3 April 2021

I was hoping for something new, but up until episode 3 it is a Black Mirror story. And normally 1 episode is enough to get the idea of the use of technologie going wrong. I like Cristin Milioti acting and Billy Magnussen plays a creepy guy. But the tech idea is not enough for a tv series. So I hope new elements will be added the following episodes, if not, i have seen enough.

random-70778 25 March 2021

I've seen the first four episodes. My guess is the other reviewer has seen just the first episode. I don't think the pacing is a bit of a problem, but deeply flawed and makes for an unenjoyable experience. Also the show dropping the viewer into the middle of the timeline and going forward and backwards comes as an artificial and compensatory gimmick that makes a mess of the narrative. (that is not a spoiler it is obvious in the first 30 seconds)

The set up is pretty much dystopian rom-com, and it has been done better elsewhere. Really instead of subtle dark humor, the vibe is just generally a drawn out creepiness. This all comes down to bad writing. The acting is quite adequate. Yoeman talent level for TV acting. The lead actress overdoes the quirkily schtick just a bit much, but it looks like that is more bad directing than an acting problem. The dialogue and screenplay are not clever by golden age of TV standards. Not even a sliver or bronze effort. There is an unevenness and a lot of tedious sections. Once gets the sense that the writers take the audience for granted. 4/10.

yaskota001 3 April 2021

3 episodes in, I cannot think of anything negative to say.. The cast is solid, the production solid, the story (get ready) is entertaining, funny, interesting, timely, relevant, well done, well told and, unfortunately in a sense, necessary.

But if you disagree, I'd respect that.

juwedy 22 April 2021

The show is just mediocre at best. There's not a single character you can sympathize with (maybe except the dolphin) and the character development occurs rarely if any. The story and plot are superficial. The Acting is tolerable (Kudos to Cristin Milloti and partly Ray Romano) In a nutshell, you won't miss much if you skip this.

cleverme2005 2 April 2021

Funny. One reviewier said of another's, they probably only watched the 1st episode since they liked the series and they felt the episodes became mind numbing. I couldn't disagree more. I thought the episodes only got better.

This series is very well written - a unique storyline. Great character development. Great acting. AWESOME Soundtrack. Sympbolism is nicely weaved into the story. I can't wait to see more.

I think this is one of the best shows streaming.

angelcorrea 16 April 2021

Some people seem to forget this is a dramedy or a dark comedy (however you want to call it) and of course it has some flaws, but you can't expect a super well written Sci-Fi drama, cause it isn't intended to be one.

Great acting by Cristin Milioti, Ray Romano, Billy Magnussen and the rest of the cast. Nice music, nice cinematography.

I give a 10 in order to balance the score cause Made for Love should be an 8 or at least close to it.

tywoolworth 2 April 2021

I have only seen the first three episodes, but it seems the writers can't quite decide on what the character of their main protagonist is.

It feels like they went around the writers room and each person added something she would do in each scene, but no one looked at the character for consistency. She comes accross as erratic, unlikable, unpredictable, victim them victimizer, sane then crazy - and not a character an audience would root for.

The script was written more for shock value than to tell a cohesive narrative.

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