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Manifest (2018)

Drama | SciFi 
Popularity 33
Rayting:   7.2/10 39K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A commercial airliner suddenly reappears after being missing for five years. As those aboard reintegrate into society, they experience guiding voices and visions of events yet to occur, and soon a deeper mystery unfolds.

Episode Guide

Season 3

June 10, 2021Episode 13 Mayday (2)
June 10, 2021Episode 12 Mayday (1)
June 3, 2021Episode 11 Duty Free
May 13, 2021Episode 9 Bogey
April 29, 2021Episode 5 Water Landing
April 22, 2021Episode 4 Tailspin
April 15, 2021Episode 3 Wingman
April 8, 2021Episode 2 Deadhead
April 1, 2021Episode 1 Tailfin

Season 2

Season 1

Best Manifest Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

June 10, 2021star8.4 579 votesS3E13 Mayday (2)
February 17, 2020star8.3 704 votesS2E7 Emergency Exit
September 24, 2018star8.2 2428 votesS1E1 Pilot
April 29, 2021star8.2 497 votesS3E6 Graveyard Spiral
November 26, 2018star8.1 1132 votesS1E9 Dead Reckoning
February 18, 2019star8.1 984 votesS1E16 Estimated Time of Departure
January 21, 2019star8.1 955 votesS1E12 Vanishing Point
March 16, 2020star8.1 642 votesS2E10 Course Deviation
June 10, 2021star8.1 393 votesS3E12 Mayday (1)
April 1, 2021star8.0 580 votesS3E1 Tailfin
April 29, 2021star8.0 443 votesS3E5 Water Landing
January 14, 2019star7.9 918 votesS1E11 Contrails
January 20, 2020star7.9 699 votesS2E3 False Horizon
April 6, 2020star7.9 693 votesS2E13 Icing Conditions
March 9, 2020star7.9 648 votesS2E9 Airplane Bottles
October 1, 2018star7.8 1672 votesS1E2 Reentry
November 12, 2018star7.8 1078 votesS1E7 S.N.A.F.U.
March 23, 2020star7.8 580 votesS2E11 Unaccompanied Minors
April 8, 2021star7.8 480 votesS3E2 Deadhead
April 22, 2021star7.8 450 votesS3E4 Tailspin

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User Reviews

NilsZippo 7 November 2018

Meh. Another typical show where the creators clearly woke up with an idea for half of their story, successfully pitched it, and will now make it up as they go along. These types of shows are all very similar in that they are very slow to develop due to the lack of a thoroughly flushed out storyline. Because of this, the show lacks necessary intrigue and the occasional efforts to drop in an mysterious omnidirectional subplot leaves the viewer disinterested.

jbrbsmom 9 November 2018

Started out with a new and interesting theme. Some of the acting is terrible and one of the main characters consistently looks puzzled, no matter what emotion he is supposed to be portraying. Getting past his annoyingly horrific on screen persona is very problematic as he is so unbelievable when he is mad or sad or happy....he just always looks dumbfounded, sort of like a deer in headlights and it is very distracting from the plot.

They need to pick up the pace of this because it is starting to DRAG with very boringly predictable plot lines of the government vs them.

It has a LOT of potential and I would hate to see it canceled before the big reveal.

alan-93702 24 March 2020

OMG! I expected a lot more from Bob Zemeckis, but I guess you can't be a winner all the time? The worst part for me is the acting, pretty much across-the-board except for a scant few! The kid who plays Cal Stone, is clearly dead inside, but for me the worst is his dad Ben, who obviously subscribes to the Joey Tribbiani School of "smell the fart acting"! I don't know how many more of his scrunched-up expressions I can take? It started out a good premise, now I nearly cringe to watch it!

DragonFodder185 11 April 2021

I just took this show off my dvr. I can't stick in there anymore. It's season 3 now and we still have no answers whatsoever. I REPEAT... three seasons of this show and we're just a clueless as we we're from day one. All the storylines drag on like molasses dripping from a tree. At least we get sustenance and something satisfying from molasses but we're getting absolutely NOTHING from this show. Snails move faster than these storylines. What a shame, it started off so well in season 1 but now it's feeling like Lost. No way am I going down that road again. Forget it... I'm out!

juniorrochalks 7 October 2019

I can clearly see it. Someone goes "Hey, I had an interesting idea for a tv show. About two hundred people board on a plane and when they land, 5 years have passed, while for them only a few hours. Sounds good, right?". So they pitch the idea to a network, it gets picked and handed to a bunch of freshmen in writing school to develop it. I mean, seriously. What in the world is this? How does anyone in their right mind thinks the viewers are gonna buy such lazy writing? I'm honestly baffled that this show is scored at a 7.2 right now. It must be some sort of manipulation by the network to fool the unwarned. Please, do not spend your time on this. This is the kind of show that treats the viewer like a brainless moron and doesn't even feel sorry about it.

anthonywemyss 14 November 2018

Really liked the beginnings and I had a lot of promise...until. Until I realized the producers must have been recruited from The Bold and the Beautiful or Greys Anatomy. It's basically a soap opera body with sci fi legs on it. I get the odd feeling they are gonna get dropped after season 1

giorgiopalmas 27 October 2018

Like most supernatural dramas on network television, this one is high on concept and low on story. This is turning into This is Us weepy relationship schmaltz.

mariuchka 12 November 2018

Now it's basically a soap box opera, overly melodramatic with very little mystery, if any. People constantly arguing is not entertaining to me.

felix991 20 February 2019

I just watched all 16 episodes back to back and I will admit I did a lot of FF to get through all of the blahdy blahdy blah blah but in the end, I know nothing more now than I did after watching the first episode. Which is nothing.

This is one of those shows that does nothing but create spots for commercials which is what I imagine it was designed for however watching it on PPV leaves little to be desired and they could at least have ended season one with some sort of explanation of anything that is going on but no, but they don't and since it will probably get canceled after this, there is really not much point in watching it even for the entertainment value because there is none. Do your self a favor and skip it.

wendywells62 30 October 2018

Started off good now it's dragging, needs more scify again like the trailer gave us in the beginning.

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