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Mare of Easttown (2021)

Crime | Mystery 
Rayting:   8.4/10 5907 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A detective in a small Pennsylvania town investigates a local murder while trying to keep her life from falling apart.

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Mk577360 30 May 2021

The fact that a Brit mastered the very isolated DelCo accent is incredibly impressive. A very small percentage of Philly suburbanites have that accent and she delivered beautifully.

Now onto the actual storyline. It's meticulously crafted and the characters are so well developed you feel as though you're watching your next door neighbor play a part in a TV show. It doesn't scream Hollywood, which gives it such a real feel that you almost forget you're watching a show and not a documentary. The plot was not exaggerated nor was predictable. I enjoyed every minute. This is a job well done.

robfollower 19 April 2021

Mare of East Town is an excellent character study. Kate Winslet is superb. She is thoroughly committed to her role. Kate is walking a Tightrope of being a character that is a bit too brash to like on the surface. But this is where her brilliance as an actress shines through. She adds a depth , both standoffish and sympathetic. Whinslet adds just a touch of wry humor and in the end it wins you over and I identify with her troubled and bruised character. I honestly can say I've never seen here in a gritty role like this before. The writing is very well done that helps the entire ensemble in this limited series. I have a strong feeling this is going to be an engaging mystery , drama HBO has come up with . I would say it's definitely worth checking out.

samyoon 31 May 2021

Best series I have seen in awhile! Quality quality quality from top to bottom. Kate Winslet and the rest of the cast were perfect. Directing was exceptional. The stories and all the themes presented was executed masterfully. The score was probably the weakest aspect of the whole show but still solid.

The pilot was gripping and sucked me in with its realism. Character development and how they were being fleshed out kept me invested. Can't believe how much was packed into just 7 episodes. So many twists and turns throughout and the finale was mind blowing. I think of other great mystery shows like True Detective season 1 that is absolutely gripping and realistic as well, but the finale ends up being a tad lackluster. But this show actually has an amazing finale with a closure that is most satisfying. I literally stood up and clapped after the ending.

This show was much more then a whodunnit mystery but a character study with themes of forgiveness, grief, and letting go. There is a brokenness with many characters throughout the series that may seem depressing, but that is what makes the show feel so authentic and human. Real life isn't Hollywood. We are complex beings shaped by our choices and circumstances presented to us, carving our way through life the best that we can. Mistakes will be inevitable, but we have the power of choice to learn and grow from them or drown ourselves away in denial. This show really isn't all depressing but also shows a lot of love, empathy, and resilience of a broken spirit.

Best show I have seen this year and is also one of the best mystery detective shows of all time. This is a must watch. An absolute masterpiece.

benzed 4 May 2021

I was never a Winslet fan. Could be my loathing of Titanic that turned me off.

Now it's an unconditional love affair.

Mare of Easttown is brilliant filmmaking on every level.

I'm hooked.

breshetar-74720 18 May 2021

Kate Winslet is an outstanding actress and the other actors are right at her level! The storylines are intriguing and have kept me tuning in each week. BRAVO HBO! I really appreciate how Kate portrays REAL WOMEN - the good, the bad, the ugly - without apologies or compromises.

peoplepower-588-227356 20 April 2021

One episode in: We look closely here at real people, fragile, driven by their love and struggles. Often on the edge of humor, too close to violence. If this keeps up, it will be one of the most watched and talked about dramas in some time, something that makes a difference in people's lives, and adds to Winslet's considerable acclaim.

veinctor 27 April 2021

Two episodes in and I can easily say that this series treats its audience with respect as it trusts that they pay attention.

Character introduction is not easy and here are revealed bit by bit, creating mystery. The protagonist is a grandma? But her daughter is too young for that. And then we meet the grandchild mom. And she is not the protagonists daughter. And the grandchild reveals his dad's name as he is naming a turtle. The episodes require your attention to put two and two together and make sence of them for your self.

I love the pacing, the non-nonsense drama, the characters involved.... Everything feels quite realistic as the protagonist (a police detective that tries to solve a cold case and a new crime at the same time) talk to people with intriguing background motivations secrets. Also you can see the entire families for many of the characters involved, giving the feeling that everyone is an actual living person with their own lives. Something you don't easily see in TV series due to budget restrictions.

T2TLED 19 April 2021

WOW. A great start. Feels very authentic and the cast is amazing. Lots of interesting characters. The tone of this show is spot on.

janekmortimer 31 May 2021

After watching Mare of Easttown I feel like I have lived there and experienced the drama with everyone. The actors are so believable, there is not one person who was not convincing. Watch it and you will love it.

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