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Mayans M.C. (2018)

Crime | Thriller 
Rayting:   7.6/10 15K votes
Country: Mexico | USA
Language: English

Set in a post Jax Teller world, "Mayans MC" sees EZ Reyes, a former golden boy now fresh out of prison, as a prospect in the Mayan MC charter on the California Mexico border who must carve out his new outlaw identity.

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Top 20 (Ranked)

November 5, 2019star9.1 496 votesS2E10 Hunahpu
October 22, 2019star8.9 448 votesS2E8 Kukulkan
May 4, 2021star8.8 311 votesS3E9 The House of Death Floats By
November 6, 2018star8.6 538 votesS1E10 Cuervo/Tz'ikb'uul
October 29, 2019star8.6 388 votesS2E9 Itzam-Ye
October 30, 2018star8.5 518 votesS1E9 Serpiente/Chikchan
September 24, 2019star8.5 434 votesS2E4 Lahun Chan
April 20, 2021star8.5 306 votesS3E7 What Comes of Handlin' Snakeskin
October 16, 2018star8.4 551 votesS1E7 Cucaracha/K'uruch
April 6, 2021star8.4 309 votesS3E5 Dark, Deep-Laid Plans
October 9, 2018star8.2 582 votesS1E6 Gato/Mis
October 8, 2019star8.2 384 votesS2E6 Muluc
October 15, 2019star8.2 381 votesS2E7 Tohil
October 23, 2018star8.1 520 votesS1E8 Rata/Ch’o
September 3, 2019star8.1 453 votesS2E1 Xbalanque
September 17, 2019star8.1 415 votesS2E3 Camazotz
March 23, 2021star8.1 297 votesS3E3 Overreaching Don't Pay
September 4, 2018star8.0 1088 votesS1E1 Perro/Oc
October 1, 2019star8.0 394 votesS2E5 Xquic

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User Reviews

Wikkid_Gamez 20 May 2019

Not sure why there are so many harsh reviews. For the ones trying to compare it and it's characters to SOA ... Just don't... Just because its set in the same universe with certain tie ins doesn't mean it should be compared to it. I personally love the universe Sutter created and am thrilled that he is adding to it. I do still hope that he does something with the original nine of SOA, but that is a different story. Mayans is hitting that same place for me that SOA did. Its been hard to find another show like that as SOA is my all time favorite. To the ones saying that it isn't original the way SOA was, well ... That particular concept will never be completely original again because its already been started. That said, this show does still have its own sense of originality within the same universe and is standing on its own just fine. As for all the complaining about the subtitles... I'm not exactly sure what they were expecting.... I mean, it is a Mexican biker club .... Of course they are going to be speaking Spanish at least half of the time. It would come off fake if the whole thing were done in English. Js. Same thing with the music, if it were all the same type of music used in SOA it would be out of place as well. The culture is a huge part of any show wanting to come off with as much authenticity as possible. Giving mixed types of music ties in to all of that. As to the arm being cut off during interrogation of the Samoan leader, well that guy is the Cartel. Not the Mayans, and yes... Even in real life getting caught stealing from the real Cartel is a death sentence. Period. The Mayans were just the hired muscle to escort the Cartel shipment on this side of the border. I am starting to think mostly that the people leaving bad reviews must not have been paying much attention if they couldn't even figure out the basics of what was actually taking place.

I like how they have tackled this show.

Give it a chance. Looking forward to season 2!

patrickharding-63013 16 May 2021

Patience is required. Season one sets the table but is somewhat plodding. Season 2 starts to evolve the characters much more. Season 3 is simply off the charts riveting and emotional. It is season 3 that rivals SOA. The show is more realistic and less campy then SOA although SOA characters seem to have more chemistry. I think this show is on the cusp on brilliance. Stick with it.

eric-limbacher 13 September 2018

Going to keep this simple. Love the show, doesn't pull punches, really a great show. But I cannot stand Sarah Bolger, who plays Emily. She's over-dramatic, her over-exaggerating facial expressions are just terrible. Basically, I have a hard time watching every scene she's in.

I'm hoping she gets better, otherwise I'd just as soon watch Kristen Stewart in Twilight ...

I know, this is just my opinion and you don't have to agree. You can even convince me I'm wrong. Or again, maybe she will get better as the show goes on ... I hope so. Lol

DiCaprio-HardyFan 15 June 2021

Mayans M. C. is not nearly as good as Sons of Anarchy but not much is. Most of the negative reviews are people trying to compare it to SoA because it's a spin-off...don't, just take it for what it is and it's that's a pretty good show that's absolutely worth watching! You may have to give it a few episodes to get into it though. It's a gripping thriller with plenty of action. It's a classic Sutter show!

kayjay-84356 19 October 2018

Pleasantly surprised with this new show. Loved SOA and expected this to be a lesser substitute, but it is not. Mayans has heart and a great plot. Egaging actors easy to identify/believe. Have to agree the only character who seems out of place is Emily. Hard to understand how the pure little drama queen became accepted by people grounded in the reality of their world. Good strong characters with great acting all around other than that. Every scene she appears in my brain asks "WHY?" She does not fit, personality, speech, appearance, everything is wrong for her in this show. Similar to having a stone in your shoe, Emily is an irritant to otherwise entertaining experience.

DiCaprio-HardyFan 25 June 2020

Mayans M.C. is not nearly as good as Sons of Anarchy but nothing is. A lot of these negative reviews are people trying to compare it to SoA because it's a spin-off...don't, just take it for what it is and it's pretty good! You may have to give it a few episodes though. It's a gripping thriller with plenty of action. It's a classic Sutter show!

fardeen-shahriar777 5 September 2018

Mayans M.C is a spinoff of the great Sons of Anarchy. Like SOA and most shows, Mayans starts off at an average pace where we get introduced to the characters and it escalates to a much more intense and amazing number of episodes. It doesn't rely too much towards to its brethren Sons of Anarchy. It does have references to SOA but it is mostly focused on its own storylines. Mayans M.C has the possibility of being on the same level as Sons of Anarchy.

MsJ_Utah79 22 May 2021

This series is a good one as a stand-alone, meaning those of us who loved SOA need to put that world aside and view this with fresh eyes. This is a crime drama that integrates real world political happenings, which is something SOA did not do. The time period we are currently in differs from 2008 when SOA debuted; there is a lot happening that is getting our attention & Mayans focuses part of its lens on what is impacting a segment of people in the world. For those saying it is "soap opera-esque" - it is a drama series & so yes, storylines will be just that - dramatic! There are enough SOA references or "Easter Eggs" to get SOA Nation excited, however, this is a new & different world of MC & should be viewed that way. Excellent opening theme song for Season 1 & some really good music throughout - arguably, at times, better than what we heard in SOA. The Mayans are not the Sons & they are not supposed to be; they are an MC unto itself with its own story to tell.

dburks-99434 29 August 2019

Hell of a ride. I enjoy this show. Action, adventure, in your face gangsta scenes and well written story. Just like S. O A. this show will win a collection of awards. Definitely a must watch.

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