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McLeod's Daughters (2001)

Rayting:   7.3/10 5.4K votes
Country: Australia
Language: English

Five women run a cattle station, "Drover's Run", in the outback of South Australia.

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Season 8

October 30, 2008Episode 19 Into Thin Air
October 28, 2008Episode 17 Show Pony
October 27, 2008Episode 16 The Merry Widow
October 24, 2008Episode 15 Snogging Frogs
October 22, 2008Episode 13 A Dog's Life
October 20, 2008Episode 11 Bright Lights
October 17, 2008Episode 10 Mother Love
October 16, 2008Episode 9 Dammed
October 15, 2008Episode 8 Three Sisters
October 10, 2008Episode 5 Stand By Me
August 24, 2008Episode 4 Nowhere To Hide
August 6, 2008Episode 3 Wild Ride
July 23, 2008Episode 1 Aftermath

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Season 6

Season 5

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

Best McLeod's Daughters Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

August 31, 2008star9.0 67 votesS8E22 The Long Paddock
October 15, 2003star8.8 81 votesS3E28 My Noon, My Midnight
October 22, 2003star8.7 66 votesS3E29 The Long Goodbye
September 10, 2003star8.7 52 votesS3E23 The Ties That Bind
March 2, 2005star8.7 46 votesS5E4 Once Were Heroes
October 8, 2003star8.7 44 votesS3E27 To Catch a Thief
July 10, 2002star8.6 50 votesS2E10 Home is Where the Heart Is
August 14, 2002star8.5 59 votesS2E15 You Can Leave Your Hat On
July 3, 2002star8.5 54 votesS2E9 To Have and to Hold
May 15, 2002star8.5 50 votesS2E8 The Bridle Waltz
September 17, 2003star8.5 48 votesS3E24 One Step at a Time
September 24, 2003star8.5 46 votesS3E25 Time Frames
March 21, 2007star8.5 42 votesS7E7 Of Hearts and Hunters
May 10, 2006star8.5 39 votesS6E9 Deliver Us From Evil
November 23, 2005star8.5 36 votesS5E32 New Beginnings
October 16, 2002star8.4 58 votesS2E22 Future Perfect
February 12, 2003star8.4 55 votesS3E1 Fairy Tale, Ending
July 31, 2002star8.4 52 votesS2E13 Steer Trek
April 17, 2002star8.4 51 votesS2E4 The Bore War
August 11, 2004star8.4 49 votesS4E19 Saturn Returns

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User Reviews

tequilatamm 3 July 2002

I grew up in North America and have been living in Sydney, Australia for 8 years.

Far too much Australian TV is imported from the U.S., but this series is a prime example of why Australia should make (and export for that matter) its own shows.

This is the finest Aussie Drama to come out of Australia since the TV mini teledrama Fire! which was around perhaps 6 or 7 years ago when I was first in the country.

The story lines are not ridiculous as they can sometimes be in US dramas, and the characters are profiled feel as though they are real people....and real Aussie country people at that.

In my opinion, this series should be marketed to the US to show REAL Aussie country life instead of that stupid fake crocodile hunter stuff!

Bravo for the makers of McLeod's Daughters. I give it a 10 and recommend it as prime viewing to everyone! I only hope they start making more as good as this, here in Oz!

gaby_schaap 16 December 2005

I'm watching McLeod's Daughters since the first broadcasting here in Holland. That was in October of this year. Since then, I haven't missed a single episode!

It's very realistic drama. Sometimes a bit too obvious, but that makes it fun to watch.

It's on TV every workday here in Holland, so it's my dinner series, and since I live alone, it's great 'company'.

I can really recommend everyone to watch it. Not only for the characters (how I will miss Claire...) but also the beautiful landscapes and the intriguing story lines.

Don't miss it!

hmlnkfam 10 November 2005

Thanks to the WE television network, Americans have been able to fall in love with this well made and unique dramatic television series. The relationship that grows between the step sisters Tess and Claire after their father dies is realistic and wonderful to watch.

Then there's the addition of Becky the neighborhood "bad girl" who comes from a truly horrible home and is raped by her employer, a "respected" shop owner... She escapes to Dovers Run and works beside the sisters, Meg the house keeper, cook, and friend of Claire, and Meg's flighty spoiled daughter Jodi.

I actually found some parts of this series extremely difficult to watch because it portrays life on a ranch so realistically... cattle dieing from disease or poisoning. Sheep bought cheap because they are so skinny and bedraggled many die along the road when they are forced to walk back to the ranch after the livestock truck breaks down, and the most heart wrenching, their fathers horse is diagnosed with a cancer mass that is causing the animal a great deal of pain... Claire takes him back to where she found him standing beside her father who had died of a massive heart attack. You see her crying and pointing a rifle at the horses head, she says she is sorry, and... well you get the picture...

I had to watch Series 1 twice before I could get passed the realism and enjoy the interweaving of personalities both male and female.

Now that hasn't been hard to watch... There are some gorgeous men to look at on this show! Nor has it been hard to watch these 5 women become a team who do what they were told could not be done... successfully keep the ranch solvent and eventually profitable.

I hope you get to see this nearly perfect television series. It is not a waste of time... indeed it's quite the opposite. Now if they will just release the series on DVD in the US, I'll be in Auz heaven!

heavenly_heart_1 26 November 2004

This is the story of two daughters that together with some other woman drives a farm in Gungellan, Australia. I think this drama is a wonderful production!! It is one of the best I've seen! The story is realistic and fun. And it's even great to see that women can drive a farm.

You can see yourself in the characters, it's not like a typical soap where people do mad things every now and then. The nature is beautiful, as usual, in the scenes. Every set has an on theme, so you won't know what will happen in the next program. I think the best program were when Claire gave birth to little Charlotte.

You have to see it to know why:)

g-herm66 30 December 2018

Tess being cluess over and over was a waste of time.

MsMovie 13 January 2002

McLeod's Daughters is the story of a group of sister's running a cattle station, supposedly 400 km's from the neareast large city in South Australia, Adelaide.

It is a typical Australian drama - not big on spending, but real quality when it comes to storylines. These people could be anybody that you know, so you can identify with them and understand exactly where they are coming from.

The filming location is actually on a property owned by the TV station (Channel Nine), called Kingsford, and is only just outside of Gawler in South Australia - so that makes it a real home away from home for the cast and crew, as they are only just outside the beautiful city of Adelaide. (Dubbed the City of Churches, Adelaide has a whole lot more to do than just visit churches - well worth a visit, see it on the Jacob's Creek Tour Down Under bicycle race every January!)

The series is returning to Australian screens in February 2002, and will no doubt continue filming for at least another season or two, but anyway, if you like this Aussie show, look out for Blue Heelers (a country cop show) probably airing on daytime TV or Showtime real soon.

jswdov-45729 13 May 2019

This program has got so frustrating! Did the scriptwriters change at about season 5. Well! They ruined it! No wonder it finished

jkirkpetty 3 February 2019

The first three seasons where amazing!!! Excellent show. If you want to keep your sanity stop watching after the third season. It is SO downhill from there. It is almost impossible to explain the serious stupidity the writers lead the characters into. It turns into a really really bad romance novel without anyone having a brain. I honestly can't even believe how stupid and gullible and just plain dumb the writers made all of these characters. You can't blame the actors, but these idiot writers should be banned from ever working again.

wombat_1 1 December 2002

As most of the other reviewers said, this show started as an enjoyable B-grade show about women running a farm in beautiful South Oz. 2002 started at a cracking pace, with what I thought was a good combination of action, scenery (as in mountains, outdoors, etc), intrigue, and relationships / romance.

But the latter episodes were a little disappointing as the series moved in what I thought was the wrong direction. The "romance" became a little sleazy and overwhelmed every thing else. Whilst it never degenerated into "Sex and the City goes Bush", I feel that it lost some of the initial charm. But hope springs eternal, and we look forward to season 2003.

dee_healey 8 April 2006

"McLeod's Daughters" just keeps getting better and better. The plot intensifies and the characters are developed more. As the audience you are able to feel a connection with these women who work hard. This show is unlike many others, it is set in the Australian outback and follows the lives of Aussie women who live and work on a farm (Drover's Run) who do the work themselves. "Mcleod's Daughter's" also shows the lives of the farmers which surround Tess and Claire, Alex and Nik. One of the main qualities this show has is that is it unique. It is unlike many other shows which are based around criminal activities and the legal system e.g. CSI, NCIS, LAO. The actors are fantastic in their roles. Bridie Carter (Tess) and Lisa Chapel (Claire) excel in the role of their characters. This fabulous acting is supported by Aaron Jeffery (Alex), Myles Pollard (Nick)and Rachael Carpani (Jodi) This is a very compelling show which inspires everyone.

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